Capcom’s consumer games division director Katsuhiko Ichii has revealed that the firm wants to break sales records with the forthcoming Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS. Ichii says that not only does he want to break sales records of previous Monster Hunter games, he also wants to see it surpass other unprecedented video game records.

“In addition to the great response I’ve been feeling from it, it’s a game that the development team are greatly confident in, so I believe you should look forward to it.”

“Yes, in terms of quality, I’m confident that we’ll be offering the best product possible. Not only do I hope to see it break sales records of the past installments, but I’d also like to see it surpass other unprecedented records.”



  1. “he also wants to see it surpass other unprecedented video game records.”

    Whilst I do hope they achieve this goal, Pokemon X/Y will be releasing worldwide close to MH4 and Pokemon is well more received than MH outside Japan.


      • Good morning and afternoon Nintendo Commander, for this game I am willing to trade in my 3DS for an upgraded bundle. I have this feeling they are releasing this world wide within a few weeks of Japan. Maybe even a simultaneous release. This guarantees we are seeing Monster hunter 4 Ultimate on the WiiU December 2015 in Japan, RES 7 WiiU timed exclusive world wide, Staring Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong only. Leave out Jill Valentine and the muscle bound Chris redfield. Dragons Dogma 2 is more than likely heading to the WiiU, or in development as we speak or type :) lol.


        • Let’s see if MH4U will be released on the Wii U…

          I’m actually hoping they would make MH5 for the Wii U instead…

          Agreed about Resident Evil…

          Chris Redfield is the most stereotypical boring character of them all…

          Leon/Ada/Claire should be the main focus…

          However I want a complete reboot of the series as both RE5 and RE6 were the worst by far…

          Specially RE6 was so bad I just couldn’t play it…


            • They destroyed Wesker’s image with RE5…

              He was so perfect in RE4…

              What everybody should be doing today with games and characters is to leave out any pathetic stereotypes and create an original personality that’s not based on american rednecks, powerhungry nazis or arab terrorists…


  2. Putting monster hunter on nintendo consoles was the greatest decision Capcom ever made.

    Monster hunter 4 and Pokemon X and Y are 2014’s most anticipated games, right after Pokemon 3. Only difference is that with these two title nintendo is going to move a lot of 3DS LL/XLs and original 3DSs. Imagine what will Happen if the Bundle a Kirin Lightning silver, pearl Black Nargacuga or green and Gold Shakalaka 3DS LL/XL.


    • I agree. They NEED to make a Mega Man game. And the original Mega Man. Not Mega Man X (cheap ripoff).

      It would also be interesting to see a new Ghouls & Ghosts game.


  3. Back in the days of the NES and SNES, Capcom constantly excited me with all of their awesome games. One after the other. But these days, I barely know they exist.


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