Wii U Version Of Batman: Arkham Origins Won’t Have Online Multiplayer

US gaming publication Game Informer is reporting that the eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins for Wii U won’t feature three-team competitive play. The multiplayer mode for the game is being developed by Splash Damage. Splash Damage are the team behind Brink for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Batman: Arkham Origins is due for release on October 25th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

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    1. yep, third party developpement for wii u is laughable. What it needs is some Nintendo magic.

      1. yup, this is the reason why 3rd parties arent selling well on Wii U, these lazy devs just keep giving us these halfass games!

        1. Indeed, and then the blame said bad sales on the Wii U platform and its audience as a whole. What a load of hypocrite’s
          “maximun profit with minimum effort since 2002” should be third parties in relation to NINTENDO slogan.

          The Lark

    1. and then they want to cry about low games sales on wii-u when your giving customers of that platform a watered down version of what every body else is getting thats why cod on wii-u is crap cause of no dlc or updates. these devs are lazy they dont want to make more servers so they rather just remove content.if i cant get the same version as every one else i’m not buying it. and nintendo needs to step up and say something! cause us as customers and fans keep getting the shaft.

      1. agree mate, wii u owners are getting shafted, and worst is, most of the time 3rd parties titles end up being more expensive on wii u. Christ’s sake!

    1. Are you stupid? Why is this Nintendo fault? After all Nintendo dosnt get the others version to see what is getting shaft or not.

      1. Can you explain that to him without calling him stupid though first? This isn’t the first game that is missing online components from the game that is on the wii u, while the ps3 and xbox 360 have them. While it is probably the developers cutting costs on the wii u versions it still seems like a fair question from him.

  1. “Splash Damage are the team behind Brink for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3”

    Ok is not a problem then

        1. It’s only those people who actually accept change in the FPS genre that like it; all the others are really either CoD fans or haven’t actually played the game. We should feel proud to be in such an elite group.

    1. My exact thoughts, Brink was at least decent on PC but the console versions were nothing more than garbage.

    1. Oh… the Nintendo Network icon isn’t visible on the reveal…

      Shame, I actually was quite interested in Arkham Origins, but if they’re gonna treat us like that.

  2. The industry needs a crash more than ever. No matter how much you may like the game you should not buy it.

    1. A crash is the worst thing that could happen to the industry, how is destroying the entire industry a good thing?

  3. The WiiU really seems to be heading to an Dreamcast route. That’s sad… I’ll still probably buy one for the original Zelda game.

    1. Mario Kart Wii sold more than 33 million copies, it’s safe to assume that’s about 33 million Wiis give or take a few hundred…

      If Mario Kart U can sell that then it means 33 million Wii Us added to the already +4 million Wii Us already sold…

  4. I’ve had enough!

    Ban all Third Class Empires and let them know that we will be better off without them…

    they only want to steal our money for an experience lesser than it’s rival and enemy…

        1. Indeed, we need to assimilate him into our marketing division and utterly market the brains out of Wii U…

    1. Great Commander i think the problem is the wii u hear me out the problem is not that its weak its because its strong. These guy have in more than 8-10 years been making games only for 2 platform. This is nintendo strongest console so far that deosnt need a bad port. This is why most of the company’s (specially american) deosnt want to release a full good game because it cost extra

      1. Mr.Troll…

        Well I think these mostly american/swedish developers love their Xboxes so blindly that they don’t even want to acknowledge the existence of the Wii U, unlike the Xbot leaders who feels threatened by us…

        But these companies will regret it once the Indie Tribes gain more and more recognition pushing these current players out of existence as they mostly bring the same experiences over and over again…

    2. I said the same thing a while ago on here commander, i feel 3rd parties bring more negatives than positive’s i.e unfair comparison’s to more advanced(uhh) tech, doom story’s when said game lacks features that are standard on other platforms like DLC(uhh) and online multiplayayer(double uhh) NINTENDO are one of the only software companies in the world that can survive on there own thanks to a combination of creativity and frugality i.e Pikmin 3(amazing game by the way) instead of in Sony & MICROSOFT’s case iterative and bloated budget “spectaculars” i.e Uncharted(interactive movie) & Ryse(uninteractive videogame)

      The Lark

  5. Wow, so they’re going to release a gimped version of the game (probably for the same price) and expect it to sell?

  6. Who cares… doesn’t need online, its a single player experience. Stop trippn

    1. You should stop smoking what ever shit you smoke cuz is not ok. Crappy multiplayer or not my 60$ should give me the same has the 60$ the others get.

    2. Thats not the point. They are releasing a less enjoyable experience to a specific audience for the same price. Because of this, sales will be low. They are sabotaging potential sales and pissing off the Nintendo userbase at the same time. Either bring the whole package to all or dont bother, fucking Christ!

    3. You should.
      It’s a sign that these companies are okay with putting out incomplete games on a system just because it isn’t selling well at any given time.
      It’s a gateway that let’s them justify cutting even more corners in the future.
      If we don’t stand against it now, they’ll keep getting away with it, and the console suffers as a result, especially when they stop including even more things….

  7. No multiplayer, no purchase. Enough of this shit man! They are setting up for failure on Wii U…

        1. I could give 2 tolit flushes about this game having online…..long as the single player experience is ungimped im good. Day one buy 4 me.

          1. Thats because you are a corporate sheep. Get out of here before your stupidity fill the place.

            1. Naw that because multi player is everything….if the wsd COD or Smash Bro or Mario Kart…id be upset….but batman Origins nope doesn’t need forced online…..won’t ruin the experience 4 me…u don’t have to agree..this is my opinion. …lol

              1. I do agree that multiplayer is nothing but I prefer to pay 60$ for a complete thing even if I don’t use it than 60$ for the half.

  8. Oh well! I was going to buy this upon release, but if we’re going to receive the inferior version, and they plan to charge us the same price as the other versions, then I’ll get it from the bargain bin!

  9. These developers are really beginning to piss me off. They release an unfinished game and then expect it to sell. When it doesn’t sell they no longer support the Wii U. They’re so fucking stupid.

  10. This is WB’s fault not Nintendos. These developers seem to not care about the Wii U and don’t try for it like the other systems which makes it not sell. It depends on what the online experience for this game has, because I don’t know if online is worth it or not.

  11. Ok, now this is just getting annoying. Third party games arriving in the next 5 months for Wii U are really important for the Wii U’s future, since if these titles sell well then the Wii U will get a lot more third party support. I expect these third party games such as Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch Dogs, etc will sell well since the install base on the WiiU is bigger.

    But when developers do shit like this, and then expect the game to sell for the same price despite it not having the same features, is just setting themselves up for dissapointment. I could already see people not wanting to get the game on Wii U now for “Not having the same amount of features as the other versions”. Then if Batman: Arkham Origins doesn’t sell well on the WiiU due to missing features, the developers will say that their games don’t sell well on Nintendo consoles.

  12. Warner Bros….how do you expect this game to sell when it is gimped compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 version. Is the Wii U version cheaper? Is there exclusive single-player content? Do we get the first game for free with it?

  13. And you sir expect this to sell?
    Shame. And I was going to ask if you would like batman in ssb4.

    1. STFU bitch get back to work!!!!! ssb4 is going to be rushed, you apparently didnt even know there was supposed to be a 3ds version, meaning you didnt even know you were supposed to be working on it.

      now your hand is killing you because nintendo has you on dog labor….. please understand that its either your hand hurts…. or we….. cut of hand with chainsaw, if not finish game (bows)

  14. i don’t get it. wii u is an awesome console.
    its just plain laziness. its like their setting up the wii u to fail.

      1. wii u owners would not likely pick it up if they knew its incomplete and with the same price as the other consoles. then they will blame it to the wii u.

        1. right on…. why put it out at all right… however, this might just be bull like other games being said to not be coming out at all for wii u, but then end up being announced and coming out

          1. It could also mean that they forgot to ad the wiiu logo but that’s even a worst scenario.

  15. Will it have local multiplayer at least? With one player using the gamepad and the other using the TV local Co-op could be a lot of fun and for me we would be preferable to the online multiplayer. It would be nice if they would at least tell us upfront what they are going to include or exclude from the Wii U version before release, unlike they did with the Wii U release of Injustice.

    1. I agree, if they add something new and still have Co-Op locally then I would be interested…

      However I do expect a 15% discount…


  17. Cool no mutiplayer that’s just what I like dumbed down versions of good games now what the fuck is the matter with them
    Fuck third party devs ppl only buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games any way

  18. Was going to buy it day one. oh well…. I’ll just buy it used on e-bay or something since it’s only single player.

  19. I bet they’ll still charge us the same/if not more than the other versions as well…thanks but no thanks

  20. This hasn’t actually been confirmed yet, so lets not all jump to conclusions. However, if this DOES turn out to be true then we’ll simply send them a harsh message with our wallets.

    Owners of Nintendo systems might be hungry for games, but we won’t just sit back and be grateful for sub par third party games. You either give us the same experience across all platforms or, as many of you have stated, you fuck off.


    1. I feel u i been feeling the same way. i probably would sell It but im waiting for the 101 and Bayonetta.


    1. If Smash Brothers wouldn’t have online multiplayer this time around…

      Even I will begin to question High Command’s decisions…

      Because that would be like the real backstabbing moment…

      1. This just in! Smash to not have story mode, then gets delayed, then has fighting taken out!
        You just pick characters and look at them!
        JK. ;)

  23. Man I’m so tired of lazy developers.
    But then again the MP looks meh to me and I’ll buy this game for single-player.

  24. aaahhhahahahahahaahahha!!!!!! my side hurts, oh this is a to a dee good!!!!! (get the ambulance!!!) * wii u wii u wiiu wiiu wiiu wii u* (grabs wii u and smashes it with a sludge hammer) we dont need to help this thing, its already dead!!!!!

    1. It’s not Nintendos fault that Warnerbros Devs are to fucking lazy to finish the game on Wii U. The Wii U is not dead because of ONE fucking game, though it is disappointing. Stop trying to convince people, your opinion means nothing(No offense. I take you nicer than other trolls on the site)

      1. why would you say no offense to being mean…… if anything you should be glad im nicer. im not even a serious troll…. i mean “this is a to a dee good” and for some reason people still get mad. people are pathetic to get serious over a plastic box and tell you to kill yourself over it…… what is wrong with people!!!!

    2. Does your mother drop your head at night and slap you with a brick? Given your low IQ with your whole post, it speaks volumes.

      Hilarious pathetic.

  25. You have to really wonder though, does Nintendo have some sort of policy or regulation that prevents a lot of these games from having DLC or online mp? It can’t be the hardware because there are games that already feature online multiplayer. But this isn’t the first Wii U game to leave out online mp… It’s becoming a pattern. So is it really the devs, or is it Nintendo? I would like to find out the honest truth about that – not just assumptions.

    1. I doubt it…

      If Black Ops 2 can have online then why not everything else?…

      Some believe that it is simply a “holding back” information on High Command’s part which imply means that they probably will have online but won’t announce it until High Command gives a green light…

      Because I’m absolutely certain that the Wii U cannot possibly have worse online than the Wii…

    2. I doubt its Nintendo’s fault initially mainly because games like injustice and monster hunter have online; however they need to buckle down and do something to show that they care about tueir customers getting shafted like this. Its becoming al now.

    3. Too many games have multi-player. This shit is not Nintendo’s fault.
      – mass effect 3
      – black ops 2
      – assassins creed 3
      Nintendo isn’t the problem, so set your wonders to rest. You can blame them for a shit-ton of other stuff, but not this.

      1. It is partly Nintendo’s fault. They shouldn’t let third party devs release games that have missing features.

        1. Well, you could also say it’s Nintendo’s fault for fucking up the launch resulting in a small install base, leading to companies not wanting to invest in features for the WiiU version.
          But it’s not Nintendo making the final call or preventing the full version of the game – that’s all I’m saying.
          Even still, they don’t want to sell us a full game? Fine. Then why not give it to us for less. Why the fuck charge us the same or more for less of a game?

          1. Then why isn’t Nintendo getting their corporate ass off the couch and saying anything about it? Oh, that’s right, they don’t give a damn about 3rd party. It’s just shovelware, half-assed games, and shitty ports.

            1. No, cause that’s bad business. When you do you see console makers bashing publishers? DId Sony call out publishers for bad ports early in the PS3’s life? No.

              1. PS3 was a pain to program and port games for early in its life, so Sony couldn’t throw out double-standards.

                1. Wii U, on the other hand, shouldn’t be in this same situation. It’s not hard to program, that’s for sure. And it doesn’t cost 599 US dollars, either. It all comes down to their own mismanagement and how it has affected their image as a serious contender in the marketplace. Why are they so behind the times?
                  They’re just now developing an online infrastructure.
                  They’re just now getting into HD.
                  Their games were not being developed alongside the console while it was still in development, unlike Xbox One and PS4, leading to a severe software drought and terrible hardware sales worldwide.
                  Maybe if you released your goddamn specs…what are you trying to hide? You want people to feel ripped off not knowing what they are buying with their hard-earned money?
                  What other excuses do you have, Nintendo? Mario and Zelda not being milked enough?
                  Where is Star Fox? F-Zero? Other beloved Nintendo franchises?
                  Even a Conduit 3 would sell Wii U.
                  Nintendo needs to get their shit together and soon.

      2. I acknowledged that there are games with multiplayer; But that’s still an assumption until we have some sort of official statement.

        Even some of Nintendo’s first party games that would benefit from online MP don’t have it and you must wonder why? Games that are both on the 3DS and Wii U, the 3DS has online MP but the Wii U version doesn’t. Why? It’s a curious situation.

        1. Well to let you know Simply G the game on 3DS is created by one developer team when other game on Wii U is created by other developer team. To make things better or worst depending how you view on it is that other developer team making the multiplayer.

          So the question may be on the developer team that is responsible for multiplayer.

    4. Yea I agree with you. There are like no DLC or online for Wii U. Maybe Nintendo does have some policies. It took the developers, publishers, or Nintendo to start including DLC for some of their games after a month or two after PS3 or Xbox 360 version released.

      1. Download content for several games.
        – AC3 (several expanded scenarios.
        – Resident Evil Rev.

        Again, not Nintendo.

        1. But what preventing most of the DLC coming to Nintendo Wii U? Isn’t it a one time cost to make? Can the developers port most of the DLC to the Wii U with cost effective? What stopping them? And why is it taking so long for them to include DLC?

          Don’t say because they are lazy and greedy because greedy and lazy developers will be porting DLC all day for cash.

          1. Not if there isn’t a large enough install base, which devs argue WiiU doesn’t have.

    5. Didn’t nintendo say that they would leave developers to decide if they wanted online or not on their games. I remember that it was somthing like that or similar

    6. Is called server’s cost is just a money saving stupidity that will cost them more.

    1. Lazy, GREEDY developers. If they were just lazy, they could give us 75-85% of a game, and charge is 75-85% of the price. But no. We pay the same or more.

  26. AMERICAN developers trying to save the defunct xboxdone. Read in between the giant line. Xbox is a stupid console from day one. No creativity what so ever only money from Microsoft. xbox has no chance against nintendo, plus American console and stupid buy America loyalists have been butt hurt since the Atari 2600.

    1. What are you talking about? They Xbox, and the Xbox 360 were amazing consoles. I didn’t buy them out of some stupid “loyal” views. I bought them because they had the games I wanted, just as I bought the N64, the nintendo DS lite, the nintendo DSI, the GBC the GBA SP, the GB Micro, The Nintendo 3DS, the ps1, ps2 and.ps3! You are calling the masterpiece that is Halo uncreative?! Hah! You fool, its laughable how little you little fanboys know. Choose the true and rightous path, of respecting all good games regardless of the platform, for a while I stumbled, yes, its true, but I found my footing, and now I love the differences between every platform. While the Xbox One may end up as a garbage console, I will not lose faith in it if it has amazing games and eventually gives me a reason to buy it. For now, PS4 and Wii U and Vita are what I need to purchase.

    2. There is also the fact that some devs cant stand the fact that 100% video game company succeeds in console business better than others, they are jealous of Nintendo for the fact that they can create a hardware that fits to their games unlike 3rd parties who have to always play along, remember N64 was created for Super Mario 64 and Wii was created for Super Mario Galaxy. Anyway im happy with my WiiU if Nintendo and their 1st parties like Retro can make lots of quality content without too many dry times, in Gc era they managed to bring game after game themselfs without many dry moments so i believe they can do it with WiiU too. Wiiu and 3DS FTW. Twin (Sony and Microshit) consoles can go to hell imo.

  27. It’s time Nintendo unleashed it’s first party brilliance on the WiiU. Pikmin 3 is selling like hotcakes and these daffy duck bugs bunny goofs want to pull this.

  28. Guys don’t forget that it is a different developer team that working on the multiplayer part of the game. Perhaps those developers do not have experience with the Wii U hardware.

  29. Good I didn’t want to play a tacked-on online multiplayer anyways btw i don’t play much online multiplayer regardless

  30. This is total bullshit, but then it’s a tacked-on mode from the studio behind Brink…

  31. It’s not saying in anywhere that will don’t have multiplayer in Wii U. Just because the logo isn’t there? Wait for official news.

  32. I was actually excited for this game but now I don’t even care. Unless they fix this I’m not buying or at least sell the game for $20 less.

  33. Wow, I’m starting to feel very sorry for Wii U owners, barely any good 3rd party titles are coming to the system, and when they do, they are missing something. Nintendo needs to demand that the games that come to their system have just as many features that come with the games on other platforms. Its not fair that wii U owners get treated like this! And you don’t even have much amazing things on the first party side of things, just a remake and some sequals. Which I’m sure are going to be awesome, just not as awesome as a brand new IP, or an open world Mario or something. awesome and new like that. I really hope things get fixed for all of you wii U owners, No gamer, regardless of the platform, should have to get shells of a game, and not the full experience. I for one am sick of hearing about how every 3rd party wii U game is missing something. Whether big or small!

  34. Looks like another game i will be skipping on. Wii U is getting treated like shit.

  35. Guys listen to me i know y they remove the online multiplayer its simple, a few people will buy it and few people are going to be online so it makes sense that they removed the multiplayer and thats fine by me…..stop acting like a bunch of babies!!!!!!!

    1. I will sell you a cheese Burger combo with out frys for 6$ will The same store sell the same combo in front of you for 4$ logic is I will nit get angry right?

  36. When this game was announced that its coming on Wii U I was excited and decided I’m getting it,along side Watchdogs,AC4 and maybe W101,But when I saw the in game trailer,it looked like arkham city with watered down graphix,wasn’t impressed that it look so much like the previous game,so started having doubts about getting it,now this news is made me determined not to get the game,will just get W101 and Pikmin instead

  37. That’s ridiculous! Well as long as the game arrives on Wii U, I’m good. I don’t play online as much so this decision doesn’t bother me.

  38. What the fuck… why not? The wii u is more powerful than the previous gen yet they get multi player and we don’t?

    Boycott batman.

  39. I’m calling it right now: the real reason the Wii U isn’t getting online multiplayer is because all the other versions are getting *drum roll* A STUPID ONLINE PASS!!

    Think about it, Nintendo doesn’t do online passes for its games. Not even Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge or Tekken tag 2 had them even though the PS3 and XBOX versions had the online pass. So why would WB games all of a sudden do this to the Wii U owners? They’re doing it in some of their recent games including Mortal Kombat and Arkham City (via Catwoman DLC). So this might be a hint of a possible online pass for Arkham Origins.

    Call me crazy, but I believe this is true.

    P.S. Good thing I got the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden 3 XD

  40. Fucking bullshit! Hate these lazy ass developers. They better not charge the full $60 for a watered down version. Fucking cheap ass motherfuckers.

    1. You are right, I will don’t buy this game if they don’t make multiplayer on Wii U.Let’s be serious, Wii U is more better then a ps3( not offense).Sorry but this is the truth!

  41. Here we go again. A third-party dev releases a crappy half-assed version of a game and charge full price for it. Then when it doesn’t sell they blame the Wii U’s poor sales and ditch the platform. It’s almost like they want the Wii U to fail!

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