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Sega Wants To Entice Mario Fans With Sonic Lost World


Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the company really wants to win back platforming fans with Sonic Lost World. Iizuka hopes that he can entice Mario fans to play the game as its exclusive to Nintendo platforms. Iizuka reiterated that more recent Sonic games had more of an emphasis on speed, but with Sonic Lost World platforming is their main emphasis. Here’s what he had to say to the publication.

“Sonic started out as a platform title but, as we got to the more recent ones, it changed to be a more speed-based game. Recent fans will be familiar with that speed-based gaming, but with Lost World, we wanted to win back the platform fans. We don’t just want old Sonic fans to come back, though: we want Mario players and other platform gamers to enjoy the new game, too.”

Thanks, Iceazeama

50 thoughts on “Sega Wants To Entice Mario Fans With Sonic Lost World”

  1. Super Sonic Galaxy: Gotta Go Fast!

    I’m still buying this as a Day 1 release. It has me sold. A spiritual revival of Sonic Xtreme with elements of Colours and Galaxy thrown into the mix has me sold.

        1. Both games were actually decent (Colors & Generations). Have you blindly overlooked Unleashed and the dreaded Sonic 2006?

  2. wonder why this game doesnt look like a disaster…… sonic started out as a platformer but later on it became mainly about speed. thats where you go wrong!!!! running in a straight line with shitty gameplay isnt fun!!!!! now they say they’re going more back to platforming instead about just speed. geeze winder why this game looks better than usual, oh yeah its actually a real fucking game with good level design and gameplay!!!!!

    1. Iike polarkuma am stunned at your game appreciation today. Especially great nintendo game appreciation, with a hint of sega side dish :).

      1. Haha what can I say I’m Trying today ohh and by the way I sent this to sickr too but he didn’t publish the eternal darkness copy right renewal had the words downloadable in them which weren’t in there before hinting at a possibility of GameCube games on the eshop!!!

    2. Huh, dispite the shit talk, this is positive feedback from you. I’m starting like this new you. I agree with Sonic past games from sonic heroes to Sonic 2006. Not your best traits Sega…hell, I still think your best 3d Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2/Adventure 2 battle. Nicely said Iceazeama.

    3. If you have seen gameplay footage, you should know that there is still lot of running on the straight line, and little less platforming than Colours and Generations had. Even speed boosters are still there.

      There is less speed, for sure, but only thing they actually chanced is that sonic is now slower.

  3. I really wish that Sega and Nintendo would get together, swallow their pride over old grudges, put away the I-told-you-sos, and make a really, REALLY good Sonic game with all of Nintendo’s expertise and polish behind it. I want to see what happens when Miyamoto upends Sonic’s tea table!

    1. Those “old gridges” have been gone for many, MANY years. I don’t think that is why they aren’t together. I think it is because SEGA is still afloat as a company. Unless SEGA goes bankrupt, Nintendo won’t own them. 💋

  4. The “speed” is what always ruined the Sonic series for me. And unfortunately that’s what Sonic is known for.

  5. Mario kept the platforming verse vibrant so as sonic could oneday too run on a galaxy. Playing Mario Galaxy 2 there was that one level were Yoshi ate a pepper to bolt that I wanted sonic to feature :).

  6. This game will be awesome. Sonic was platformin when Naka was in Sega, after he left Iizuka taked it to wrong direction but then a man named Morio Kishimoto who is responsible for Lost World and Colors camed and taked Sonic back to platformin roots which is big step in the right direction. Iizuka is again just like in Adventure Game days tryin to take credit from others work. Games like Heroes,06 and Unleashed are all awful games and 100% Iizukas work unlike Adventure 1&2,Colors and Lost World. This guy pisses me off he is always trying hide his shitty work and tryin to take credit from others. Fuck you Iizuka!!! leave Sonic to Morio and get the fuck out of SEGA you almost destroyed Sonics reputation, you piece of shit should be thankful to Morio who saved the day. And dont try to take credit from Generations everyone can see that you copied Colors with it!!!

    1. Iizuka was Game director of adventure 1 & 2, Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog. He didn’t participate in development of 06 and Unleashed at all.

      But i agree that there is something fishy with him…

  7. Dont be an internet retard

    As long as Sonic helps the Wii U and 3DS ill consider buying as well as supporting it

  8. Actually Sonic Adventure 2 provided the perfect mix between speed and platforming, this Sonic however looks pretty slow. Sonic generations was also a perfect mix with classic Sonic having the platforming and Modern Sonic the speed. I am still buying this on day 1, but still worried.

    1. yes….. by far the best, nothing else can match sonic and knuckles. it was only like 1$ on the xbox arcade. why!!!! i thought it was going to suck or be the worst one, turns out its by far the best one.

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  10. Buying, of course. Like the Sonic nerd I am. Besides there’s not a whole bunch of other games on the Wii U anyways. Hah… Picking this up and Zelda. I hope there’s gonna be fewer more solid levels. Not 4 garbage leves and 2 good in each world like in Colours. Also hoping being able to play as Super Sonic, you know ’cause it’s cool. Not just on the end boss.

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