Zelda: Wind Waker HD Is $49.99 At Amazon


Amazon has priced up The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for $49.99. The game is $10 cheaper than other first party titles coming out this fall, including Super Mario 3D World. A number of people seem to be disappointed with the pricing for the game, considering it’s an HD remake of a seminal GameCube game. Will you be purchasing it for $49.99?

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    1. Uhh hello! how can u even aford this crapy lookin game? it doesnt look reelistick at all!!! its gona be so bad i fele :( but may be i cud be wrong? i shud play a demo b4 i bye. is their gona b a eshop demo 4 this game?

      1. You are a really lame troll. It takes more than just spelling errors, you actually have to be funny

        1. Uhh hello! ackwerd moment wen im not a trol :/ mother says im a litle bit diferent from other kids and peepal . i no 4 sure that im nise and strive 2 be nise 2 as many peepal as posible even wen every 1 is meen 2 mii :(

      2. The first Resident Evil doesn’t look realistic anymore. So if your only interested in realistic graphics, all those older games you use to play will soon look dated and I guess you won’t like the current games you’re interested in now after a few years. What about the “NEW KILLER INSTINCT” that’s coming out? That’s not realistic either.

        The graphics are an artistic style by choice. Games don’t have be realistic to be good. Look at this this way, I bet you felt that Toy Story looked amazing and that doesn’t have realistic graphics. Futurama doesn’t look realistic and it’s great. The movie Antz isn’t realistic either. Do you think it be more appealing if Antz looked realistic? Mark of the Ninja doesn’t have realistic graphics.

  1. disappointed. what the fuck! that’s the best price for it considering it’s a fucking remake. get a grip people.

    1. A proper remake! Didn’t zone of the enders sell for 60 ? Or halo anniversary go for 60 ??

      1. fucking remakes should never cost the same as brand new games no matter how awesome they are. the end.

        1. You do know that even though this is an old game it still costs a lot of money to actually make it into HD, plus the fact that its on a completely new hardware meaning the game needs to be reworked and optimised for the Wii U’s hardware which again costs a lot of money. $50 is a great price for a remake and its considerably cheaper than most HD remakes which more or less look half assed such as ZoE HD collection which doesn’t look HD at all.

          1. What you said is true, the game must have been ramke from 0 in some way or form, but they did not have to come up with a new idea for a game, nor new level desinge, nor new models or coding. In other words they already have more that half the work done for this game. $ 50 is a damn good price point for this game.

        2. As much as I love Zelda, I agree. It’s ridiculously overpriced. At least those WiiU Director’s Cut type games, had the excuse that they weren’t seen before on a Nintendo platform.

        3. not if they add new content, like halo anniversary and the resident evil remake, then it’s fine. Da end

      2. Zone of Enders was a HD port, not remake. And Halo CE Edition was just a short redone campaign with no new features other than bumped up visuals. The multiplayer was just packaged in with Halo 4.

        This game is adding extra Difficulty, Miiverse, Off-TV play, and more.

        1. How are they adding the extra difficulty?…

          I must have missed that part…

        2. well they did add achievements, better online, the ability to switch graphics and new Easter eggs and the terminals. might not be worth the extra for everybody, but for fans I’m sure it was worth it.

    2. It’s a high-quality remake, and it’s 10 bucks less than the regular price, for me it’s a good deal.

      1. so high quality that link is stoned on the package…… no, link isnt stoned because if it was a high quality remake there would be some extra dungeons!!!!

        sorry link no weed for you…. be mad but this remake isnt high quality.

        your avatar looks like hes trying to take a shit on the toilet concentrating. killzone on the toilet…. all rights playstation.

        1. It’s been stated numerous times that there won’t be extra dungeons because the ones that were cut from the original have already been used in other Zelda games. If you’re going to be a hater, try to be an informed one. Have a nice day.

    3. I don’t think you should call an upscaled port a remake. A remake is where you get the entire game and… Remake it from ground up. For this game, they used the original Wind Waker, upscaled it, replaced textures and added a bloom filter. The game has the same poly-count, and the same everything else.

      1. Idiot. This game WAS BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP all over again. For Wii U. Its not an upscale. Its an actual Remake what they should be.

  2. Hm. I’d rather it be 39.99 but this ain’t too bad. It’s gonna be a buy, more than likely a day one for me.

  3. Day one for me.

    People are stupid what the hell did they expect $20???

    Sorry but we support Nintendo and their products. I’m all for HD remakes and even paying “normal retail” but this to me is a bargain of a price

  4. It’s Wind Waker in HD. They could say it’s $100 and I’d still buy it day 1

  5. I was hoping it was going to be 40, although 50 is alright I guess. I am glad to see that Nintendo is not asking for full 60 price point. Not sure if I am going to buy the game I love Wind Waker and the game looks great but I have played the Game Cube version so many times I just don’t know if it’s worth it for me when I can just pop in the GC version.

  6. The price doesn’t worry me at this point. Just make sure it comes out by the end of the year and I’ll be ecstatic.

  7. I’m thinking that there will be a Wii U Premium Zelda WindWaker HD bundle around launch. I had one, but gave it to a friend, because he had been having a HELL of a time lately, and needed a distraction more than I did to keep him from suicide. Come launch, if there IS a WindWaker bundle, INSTA_BUY!

  8. what’s wrong with the pricing? it’s a complete remake.. all new assets
    i.e. a lot of work

    seems fine to me

    1. I think someone drooped something to the water to kill our young’s neurons. It could be alot worst … they could have done a sillent hill HD .

    1. Don’t buy now then wait for a few days… when the price will most likely rise like almost all Nintendo games lol.

  9. We have to accept it, it is expensive. Lot of work? I don’t think so.
    I really hate Iwata’s day one nut shavers.

  10. $50
    -Wind Waker
    -Added features and gameplay(something most HD remakes don’t do at all)

    The problem with the pricing? Seriously You we’re expecting a $40? I find this pricing good.

  11. Im gonna get it if i have extra money. Im more excited about The legend of Zelda A link between worlds.

  12. 39.99 is my limit for this game that’s being generous because Nintendo actually made a proper remake not just a simple cash in.

    1. Then spend $40 on it and if you got the $30 e-shop credit use $10 of that and buy if digitally.

      1. im not kidding at all.
        i bought this @ release day on gamecube, and having played this on wiiu i can’t see why id pay for it again.

        buy it again for what? sending a message in a bottle(lol), hd graphics?

        maybe if it was 30 usd or something. but 50 is the price of a new game with fresh experiences, fresh graphics and a fresh story.
        I guess its a nice choice for people who haven’t played the game yet, but i cant undrstand real nintendo fans are happy with this (hence all the crap nintendo got for zelda tech demo’s and then showing off this “shit”).

        ww=great, but this whole thing to me..not so much. They should have acted like the company they once were and creating new experiences, especially in regard to zelda and mario..

        i mean cmon nsmb remake for wiiu, mario 3d world sprinkled with nsmb, and zelda gets ported.

        1. Exactly, it’s absurd, the game is not only not adding content, but thanks to the faster sailing it is actually reducing playtime, which was already in the short end of the stick for a Zelda in the original.
          This is an insult to fans of the franchise, the art style didn’t even justify and HD remake, you know what would have justified it? Twilight Princess or Majora’s Mask, games that have aged badly and are actually compelling enough to replay, but 50 fucking bucks? They’re braindead.

          1. you lost me at “Twilight Princess” i loved that zelda, but it has been the WORST Zelda, it just a OVERGLORIFIED ocarina of time, i love the fact that the other zeldas, are totally different, Twilight was made only to keep the mouth of people like you shut, sorry

          2. Totally fucking brain dead-.- Dude let people buy what they fucking want, most Remakes don’t even add new content but still sell well. This game offers some new content and beautiful HD. Your word means nothing. People are going to buy it, and by people I mean people who probably never had a chance to play this or people who never had a GameCube. Not everyone in the fucking planet has played this game, and this is their chance to get it. Start thinking next time.

        2. you don’t have to like it and you don’t have to buy it

          but it’s a fact that many zelda fans have been asking for remakes of older zelda titles (majora’s mask for example)

          1. you don’t have to buy the game to give your opinion on the matter either :)

            i bet its a fact that even more zelda fans have been asking for a legit sequel.

            1. Again… I wish haters would be informed. It has been made abundantly clear that the only reason they remade a zelda game for Wii U is because they felt like development for Zelda U was taking too long. They wanted fans to have a Zelda game during the wait. It’s not like they delayed Zelda U for it, so your sequel vs remake argument is out. It has also been stated that development for WWHD has actually helped with development for Zelda U, since some of the difficulties the team was running into we’re easier to work out in the familiar world of WW.

            2. which is on its way

              you’re apparently expecting them to dole out a new zelda game every 2 years

              but i am sure a little more work than that goes into them
              i’d rather have high quality than high quantity

              1. majora’s mask was developed within 1 no its not about what i expect its about what is possible.

                the last 3 homeconsole years have been wasted by nintendo, they should have been deep in development with a zelda game but it’s not on their priority list when they can also sell a port of an old game.

                but whatever this is just my opinion.
                great for people who haven’t played ww yet. :)

        3. Some younger generations haven’t had the chance to play Wind Waker (not me, I had the Cube) and since many people consider it to be the 2nd best Zelda ever (behind Ocarina of Time), it makes sense to bring it out again.

  13. If it’s a masterpiece as a lot of people claim, then you have to pay a reasonable price for it. Day one for me

    1. Well, this “retard” is a smart consumer, and seeing how this isn’t bringing anything new to the table, is a short as fuck game made even shorter and it costs only 10 bucks less than actually new games like Super Mario 3D Land I’d say it would be stupid for anyone who already owns the GameCube version of this game to buy it, HD does not justify such a half-assed port, maybe of Twilight Princess since the game has aged horribly and already was full of content, but Wind Waker is empty and barren and does not justify a purchase at that price.

        1. Over what? The fact that your eager to showcase your own stupidity and mediocre tastes?
          Guess having an opinion is a no-no in first world countries, it must detract from your blissful idiocy.

          1. my taste are mediocre just because i dont think Twilight deserves a remake?, REALLY?!, TP didn’t bring ANYTHING to the table, ANYTHING, it was just a OVER GLORIFIED OoT, it doesn’t have anything that puts it apart from the other zeldas, is just ocarina of time all over again, so sorry man, TP is the last zelda who deserves a remake, being only purely and overly FAN SERVICE, LOOK WE HAVE A DARK GRITTY WORLD, LOOK THIS LINK LOOKS SO MANLY AND HE CAN TRANSFORM INTO A WOLF, so yeah, get over it ;) WW with art style, gameplay beats the shit out of TP, and believe me i LOVE TP, but that’s what it is, Fan Service for the “hardcore” players

      1. You’re just angry over ten bucks. This isn’t a third world country. Stop making it out
        to be such a big deal.

          1. I don’t have either, but I’m still buying it.

            PS: Stop ending your sentences like this…

        1. The internet is an international medium, for what you know I could be anywhere in the planet.
          I guess it’s nice to believe that your bullshit way of living is the rule in the whole world, guess it detracts from the feelings of guilt when you spend money on stupid shit while people in Africa and Latin America are dying of hunger.

  14. I am going to buy this. Probably day 1, but it’s cell shaded. It already looked good. I watched the HD trailer, and yes it’s big and pretty, but I don’t see the difference. It’s brighter? In HD it doesn’t look pixely.

    I wish they had done Majora’s mask or Twilight.

  15. I pre-ordered this from Amazon, and I can’t wait. It’s nice pre-ordering a game and having it shipped right to your home as soon as it releases. I played the game when I was younger, but never beat it or got very far at all. Zelda games are the only games I’ve ever pre-ordered.

  16. I don’t understand why u people are crying over the price. A physical copy of windwaker cost 30$ or more. They add stuff to game just like Oot 3d, would u rather pay 60$

    1. They rather pay 40, you know the standard price for HD Remastered ports and Remakes. I understand the out cry but come launch day, the fans will buy it and those bitching about the price wont. They only come out to bitch about Nintendo cause honestly i think they never intended to buy it in the first place.

  17. If you don’t like it don’t buy it and quit whining to people about whether or not its worth it to them

    1. lol@you feeling entitled to tell people when it is or isn’t okay to give their opinion.

  18. Why are you all complaining about spending $50 on an amazing game? Quite sure you spend $50 on worthless crap every week but y’all are just complaining here to bother people.

    1. yeh lets never show our discontent and only open our mouths when we are happy about a certain game..get over yourself

  19. people pay 60 dollaras everyyear for games like COD and FIFA, and yet complain about this, fuck logic

  20. It’s probably going to cost “normal retail” price here in Sweden. But I’m still going to buy it. Never played the original.

  21. nice one nintendo…. remake a game that didnt need one and make it non reasonably priced. oh we can send messages in a bottle, how innovative!!!! (how about some new fucking dungeons)the messages will just be about link getting his dick stuck in the bottle with a letter saying S.O.S everytime. you think he would learn but know, he has to fucking keep forcing it in there and then yell for help in the bottle miles away on every island!!!!

    1. 10 fucking dollars. I could buy.. A fucking Backpack.. with 10 dollars.. Don’t get it if you hate it so much. And if you think about it tingle tuner could become of some use to someone who needs help getting through a game.. Goodness there is so much unnecessary bitching, especially when Wii U games usually go around 60 bucks.

    2. that stupid message in a bottle and miiverse are two features nobody gives a shit about. would have preferred real new content for that price.

  22. I don’t buy previously completed games again; I’d rather support brand new games. However, younger gamers, new to it, would be wise to pick up this remake, especially at this lower price. It’s a lot of fun.

  23. £ 37, €39, ¥ 2700 and $ 39.99 would make an Ideal price for this game. Gamer has spoken, I love Nintendo but this is a little too much. Famitsu gave it 40/40 on their rating. Nintendo needs to extend an olive branch to us their loyal fans, when third parties deserted we stayed defending our gaming company. This price is a little too much HD or not.

    1. yeah your right….. thats surprising, looks like the sheep is trying to fight back. ” screw you bbaahhhhtendo, $40 is the bbaahhhhrice that it should beeeahhh!!!!!

    1. really?? I preorder the Tales of Symphonia HD ports for $39.99, this means ill get it for like $29.99 or $19.99 right?

    1. Indeed…

      I think that those of us who owns the original should get a 30% discount if you show it to the store…

  24. to be honest, I was expecting it to be sold at $60.
    So, those are great news for me! I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it, I hope it’s soon

  25. I really wanted Majora’s Mask, but oh well, wind waker is still a great game. I just hope they don’t do Majora’s mask for 3DS, handhelds murder graphics, and remakes are partially designed for graphical improvement. :|

  26. Not many people own a Wii U, so making the game 49 bucks both discourages people from getting one and is gouging people who do. Come on. If its that high it better have more features than just playin it on the game pad

  27. The game looks amazing, I enjoy the realistic zelda games but graphics are not everything I would say that wind waker is my favorite zelda game just because of the gameplay and story. I would go through all the water temples in the series just to play the wind waker again.

  28. It might be cheaper than SOME Wii U games. But still expensive to me. Ever since I started collecting older games, I got sick of having to pay SO MUCH for a new game. When I could get several retro games for the same price. I guess collecting retro games spoiled me.

  29. Wish it was 40 bucks, but this is my most favorite GCN game so it’s a day 1 buy for me regardless of the price.

  30. I remember buying N64 games for $50, I am glad that its not $60 which is standard for First party and (most decent) games. Yes its a remake, but Nintendo doesn’t do anything halfway like other companies. (Trying playing a PC port of Dark Souls without a controller.) If you already have the game and don’t want to buy it then don’t complain and enjoy yours. It also doesn’t make sense to remake twilight since they are still selling it. It’s also the last generation so graphics-wise they are not bad. Majoras mask would be nice to see, but its on the wii shop for $10 already. (Ocarina is a very special exception #1 video game of all time.) We should all be happy though, come December the Wii U will have an actual game library and hopefully start selling. But the dust wont settle until everyone owns smash brothers 8D

  31. Wow people should wait til nintendo confirms the price before saying anything instead of amazon saying a price that u think is true.It may it may not who knows

  32. People are complaining about a $50 dollar price tag for this game? I think you idiots need to go slap yourself. Pre-order from JB Hi-Fi and EB Games (Known as “GameStop” in the US) is $79 dollars in Australia. I can get this game from MightyApe for $60 dollars and delivery costs $4.90

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