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EarthBound Has Topped Virtual Console Charts In Europe, Selling Well In US


EarthBound, the long-awaited SNES classic for the Wii U Virtual Console has claimed the number one spot in the Virtual Console charts in various regions including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Portugal. EarthBound is also selling well in the United States where it’s currently sitting behind Donkey Kong which costs 30 cents compared to EarthBound’s $10 price tag.

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58 thoughts on “EarthBound Has Topped Virtual Console Charts In Europe, Selling Well In US”

  1. Tops Europe. Unsurprising given the game was never released on the SNES there.

    Also unsurprising because it’s such a great game.

    1. Yup, ever came out in Europe, so I believe Earthbound now has the world record for longest localizations 19 YEARS!!!

      But this was the days when Nintendo’s European operations were run by “THE Games” a completely incompetent company who hardly released anything, they only released Street Fighter II here as Sega announced they were releasing it on the mega drive here.

      But at least Sega didn’t abandon Europe in the 90s, if Earthbound was their license, we’d have translations of all three games here :D.

      -Guru Larry

    1. Considering a lot of Earthbound devs went on to work at Gamefreak, that makes sense.
      Huge world (at least, R/B/Y had a huge world at the time on the Gameboy, and G/S/C doubled it), eight badges/melodies (with bosses), as well as the final boss of Mother resembling Mewtwo, among other things.

  2. Well done Europe! Once DK is no longer 30 cents, Earthbound will rise to the top! Let’s show Nintendo how much we love Earthbound :D

    1. Those are two of the biggest jerks on this site. We should be celebrating the fact that they’re not around.

    1. Play it. I myself haven’t even gotten to getting the fourth character, but I loved it. You should try it. It’s an RPG if you like those

        1. It’s an RPG that has a very original setting and cast of characters(including the monsters). The dialogue is also great however the story is kind of cliché but it’s the whole environment that surrounds you that makes it such a great experience.

            1. Dude you have no idea how good the game is. The atmosphere feels great to me. It’s very challenging and I’ve never played an RPG quite like this. I HIGHLY reccommend it to anyone. Plus I haven’t even finished the game yet and I started it 3 days ago! (Granted I don’t stay up ALL night. So I guess it’s shorter to others who do that) I’ve never played the game before but it REALLY good.

            2. You won’t regret it, Anubis. It’s an amazing game. It’s always been my #1 favorite. The story, battles, humor, action (and even the regular items) are the most unique and intriguing I’ve ever witnessed in a video game. What other game can you fight an enemy named Master Belch and Mini Puke? LOL! And I love the fact that the game mixes real life locations, such as Stonehenge, and pop culture references. But throws in a lot of fictional stuff as well. It’s a perfect blend of weird, fun, funny and downright entertaining.

              The only thing that annoyed me about Earthbound was the CONSTANT enemy battles at times. They relentlessly come at you every few seconds or minutes in some parts. But the good thing about this is that you can SEE them. It’s not like other similar looking RPG’s, where the screen just suddenly goes to an enemy battle. You can see the enemies approaching you. And you can get away a lot of times. Unlike in the original Mother game.

              I can’t say enough good things about this game. I really don’t know why it didn’t sell better back in the day.

    1. That won’t happen. The developer shot it down a while back. :( Now a MOTHER 3 localization would be much appreciated.

      1. There’s still hope. What if Itoi was just saying that to tease us? Or what if other people at Nintendo want to see another Earthbound game and they’re releasing this on the Wii U to see if it’s worth the effort. Still probably not going to happen, but there is still hope.

        1. Itoi doesn’t want to mess with Mother 3’s ending, and I don’t blame him. Without spoilers, the ending kind of makes sequels impossible. He is even promoting fan-made Mother 4’s. I love the series, but I don’t think it needs a sequel.
          A localized remake/port of Mother 3 (and preferrably a remake of the original, since it has aged horribly) would be very much appreciated, though.

            1. I do recall him saying that, but I don’t think there will be a Mother 4 as long as he works at Nintendo, if there even will be one. Once more, Unless it would take place before 3, 4 would completely mess up the ending of 3.

    2. Getting Mother 3 here is a possibility however unless some other company wants to do it(which wouldn’t be ideal) Itoi has stated that he doesn’t want to make another one since the series was ended perfectly.

  3. this game is on top cuz all the others are more overpriced than it is. So many fanboys here. And the fact its on top doesent mean its superb. The gameplay makes it superb.

    1. You are about to get even more butt hurt. Now the WiiU is on the rise on all fronts. This game is better than Halo my friend.

      1. Why should i now be butthurt? i dont get it…
        wii u on all fronts? u think this is a war kid?
        aaan finally, who talked about halo and better?

    2. um no this is one of the most highest priced virtual console games. do ur research before you spout bullshit

      1. do you know what overpriced means?
        also reaserch is sth too compicated to just spout it as a word. a simpe walk over the eshop ahows me a very few VC titles and their prices. AS i said, im a wii u owner. Learn to read fanboy

      1. A 20 year old game that is selling well and giving nintendo extra cash, liquid that they can invest in STARFOX or Metroid. Trust me, PSone games selling this well would make Sony giggle like guys in a burger joint; if the Vita was getting some love :).

        1. As if Nintendo actually gives a shit about Starfox. Oh you want Starfox? Uhh….we’ll get back to you on that. What’s that you say? You want another Mario game? MARIO BEACH VOLLEYBALL!!!!!

  4. One of those people who bought it so ya. They should put the GBA one on 3DS, too bad it was never officially translated and Nintendo in America didn’t care a lot for long. Despite A LOT of fans showing interest. Heck, they fully translated the first NES game and NEVER sold it. I know there’s a rom dump out there as well as a fan translation of the third one but it would be nice to pay for them in a legal way.

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  6. i only had a chance to play it like 7 yrs ago (junior year at high school) on a snes emulator as i never came across earthbound when it came out as a child and my fas was way too poor

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  8. Oh my god.. I bought this game today (never played it before), and it’s FUCKING AWESOME. I can’t seem to pull myself away from it. I’ve been at it all day. Good job Nintendo.

    1. It’s cool to hear about someone who is playing it for the first time and loving it. It’s great to see that not everybody is a graphics whore, and can appreciate a great game when they play it.

      1. Yeah, I love a games gameplay and not it’s graphics. In fact I hate most games that really only make there graphics better than the last one, for example: EVERY CALL OF DUTY.

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