Independent Wii U eShop Titles Confirmed For Release


After appearing in a teaser trailer for upcoming Wii U eShop titles, two new independent games from indie publisher Ripstone have officially been announced for European release. The games are set to launch in late 2013/early 2014. Pure Chess, coming to the 3DS eShop in addition to the Wii U’s, is a visually stunning chess game developed with the assistance of a chess grandmaster. Knytt Underground, arriving on Wii U, is a shadowy 2D puzzle-based platformer created by Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren, the brains behind 3DS eShop favorite, NightSky.

The two titles join Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which now has a European release date of August 22nd, as the latest confirmed titles from Nintendo’s recent eShop trailer. Phil Gaskell, Ripstone co-founder, had the following to say about his company’s two games:

“We’re committed to helping developers bring their games to as many digital channels as possible and this announcement demonstrates that commitment. We think Nintendo gamers are going to love spending hours exploring the world of Knytt Underground and will be blown away by the visual quality of Pure Chess, and we hope to announce more games for eShop in the future.”


  1. maybe they should get some real games on the system..instead of all this indie shit nobody cares for.

        1. sorry rich youre right

          the great wiiu sales indicate that these indie games are making all the difference,..

          please tell me more about the operating loss wiiu is maintaining for nintendo.

          1. You mean all these indie games that ALSO aren’t out yet. Kind of shooting yourself in the foot there. The problem is still next to nothing to play. That’s starting to change, but you can’t point to sales and say clearly no one cares about those games when “those games” aren’t out.

    1. >Has the user name “mywiiuhasnogames:(”
      >Trashes every decent game announcement for Wii U


      1. buys wiiu (for awesome nintendo games)
        has no games to play
        sees nintendo has been spewing a lot of lies
        complains about nintendo’s shitty anti consumer behaviour

        i have all the right to complain…

        people like you are the reason nintendo pumps out dumbed down remakes.

        1. Yet you keep posting on a Nintendo news site. If you’re that concerned, you should probably complain to Nintendo themselves.

          And “people like me?” Dude, it’s all a matter of personal game preference. Like you say, you have the right to complain if you don’t like what products Nintendo is offering. However, just like you I have the right to like and enjoy Nintendo’s current offerings, which I must say is a lot more than “dumbed-down remakes.” Which, what exactly are you referring to with remakes? The only remake I know of is Wind Waker HD, which hasn’t yet been released but folks like me who didn’t get to play it before are seriously looking forward to it.

          People like you should stay off of sites like these if you really dislike Nintendo that much.

          1. I played Wind Waker at the demo station. Its a pretty good version of the game, seems like they are really putting some effort into the games.

            And I just got Ducktales last night, that is super good, they filled in all the holes on an already great game.

        2. starting with pikmin this month there will be exclusive games for the wii u for the next several. w101, wind waker, donkey kong, mario, mario kart and smash bros. whats wrong with that? Can’t wait a little? Anyone remember 2006 and early 2007 as a ps3 owner? probably not or you just couldn’t get your mommy to buy you one.

        3. Your point? I see no reason why you can’t wait. As for lies? Well, so far, I see none of those either. Nintendo has been truthful in what they doing so far. They even admitted that they have no games yet.

          Oh wait…there is one and it was on cue as they said. What was it again? Oh right, Pikmin 3. I hear its good. And then there is art academy which I’ve been on lately. Maybe you should look and think before posting. Oh, maybe your just a troll trying to get the upper hand on nintendo fans and failing horribly. See, dumb trolls get destroyed quickly if they have no clue or just doing it for fun. Example of a dumb troll? Try Blackb0nd on youtube.

    1. Why? Just because it’s indie doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It just means they don’t have a publisher or that they don’t have their company officially in the stock market (like a private or most local businesses).

      Level-5 is even indie.

  2. well not sure about 3rd parties, but as far as indie devs goes, the revolution seems to happen on wiiu!

  3. Wow a chess game really! Also Knytt Underground is a ok game that I got for free with playstation plus and I have done bet it, so I will not be picking up either of these games for the wii u. Hopefully we will start getting some good 3rd party support for the wiiu soon.

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