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Mario & Luigi Dream Team To Be Playable At GameStop Along With Pikmin 3


Earlier this evening Nintendo of America teased that a mystery Nintendo 3DS title will be playable at GameStop along with Pikmin 3. It turns out that the mystery title is none other than Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. You can read our recent review of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, right here. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is already out in Europe and will be released in North America on August 11th.

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80 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi Dream Team To Be Playable At GameStop Along With Pikmin 3”

    1. 40 HOURS!?!? I have every single installment in the Mario and Luigi series and I can’t wait to play this. And 40 hours makes me happy! I love long games.(Don’t we all)

      1. Yeah im surprised at how lengthy this game is. Being a completionist i’ve been collecting everything possible a long the way. I think i could clock up to 50 hours by the time im finished. AND THEN there’s hard mode which im excited to try out :p

          1. Inside story was a great game, don’t get me wrong, i just thought it was a little lackluster that’s all :P Dream team’s taken the elements from the previous titles and created something even better in my opinion.

            1. That’s your opinion and I respect that. I just thought that having Bowser as a playable protagonist in a way was really cool. Not to mention that I haven’t seen any footage (with the exception of the website) so I was surprised every minuet. But I know that Dream Team will be far superior than Inside Story.

      2. Pikachu Pika Pi Pikachu ➡
        (Awesome this will be the first Mario and Luigi game that I play. I can’t wait ⚡ )

        1. Pika Pi Pika Pikachu Pi ⚡
          (Oops I meant to say that this will be the first Mario and Luigi RPG I play ⚡ )

            1. Pikachu Pika Pi Pikachu ⚡
              (Thanks for the recommendation I will try and pick it up when I get a new 3ds ⚡ )

                1. Pikachu Pika Pi Pika Pika ⚡
                  (Thanks I’ll see if I can find it online. Is it your favorite one or the best one? ⚡ )

                    1. Pika Pi Pikachu Pi ⚡
                      ( Thanks. I should try and play the series gom the beginning ⚡ )

  1. This is great! It’ll be nice that I can play Pikmen 3, since I won’t be able to afford it at launch… v.v

  2. Wait, does America not have this game already? Or Did the UK/Europe get this game early because I got this last week and my brother is half way through it

      1. Because in Europe it was released in July, I thought America was getting first because you know how some games come out in Japan first, then America, then the UK and Europe.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Luigi-themed 3DS to be announced here in the states, although that prospect is looking more and more unlikely as the the game’s release date draws near.

  4. Why is the game being able to play in French advertised on the front cover of the North American version?

      1. Yeah, Probably! I mostly am sick of the “New Super Mario Bro” formula.
        Since I enjoyed the US Mario bro 2, I will give 3D World a try, although I wasn’t a huge fan of 3D land… But I like how 3D world is coming along. ;)

  5. I got burned out with the Mario & Luigi series with Bowser’s Inside Story. When I got to the battle with Bowser, he defeated me. And I never cared about returning to it again.

    1. I disagree in some cases…trolls? Oh hell yeah, they disrepect everything including each other because they are little kids still. Those like me though? No, unless they are complete dicks and I know the perfect person you can see on wii u…no scratch that, two people. One a complete asswhole 360 round, and one full of himself thinking he’s better than everyone else. If you want disrepect to its full my friend, I’ll be glad to tell you their names on wii u and you can look them up. Other than that, I don’t think many of us disrepect japan at all.

    2. I know so many people in Europe who constantly hate on Nintendo franchises because they are “kiddy”.

      1. I know what you mean…

        Around 95% of everybody I know thinks that Nintendo is for kids only…

        That’s why I never hang out with them anymore, I don’t like judgemental mainstream easily corrupt Xbots on my circle of space pirate community…

      2. I too lament at this. A lot of our fellow gamers seem to confuse “kiddy” and “acceptable for the viewership of a child”.

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  7. I’m rather indifferent to this news of demos at Gamestop, as I already know I shall buy both and have two FULL games.

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