Yakuza HD Wii U Didn’t Even Enter The Top 50 During First Week In Japan


We found out yesterday that the Wii U exclusive port of Yakuza 1 & 2 HD didn’t make the Media Create top twenty. Now it appears as though the game didn’t even make it into the top fifty in Japan. The 50th best-selling game moved 1878 units, according to Dengeki. That would clearly mean that sales for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD would be lower for that for its first week.


    1. Indeed…

      And I’m betting they will blame us and our Empire for their laughfable sold units…

      1. Who wants to play a PS2 game that wasn’t all that great to begin with? It was a strange move on the publisher and developer’s parts, but they probably will blame the consumers, as they do for the poor sales of all these dated ports they keep making.

        1. And basically nobody even asked for this game…

          They should have gone with a more popular series…

  1. Didn’t yesterday Nintendo say this was an experimental project less than 24 hours ago. But of course the trolls forgotten that by now. Where the fuck is the info about how Pikmin 3 said in the States? I guess the western is refusing to release that info since it must be positive news huh? They prefer to maintain the doom and gloom Wii U sterostype.

  2. Never expected a year old HD remake of 7-year+ old games on a new platform without any promotion would do this bad.

  3. This was already released on ps3 a year ago? No shit it did not sell. A HD valkiria chronicles would haves been smarter and fucking cool but I gets this if released in USA.

  4. I’m not surprised considering it was a “HD remaster” of a HD game with the only added feature of off-tv play

  5. You would’ve had a better shot of selling more units had it included the whole collection. It’s a 25 gig disc for crying out loud.

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