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Mario And Luigi: Dream Team Demo Now Available On The North American eShop


Nintendo of America has released a playable demo for the well-received Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on the Nintendo 3DS. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is already available to purchase in Europe and is released today in North America. The game has received an average review score of 82 percent on online review aggregator, Metacritic.

Thanks, JS


    1. I bet you’ve never even played it.. the mario and luigi series has become better then paper mario IMO, even without counting super paper and sticker star, the enemies are just more active and actually challenge you and the level design is clever. The way they make new uses of previously used mechanics is also super awesome


    1. Fuckin wanker ass piece off shit. Who cares, some of you gamers in Europe are jackasses. Congratulations on FINALLY getting something before America after your country’s incensive bitching. (No offense to all Europeans just this one)


      1. oh okay! maybe there’s one idk, sometimes there’s a mistake and the demos arent in the demo section,maybe look up mario and luigi dream team directly in the eshop


      2. the american one was probably put there late last night, i was surprised because they usually update the eshop on thurdays in america too, so maybe it’s there now ^^


  1. The fuck? When the hell did Hamerica start getting stuff first again? Damn,that was the only thing you were good for.


      1. Umm…North American version…consisting of three different countries, not just the U.S

        Just saying.


  2. I pre-ordered the game at Target but I can’t get it ’till Friday ugh. I guess I have to stick with the demo for a few days.


  3. another mario game…… its a mario rpg but i dont know im sick of fat ass in general. all i can see is dull fat milked mario what else is new, oh yeah nothing at nintendo.


      1. Aren’t demos usually out a few days before the game’s release? That’s confusing me about this.


  4. 82 on metacritic? That makes it the lowest-scoring game on the series. Both the original and Inside Story are 90, Partners is 86.


  5. Lame demo.You go around busting rocks to trade for a piece you need.Then its over.You dont get to try any of luigis new abilities.I had high hopes for this demo after playing w101. I was severely dissapointed, waste of time.


      1. Yeah, you can also do a real world boss battle and a dream world boss battle as well. It’s a pretty good demo and is definitely not a waste of time.


  6. Great game, I recommend it! It’s my first game in the Mario & Luigi series, but I got to say this game is better than the last two entries in the Paper Mario-series! (Why can’t we get another game like Thousand Year Door?)


  7. Yeah, I got it at release too. I’m 12 hours in and it’s super fun so far. I haven’t played a M&L RPG since the first one on GBA. I’m gonna have to go back and play the other two.


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