Take-Two Has Filed A New Bully Trademark


It has emerged that Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive has filed a new trademark for the controversial game, Bully. The recently filed trademark basically covers computer and video game programs and software. The well-received game appeared on a number of platforms in 2006 and 2008 including the original Wii. Take-Two will report its earnings and hold a question-and-answer session for its latest financial period today, so it will certainly be interesting if they mention a brand new game in the Bully franchise.

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  1. I actually played the game… it was the worst game Rockstar has ever made… and not just because its about bullying, its also the gameplay. Horrible game that doesn’t even deserve a sequel.

  2. I dont get why people hate this game so much… I LOVED it! It was one of my favorite games ever and i would really enjoy a sequel of it

    1. +10 This game was great! Anyone who can’t tell the difference between a video game and reality is an idiot. Oh cause you really feel like you’re serving your country when you play COD? Oh I see.. You thought it was really that easy to kill an Elk with your bare hands in real life like you did in Assassins Creed? Bully is just a game. Just like all the rest.

    1. Are you serious? It worked just like GTA. It was just set in a smaller map and you had more structure. One of the best Rockstar games ever made.

  3. Bully is my favorite Rockstar game, and definitely one of my all-time favorite games. Would love another one.

  4. Bully was awesome, I’d love to see a sequel. Don’t understand the hate, it’s pretty much GTA Jr. to me lol.

  5. Even if they announce a sequel, I am 99% sure that it won’t be coming to the WiiU because of bla, bla and bad sales.

  6. Why is Bully controversial? Isn’t this game about fighting AGAINST the bullies?
    I have the Wii version, but didn’t really play it very much. But it seemed interesting. And if I didn’t have SO many other games, I might have gone back and continued playing.

  7. I loved bully it was a great game besides the creepy music that sounds like it’s from scooby doo…

  8. why are you bitches so against this….. its about bulling NOOO!!!! its about getting back AT the bullies. AAAHHHHH!!!!! stupid retards have you even played the game, if anything its YOUR game because you hate bullying, the underdog getting back at the snobby rich kids, oh wait thats right its not nintendo news because its not mario!!!!! you havnt probably even seen it because its to violent for you!!!!! how could gta even come for the wii u if all you do is aaaahhh nooo its sucks, and you dont even know what its about.

  9. This game was amazing! I still play in endless summer! If Rockstar makes a sequel I might just die of happiness! Anyone who can’t see Bully is an excellent game should take another look at it.

  10. hell yeah this was my game and still is i recently rebeat it 2 weeks ago amazing game but the story was to short. Also this game is about fighting against bullies not being one. Don’t let the name fool you if you actually read what it is about you will know :P

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