SQUIDS Odyssey Confirmed For A Fall Release On Nintendo 3DS & Wii U


Hot on the heels of their popular and innovative mobile brawler Combo Crew, The Game Bakers’ have today revealed that they are busy at work bringing their deep-sea Action-RPG series SQUIDS onto Nintendo platforms. SQUIDS Odyssey is poised for a simultaneous digital release on the Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Wii U eShop during the fall of 2013.

Infectious black ooze threatens the Squids’ lush underwater world, turning ordinary crustaceans into dangerous mutants. The Ocean is endangered; it’s up to you and your squad of squids to save their peaceful homeland from assured destruction!

SQUIDS Odyssey takes the first two episodes in the oceanic saga and blends them together into a new edition, filled with novel ideas, extra mechanics specifically designed for the Nintendo hardware and a couple of surprises too. Controls are also completely revamped so to fully take advantage to the best unique specificities that the Wii U gamepad and the Nintendo 3DS handheld have to offer.


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  3. Michael Pachter did his pach attack on what would happen if xboxone fails. mynintendonews you owe us this one time to publish that article as a nintendo competitor. You have published Sony related stuff please I want to see the comments on this one LOL.

          1. I hope there can be a sequel. Nintendo fanbots think Smash Bros is the only game that should be in it’s genre. Sony should add Crash, Spyro, Cloud, and Joel into a sequel.

            1. Agreed. But Activision is probably being a douche about it >_<

              I'd like to see Aveline in there from AC Liberations.

      1. Why are you acting like it’;s a good thing? I loved PSASBR, even though it wasn’t as good as smash bros, it was good to see a Sony version of it. I’d want a microsoft version of it …. but yeah …. not enough characters.

        Fanboys (LIKE YOU) and in fact in general, is why the gaming community is so terrible these days.

        1. Microsoft version: Master Chief, Marcus, guy from Crackdown, Frank West, a Forza car…….that’s it.

        2. So its OK for Sony and Microsoft to copy Nintendo but its bad because according to you DK copied some game. So you are biased.

          1. The only similarities that PSASBR has with Smash is that it’s a 2D Fighting game with up to 4 characters. The way you kill people and how the characters move is different from Smash. You should stop fanboying.

          2. I only brought that up BECAUSE you brought up this game.

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      1. I am on day 15 and I just got flying Pikmin. I just need blue Pikmin. You seriously need to plan your day or you will die. I see why it is rated 10 and up. I’m no where near done with the game. Some people didn’t beat the game until
        Day 47 or higher. I’m on day 15 and I am no where near done.

    1. “Wonder where Ben Sanders is?”

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  4. Cool, and a shame PS All stars didn’t make enough.

    I can’t agree that it was good but I can’t agree to say it was horrible either. Despite the roster and all, I don’t really see why it didn’t sell more…oh and the fact of “adding naruto in the mix” rumor, you would think it sold more. Maybe this is why smash sells more. Well, I’m not too sure about that but for a clone of its kind, it should have done better. In that sence, I wanted to play it but I’d rather play the real deal but I’m not fussy over a game that clones after my main nintendo fighting game, in fact, I want street fighter 2 in HD to SF 4 Ultra. It’s really nothing to cry about really…still a shame though none the less.

    1. When playing Pikmin franchises, the third one makes you feel like you never played Pikmin before. And a lot of the bosses take more than one day to beat. I also now hate fighting them for the first time because I know I will get my Pikmin killed but I have to fight no matter how hard it is. I thought Sonydrones said Pikmin was a kiddy game. Lmfao. A fps is much much much easier for a kid than Pikmin 3. Pikmin 3 feels like playing chess.

      1. The best thing about FPS games is that I own them all with a knife only ahahahahahah…

        5-6 vs me and they can’t hit for nothing…

      2. Pikmin 3 is a great game. I just found it waaaay to easy. It took me 6 hours tops to finish it. Another 6 to 100% the game.

    2. I was told that one reason All Stars sucked is because since PlayStation had so many fps, everyone had a gun and players perfered to shoot far away like cowards.

      1. This^ and the fact that many 3rd party characters were added, like Big Daddy and too many “non-essential” Sony characters were added like Fat Princess. Plus, people would have rather had a health bar instead of the weird Smash attack to get points system. People also didn’t like the story mode and everyone could tell that physically the game was not as polished as Super Smash Bros. So it just didn’t succeed, because of all this bad stuff mushed up together into one big ball.

        1. This post contains so much fanboyism. PSASBR was just fine. The only thing not well recieved was the character line up, which was sub par at best.

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