New Atlus Titles “Under Zealous Development,” Says Hashino


Katsura Hashino, director of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and Persona 4, has announced that despite the bankruptcy of Atlus parent company Index Corporation, new titles are “under zealous development.” Eager to connect directly with fans, Hashino made the announcement via a blog post in which he also apologized about the recent financial developments within Index Corporation. His words are sure to raise speculation about what “unannounced titles” could be in the works, while renewing gamer confidence that Index’s troubles will not stall the creative forces at Atlus:

“I’m sorry for the concerns caused by the recent circumstances, and I apologize.  Next year is set to bring many announcements as part of the 25th anniversary of the Atlus brand, but there are a few things I’d like to share before that: all the unannounced titles we are working on are ‘under zealous development’.”


    1. My body is sooooooooooo ready for Persona 5. The Persona franchise is my favourite JRPG franchise ever. I believe the game has been in developent since 2009/2010 so it’s been awhile. Plus the Persona 5 domain name was registered. Fingers crossed! :D

  1. Atlus made Shin Megami Tensei
    Persona is a spin-off of the original SMT
    Atlus is celebrating it’s 25 anniversary next year
    Root square of 25 is 5
    Persona 4 Golden recently came out
    Persona 5 confirmed…and hopefully SMT 5 announcement as well! it would be fitting!

  2. I wouldn’t expect SMT5 after we barely got SMT5
    Though Persona 5 is definitely a likely possibility…I hope it will be on PS3 and not PS4, Seeing that both 3 (as well as FES) and 4 were on PS2 even though the PS3 was already in stores.

    1. I hope it is for Wii U or PS4 but hopefully both. PS4 needs good game to put on plus for me to even bother buying the system now when they pulled a Micro$oft…

      1. PS4 already has FFXV for JRPG lovers, and you know JRPG lovers will never buy anything from Microsoft. That said, I hope Persona 5 comes out for the PS3, which didn’t have any RPG by Atlus. It would be clever to make a Wii U version aswell.

      2. The Persona series have always mostly been associated with Playstation though…however I don’t think it’s impossible for it to go multiplatform.

        And some people are convinced Sony OWNS the persona series….though it’s not as bad as people who thought Fire Emblem was owned by Atlus and that Sony should buy Atlus so they’d get FE on PS4
        (I wish I was making that up)

        1. wait, why would people who love JRPG’s think Fire Emblem was anything but a Nintendo product?

          I thought it was common knowledge since… since… forever.

        1. Yeah … I’d rather what you said before to happen before Capcom touches them. Capcom will be the end of them.

            1. No, Atlus already has their own translation team here in the US (something SEGA’s interested in I bet).

              1. Here’s a better idea; instead of Nintendo directly getting them, howsabout Monolith Soft getting some of Atlus’s teams under their wing?
                We all know that Monolith knows how to do a damned good RPG, just like Atlus.
                The match seems made in heaven as far as I’m concerned, and it can’t be denied that the Wii U would certainly benefit from a collaboration game between the two of them.

                    1. Yeah that’s a good idea. Atlus staff shouldn’t be with Nintendo itself but there subsidiaries like Monolith.

                    2. Actually if that’s true it is better that atlus get bought by others the get the staff that gets fire.

                1. Yeah, but that does not give them the franchises like SMT.

                  I disagree Sega should buy them. Namco seems like a WAAAAAAAAAY better company to do so. But Nintendo is a close second after Namco.

  3. I love Atlus SO MUCH! There my favourite second game company right behind Nintendo. I love them so much because they make super creative games that take risks. Atlus is the king of JRPG’S!

      1. I heard that too. Apparently they’ve gone from 20 to like 5-10 bidders and are doing a final auction to sort out between them.

          1. I honestly hope not. Sega sucks at localizing games and the point of Atlus was to give us amazing Japanese games outside of Japan.

        1. Don’t have a PSP. I was so sad when it was released and I couldn’t play it. Let Us Cling Together!

          1. Get a PSP go is cheap and easy to hack. Or go legal and download it but I think is cheaper the retail original.

  4. I’ve never played an Atlus game and I have no care in the world to do so either, so I could give a crap who they are sold to. If it is Nintendo, then GREAT, because I will be able to hear the sad, sad cries of Sony fans. If not than…whatever. The only thing I am interested in by the company is Shin Megami X Fire Emblem, because I LOVE Fire Emblem! I think the SMT X FE project is safe no matter who the company goes to anyway, they must have a contract signed with Nintendo about the deal or something.

    1. Wrong, if Sony buys Atlus, they WILL cancel SMT X FE. There’s no way in hell they’ll allow them to work for a rival company.

      1. I don’t think there’s a big chance of Sony buying it. It definitely is a smaller chance than Nintendo. Firstly, there is already a JRPG wing under Sony; Square Enix, and Sony isn’t exactly in a good budget position to be throwing money around and buying developers. They sold the PS3 at a loss, the Vita at a huge loss, and they’re planning to sell the PS4 at a loss (well, so I presume, as they ARE telling investors to “not be afraid because losses will not be so great like the PS3”).

        Sony isn’t in a good budget state right now, and it would be very weird if they buy Atlus now. But hey, we will see.

      2. Sony would never purchase Atlus, They can barely keep their lights on, selling buildings to remain profitable.

        Come on, Sony’s gaming division is on the verge of collapse. If the PS4 bombs, this will be their last console…. and you think they will drop a quarter billion on a niche software company? That type of risk is well suited for a company that makes bank, like Nintendo.

    2. Atlus would have to be one of the top JRPG developers in the world, how can you not care about them?

      1. I have never been attracted to their stuff, I guess. The only RPG’s I’ve ever played are Pokemon and Fire Emblem: Awakening, X-Men Legends and Skyrim give or take a few I don’t remember their names. I don’t think I have ever even played a “real” JRPG. I still have yet to get Earthbound so that’ll probably change relatively soon.

          1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been hearing. It is on my radar and I am sure to pick it up relatively soon. Just don’t know if I should get Ducktales(haven’t played THAT yet either), Cloudberry Kingdom or Earthbound…

    3. If you like FE then you could probably get into some of the SMT games like Devil Survivor(It’s a TBS). Even Code of Princess is something you may enjoy for art style and soundtrack alone.

      1. I have been really tempted to get Shin Megami Tensei for 3DS, but only because I heard it was a good game so it wouldn’t be a waste of money AND (the big reason) I get a free $30 eshop credit :P

    4. Wanting Nintendo to buy them just because it would piss off playstation fans really isn’t a good thinking.

          1. And P1nk Crystal doesn’t know the meaning of troll and use it to attack anyone who disagrees with him when he doesn’t have an actual comeback.

            Disgraceful really.

          1. THAT would actually be horrible. Not because there will not be any Atlus games for Nintendo systems but because Sony is so westernized. I doubt they would let them have the traditional style on the games but force them to westernize their games so they become just a shadow of their former selves. Only Japan style game I can think of in recent days made by Sony is Gravity Rush, which was a very very good game. Other than that they are way to westernized. If I wanted that I would buy an EagleBox..

      1. Sony couldn’t afford to take the risk of buying a niche software company (Quarter billion dollars is a serious chunk of change for a company that has to sell property to remain in the black).. In fact SEGA probably would be hurting after they purchased Atlus. After the last few disasters, Sega probably shouldn’t purchase it. After they lost so much money on the Aliens Colonial Marines fiasco. Namco could probably handle purchasing the company.

        But, the only company in Japan that could absorb the risk of a niche company like Atlus would be Nintendo. Nintendo releases tons of games they know wont sell but they do it because they love it…. Atlus would be the perfect fit for Nintendo

    1. PS4 Guaranteed unless of course Atlus get’s bought out by a first party studio that isn’t Sony.

      1. Or at least guaranteed on a Sony platform. Could end up on Vita however that would be disappointing.

        1. If it goes on PS4 it will basically be on Vita because of the remote play anyway, I don’t think they’ll waste the time.

          I see it being released on X1 and PS4. But then again, depending on who buys them, will ultimately get the final say.

          1. I think the possibility is higher for a Wii U release than a X1 release. But I have been surpriced before (FF going to Xbox, not that it is even a shadow of it’s former self now)

        2. True, but Altus can turn it into a multiplat (Microsoft excluded) game. Heck, there might be Persona characters in their FE crossover.

          1. Could be on X1 because P4A was on 360. I don’t think FExSMT includes anything outside of the main SMT franchise. I think it’s just SMT1, SMT2, SMT3 and the recent SMT4 however hopefully I’m wrong because I would love to see others.

            1. True, but JRPGs for the most part don’t really sell well on Xbox (it’s mostly WRPGs that sell).

              1. That’s the exact reason Xbox sells poorly in Japan because it doesn’t have great Japanese games.

            2. Oh, and I checked the sales figures for P4A on PS3/360: PS3 sold 300,000 more copies (390,000) compared to 360’s 90,000.

                1. Xbox owners also don’t like to try good games operation darkness was a waste on the 360.

                    1. I use to I sold it for 50$ when I bough my 3ds bought Mario kart 7 with the money. I still think I scam the guy .

                  1. Yet for some reason. Steins; Gate (a visual novel that eventually was adapted to a very good anime) was first released on 360.
                    Why? Because fuck logic.

                2. And that’s why Atlus is scared to put on X1/360: not a platform to develop a user base from.

                  Oh, and another example I have: Catherine (made by the Persona team) on both PS3/360. PS3 version sold 560,000 copies (230,000 in NA; 200,000 in Japan); 360’s version sold 240,000 copies (150,000 in NA, 30,000 in Japan).

    2. Most likely is ps3 but with wiiu great momentum in Japan I think ill be a smart move to majesty it multiplat.

        1. Sounds good to me. I really like Wii U and Vita(don’t own one) because there both sadly in the same boat but there both great and I want them both to succeed.

                    1. Whatever Macarony. It’s from Japanese style characters, and for the Xbox it sold pretty well. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts have gone to Xbox, and with the architecture on PS4 & Xbox being so easy to port things to with little to no effort required, expect more to go that way.

                    1. No it’s not. It’s called I made a mistake. You know … they do happen.

                      Change your name too Macarony. Voice of Reason does not suit you.

      1. Oh hell yes! The Trauma Centre series would be fantastic on Wii U. They maybe need to balance the crushing difficulty though. In many instances it was plain unfair as opposed to challenging.

  5. I’m so sad, because my brother has NO IDEA who Atlus is! Then again he only cares for Xbox 360… but even with all the gaming news surrounding the company he hasn’t seen or read a single article about them. :,[ 💋

    1. Agreed…

      I loved the first one, never had the chance of playing the second one though…

  6. Lol think about how many great studios Sega would own if they buy Atlus, seriously Sega owns many of the best devs on this industry, i think Atlus would be in right place with Sega. But think about if Sega then announces a new console, they would be unstoppable with all their studios and exclusives, that would be so awesome to see Sega comin back STRONGER than EVER!!!! I know that will never happen but atleast i can Dream.

  7. How did Pikmin 3 sales in N.A. and did it increase Wii U consoles? If Pikmin 3 was on Sony it would have already been released but because it’s only for Nintendo, the media is more interested in a rehashed doom and gloom article.

  8. Seriously, I NEED Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei. It’s one of the games I’m looking forward to most, I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

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