Zelda Wind Waker Collector’s Edition Prima Game Guide Available For Preorder


Prima Games, the largest publishing company of video game strategy guides in the United States, has revealed that the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD official game guide is available for pre-order on Amazon. The impressive strategy guide is available as a hardcover or as a paperback and retails for $35.99. Here’s the details:

  • Detailed walkthrough that covers each dungeon and side quest
  • Strategies for defeating each boss and solving all puzzles
  •  Every secret revealed across the Great Sea including pieces of heart, sunken treasure and more
  •  All side quests covered in full detail and at the earliest point that they can be completed
  • Hard cover with gold gilded pages
  • Includes a cloth map of the Great Sea

Thanks, Richard


          1. Good thing it tells you how to beat a boss because the bosses in that game are SO HARD. WHERE DO I THROW THE GRPPLE HOOK? HIS EYE!?

  1. no zelda master needs a fucking guide. this was made for the youngens and those who don’t like the adventure.

    1. I still think it would be cool to have as a part of a collection with a whole bunch of other Zelda related things

        1. Ohhhhh hoo hoo…its a collector’s edition eh? I’m also a collector…but is it really worth it? That beautiful cover tells me yes and I’ll keep it wrapped and on my self, never to be opened. *menonical smile*…it shall be mine within a few months, up on my self with the rest of my collectables.

    2. I had to use the Twilight Princess one. Those puzzles were the hardest EVER! I also got lost a couple times and needed the guide to tell me where to go.

            1. Games now of days are WAY too straight-forward, it’s pathetic. “Oh wait, I follow the arrow still?”

  2. I already have the hardback cover game guide (which I’ll always call Player’s Guide, thanks to Nintendo Power) to the Wind Waker. So I don’t need this.

    1. RPG’s are the only games I buy the guides for. They’re really the only games I get majorly stumped on.

    1. Guides are cool to have and display on your book shelf!!! Sometimes I buy them just to look at the pictures or maybe just to collect. I rarely actually use them. For example I didn’t even open my hardcover Pokemon Black and White 2 guide from Gamestop, but I used my Twilight Princess guide (I got 2 of them for free from Gamestop) a couple of times when I got stuck.

  3. If its actually a hard cover and actually looks like that I’mma get it regardless of my lack of us

  4. People are so Negative about guides. I bought it, just to add to my zelda collection. Pluse if I ever get bored I can just flip. Through it and see if I ever missed any little shit.

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      Please be free to add me!

      1. Mr.erich80, nice to see you again…

        Indeed, I’m here right now…

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            1. Well here is mine:


              I’ll add you now then so that I won’t forget…

    2. Am at the moment looking at the very expensive Xenoblade chronicle used games. Xbots in shock none of their gears games are well thoughtout enough to warranty classic fame.

      1. Considering that the GAME and Gamestop stores in my city are made up by atleast 60% Xbox games that are in the used shelves, there is no chance that any game they posses will ever be as acclaimed and praised as our Empire’s…

  5. ‘Includes a cloth map of the Great Sea’ cool! i know what i’m wiping my ass with this october.

  6. Is this the same book that is coming in the Legend of Zelda Box set of guides featured here recently? It has a different colour cover but other than that it looks identical. I assume the one in the box set is for the HD version. It’s not clear though.

  7. I am not a collector of trinkets, ” runs and sees the blue screen of gamefaqs.”

    That has always been my go to guide from since I first discovered them. FAQs have great walkthroughs when needed with antagonistic humor.

    1. You disappoint me my friend…

      You should not look at guides and FAQs to complete games…

    2. It’s a quick way of finding a solution. However I’ve come across so many badly written walkthroughs. People putting their own opinions in and comments, I don’t need that. It’s actually quite annoying.

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