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Amazon Japan Sells Out Of Pokemon X & Y Nintendo 3DS Bundles In Just Nine Hours


Amazon Japan has revealed that they sold out of their Pokemon X & Y pre-order bundles in just nine hours as Japanese consumers swamped the online retailer to secure themselves a unit. The popular retailer had an allowance of 100,000 units. The embargo on Pokemon X & Y preorders was lifted at 10am. One hour later the Pokemon Centre bundle with a limited edition golden Nintendo 3DS was sold out. Then at 7 PM, the standard Nintendo 3DS bundle was sold out as well.



  1. sickr, I don’t know if you have heard of this or are you planning on posting it on this site but here.

    now guys, grieve with me and hope that Nintendo find a way to handle the situation on when this gets released
    ; n ;


  2. I’m starting to think people in Japan are buying 3DS’ by the bulk. lol Nintendo is smart. They keep putting these special editions out and people want to collect them or upgrade.


      1. The case of cases, The pyramid of pyramids, the essence of essences, the 3DS of Vitas, the N of the Ns and so on…


  3. I’m a big pkmn player, so this is great news…

    … But throw some of this amazing support to the Wii U. I want a December Direct that shows us games that were left out of E3 (Like smt x fe) + games we don’t know about (1st person Metroid? Custom Robo X Mega Man??!?).

    The 3DS is out of the ICU and in stable condition, but the Wii U’s in critical condition! Miyamoto, answer the call with an awesome IP!


    1. I would say the 3DS is not only in stable condition, but playing Rugby!

      I really hope Iwata is observing what is selling hardware and software…

      1.) Software (strong, 1st Party software.)
      2.) Bundles
      3.) Price
      In that order.


  4. Do we need anymore evidence than this that the West should absolutely get the X and Y 3DS XL bundles on release too, as well as the golden XL version too! Really want one on release!


  5. Oh god…. Pokemon is the best. I’m gonna try to get a 3ds bundle but I think nintendo should bundle Mario kart 8 and smash with a wii U They should also do a 3D worlds bundle as well. That should sell quite a few systems.


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