Iwata Says New StreetPass Mii Plaza Games Generated ¥400 Million ($4 Mil) In A Month


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed to Toyo Keizai Online that the four new StreetPass Mii Plaza games have generated ¥400 million in just one month. The games were released with very little advertising, but there was quite a bit of buzz surrounding them on Twitter. Here’s what Iwata had to say about the new content and sales.

“With the 3DS, there is the StreetPass Mii Plaza, which you can use to play games with Miis that you meet by walking past other people carrying a 3DS. However, because people were growing tired of playing the same couple games, we have, in fact, brought four new StreetPass Mii Plaza games! Four new games have been added, where you can buy one game for ¥500 or all four games at a discounted price of ¥1500.”

“One month has passed since we added these new StreetPass Mii Plaza games, and we did not use any type of mass advertising. It was written on our homepage, with information about all the new content included in the update. You are also made aware when you visit the StreetPass Mii Plaza for the first time after the update, but we didn’t use anything like television commercials to advertise.”

“However, in this state, we have generated a lot of income from our customers. Furthermore, a lot of the people who are playing and enjoying the new games are communicating and advertising through outlets like Twitter. Thanks to this, the circle of customers is growing bigger and bigger, and interestingly, sales were a strong ¥400 million in only a month.”


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                    1. I’m getting the Wii U version for sure! The 3DS however, Imma need to see more footage of that version before I can make a decision.

    1. ikr but im not trolling because i know nintendo knows what to do but theyre not telling us i wonder what is after smash bros

  1. I bought the new street plaza pack. “Find Mii” was fun at first, but became stale and frustrating. The new games are a lot more fun. I just got the bundle for $15 USD.

      1. It’s a street pass game, so to meet a leader or Monarch, you need to street pass with someone (or use playcoins to pull one in)

        A monarch is just someone you streetpass that has a big-ass army. Hope that helps.

        I don’t understand the Flower shop! D: It helps to read the manuals. It explains some things. (press home button, then “manual”) Still, it can be a little confusing until you figure it out.

        1. Yea Flower Shop is confusing at first. I wish all the options are available at first. After that I think the Flower Shop is the best game of all of them.

          I haven’t met a Monarch yet though.

          1. If you met me, you’d meet a Monarch ;)

            I’ve met two. Instead of just adding to your army, you have to fight them first. If you win, they add, if you loose, you loose soldiers.

  2. you could get all 4 games for 15 but i’ll have to say the plant game is pointless and stupid i think they just made it to make people feel like they are getting something for free by getting 4 games

  3. “[We] didn’t use anything like television commercials to advertise.”

    Yeah, we noticed…

  4. I know they sold rather well in Europe actually, again with very little advertising. It was the curiosity factor above all else.

    Still, $4million in a month on paid DLC is a heck of a lot of money. If it costs $15 to buy all four, and assuming each 3DS bought all four at that price, I make that around 266,666 purchases throughout the month. Not bad at all actually.

    1. To be honest it is depend on where you live and also depend on your friends too. If your friends have it then the games are great! If you live in location that have a lot of 3DS gamers then the games are great!

      But majority of NA 3DS users have trouble finding streetpass which make these games worthless. So I say hold off and find out how many streetpass you actually get in a month then decide from there.

      1. Or just one friend you see a lot. I beat Find Mii very easily that way. xD Puzzle Swap on the other hand, that’s a different story.

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              Xam’d (Bones)
              Avatar (both series and if you count this a anime)
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              and some more.

              Yes I can watch Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, Digamon, and etc with no problem but I just prefer watching the above list. So you invite me over and you want to watch Bleach then I say “No problem” then we be chilling and watching it. I barely watch anime since I like to game a lot.

        1. If you carry it EVERYWHERE like I do, and have a fuck-ton of play coins, then the games can also be fun. (play coins for characters to play with)

          if you don’t have play coins because your 3DS sits neglected on your dresser, then refer back to Gravy above.

    2. The 3ds already has great games at 20 retail so you should get a retail game first or a lot of DS games for 5$.

  5. Nintendo makes money even on accident. Invest that $4 million in advertising the WiiU in America and especially the UK, cause as weird as this may sound it seems the queen’s land is losing comprehensible Gamers faster than the US.

  6. O.o WOW! When I saw them at first, I thought they looked like neat little games, but I didn’t think they would be a big thing… but WOW!

  7. Looks as if the 3DS is giving Nintendo all the sales they need. Perhaps the lack of WiiU sales won’t kill them.

    1. Nintendo actually made a profit, their games, the Wii passed 100 million consoles sold, while the 3DS has sold 100 million software :).

      1. That’s how smart nintendo has been thus far. No commercials so all profits go to nintendo but word of mouth is going to make take the wii u where it should be. Patience nintendo commander.


    HAHAHAEHAE Why oh Why!!! God Please forgive me!!!! I have sinned!!! HAEHAE Its good to see Nintendo makin millions but all i want is DKCTF to be released the wait is destroyin me day by day from inside. So i looked for an alternative and i finded Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts and i remembered Rare and all those N64 games, i bought Nuts and bolts it was so horribell that im now locked in mental hospital with some crazy old man who has pockets full of pokeballs he calls them dry for some reason, im sorry dear father forgive me!!!!! Bring DKCTF to heal the madness from my mind!!! Ooh Microsoft leave Rare alone,please!

    1. Im so mad that i cried when i listened that song while readin my own post oohohoh!!!.Leave Rare alone. All you Microshits care about is kinectimals, Kinect adventure and a fuckin fundamental kinect sports oohohoh. LEAVE RARE ALONE!! RIGHT NOW!! I MEAN IT AND IF ANYONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THAT yOU GO THROUGH ME CAUSE THINGS AINT WELL RIGHT NOW!!!

        1. I didnt do anything to him he probably shares the same hospital with me after he saw what happened to Rare. We or atleast me need Retro magic to heal. In worst case Ice is in closed room with those metal doors you know? Chris Crocker is here as well that youtube star.

              1. You gotta love MyNintendoNews lol. People from mental hospital have joined here as well.

    1. Two out of those four games are actually quite fun, and worth the tiny amount of money you’d spend on them.
      I wouldn’t call them suckers any more than I’d call you a sucker for buying GTA5.

      1. 1. who said I’m buying gta5. 2. gta is infinitely more worth it than some fucking overpriced horseshit mii plaza games. get real.

        1. 1. It was just an example. I never said you WERE buying it, just that I wouldn’t call you a sucker for it.
          2: I AM being real. Not everyone thinks that GTA is a praise-worthy franchise. There are just as many people out there that view it as little more than a gangster-life parody rehash line.

          1. point is gta is worth playing. these fucking mii games aren’t. why nintendo put a price on them is mind-boggling.

  9. There’s a new reward on CN of America site: a Pikmin tote bag. I STILL WANT THEM TO RESTOCK G&W COLLECTION AND THE REPRODUCTION OF BALL.

  10. Imagine what Nintendo could do if these games weren’t an after thought. I mean clearly we like the Mii Plaza social games, what if Nintendo merged these ideas with Miiverse.

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