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Puzzle & Dragons Z To Add More RPG Elements For 3DS

puzzle dragonsGungHo Online Entertainment’s latest venture into developing their popular iOS and Android game for the Nintendo 3DS just got even bigger. The developer is looking to add even more RPG elements to Puzzle & Dragons Z, including new areas to explore, plus it’s also said to be dropping many of its mobile freemium features. According to the latest Famitsu issue, Magic Stones will disappear altogether as they were previously used to give you extra chances to obtain rare monsters in return for a specific amount of money. Plus, the ‘team cost’ feature that would limit the number of monsters you can have in your party has also been quashed.

Puzzle & Dragons Z for the 3DS will also see a whole host of new monsters lining up to battle on the screen, as well as the addition of a traditional levelling system. As we noted before, the title draws many similarities to the Pokémon franchise, and will see evolution make an appearance, along with trading features. The game is set to release for Japan this winter, but there’s still a chance that GungHo will release the game overseas.

5 thoughts on “Puzzle & Dragons Z To Add More RPG Elements For 3DS”

  1. LOL they dare to bring ios shit to real gamin system like 3DS! No one is going to buy this shit, after all 3DS is gettin much much much better games. They should had put this shit to Vita, they are so desperate to get games that they buy any shit that comes to their system lol.

    1. Obviously the Sonyans are oblivious to the existence of the PS Vita…

      Atleast this game seems to be more fun than Soriati Horse or whatever its title is…

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