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Here’s The First 60 Minutes Of Pikmin 3 In English In HD

Tilmen from Nintendomination has rather kindly posted the first sixty minutes of the highly anticipated Pikmin 3. The long-awaited game is due to be released this Friday in Europe, while North American gamers will have to wait slightly longer as Pikmin 3 won’t launch there until August 4th. Have you pre-ordered Pikmin 3 for your Wii U console?

43 thoughts on “Here’s The First 60 Minutes Of Pikmin 3 In English In HD”

  1. I went to GameStop yesterday to switch my pre-ordered physical version of Pikmin 3 to a digital version, but they didn’t have anymore download codes. I was disappointed :/

    If I get my Wii U before August 4, then I’m canceling my pre-order. This should be their new motto.

    Always disappoints

      1. You know what, I’m gonna cancel my pre-order from gamestop and go to bestbuy to buy Pikmin 3 because the service there is way better.

    1. I did switch my preorder, but I was not given a DL Code for my Preorder. I thought you had to go in on the 2nd or 3rd to get the code for the DL? Why would they give you the DL code this far in advance? And how can they run out of DL codes? It doesn’t cost them more than a few cents to print the code out on a receipt. They aren’t giving you a physical copy so there is no excuse for them to be “out of DL codes.” Somebody lied to you buddy!

        1. Just talked to a Nintendo CS Rep and he told me that the preorder deal works like this. You preorder the DL version of the game and on the 2nd of August you will be emailed your DL code for Pikmin 3, for use in the eSHop. Your welcome! Also, why would you think that their system couldn’t generate 500Billion DL codes? It’s not like each store is given a limited number of DL codes. If they told you that, then the employees at your local GS are just uninformed idiots.

          1. Those idiots told me that there were no more download codes, and this was my first time to buy one so I pretty much believed anything at the moment.

            By the way thank you you’re awesome for that :)

    2. Why in heaven are you buying a download code? Why the fuck are you giving them money?

      Just download the fucking game at midnight and cut Gameshit out of the equation.

      I swear to all that’s evil and twisted you fuckers make no sense some days.

      1. I’m buying the download code so I can play the game?

        How am I supposed to down load the game without the download code?

        the whole reason why I was getting the download version was so that I can get the chance to play the game a day earlier because on that same day I’m going to a different county alright.

        Please don’t cop an attitude when you don’t know the same situation.

        1. And how are you going to redeem this download code, exactly?

          I thought you redeem them on the eShop, which is where you download the game. So tell me the situation again. How does a download code help you again?

          1. Oh when you want to buy a download code for a game. For an example, you want to buy the digital version Dream Team, you pay full price (just like how you would but a game normally) and they would give you a download code for that specific game.

            Then you would go to the eshop, type in the code and you would be able to download that game because you paid for it.

            You can redeem money from the prepaid eshop cards to buy games. It’s almost the same thing, but a download code is specifically to buy and download that specific retail game you paid for.

        2. UNLESS… You can’t use the eShop, because you’re a kid without a credit card…

          Well fuck me. It’s hard to remember there are kids on this site, given the cursing, gay-bashing, immature… Oh wait. Nevermind.

          1. You can go to the store and buy either a $20, $35, or $50 eshop card to add to your account.

            And excuse me I’m a teenager not a kid get your facts straight.

            1. The Promotion for the day early DL of the game is the only reason I switched my preorder on the 20th to the digital version. As far as “the Devil” is concerned, he must not have known of the promotion, which was only available in GS stores on July the 20th and 21st. Whether you are a “kid” or not, being able to play the game a day early is your reasoning behind your course of action. @The Devil, in Hell Really?! Your giving this kid a hard time? What do you gain from this? Aside from the fact that you are “The Devil” and animosity is your game. Give this “teenager” a break.

            2. Hey, I’m pretty damned busy around here. You expect me to keep track of every eShop promotion?

              OK. You’re a teenager. Myyy mistake. Looks like it’ll be a while, but if your still made at me in 60 years, and patched makes another positive prediction, I’ll buy you a snow cone on the house.

              1. No you can do that with any game that can be downloaded on the eshop. This promotion allows you to play Pikmin 3 a day earlier.

                I was never mad at you :-)

  2. The reviews are up on Metacritic! At the moment Pikmin 3 has an average score of 86 with 15 reviews in. Not bad at all, but I was hoping for low nineties.

  3. I swear if I see another wikipedia article posted on here, I’m going to turn very unfriendly! Hooray for Pikmin!

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  5. Man, everything about this game looks AMAZING. From the shiny, almost plastic looking onion ships to that awesome, ice looking body on that centipede fish thingy. It looks like real ice, or wet rubber. SO much eye candy in this game. And I’m not even seeing true HD right now. And I LOVE the way that gates are torn down by the Pikmin. Sweet.

  6. Gamestop sucks balls i ordred pickmin the ps4 with battlefield and killzone form Bustbuy. Gamestop rips you off

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