New Pokemon Anime Starring Red From Pokemon Red & Blue Announced (Trailer)

More news has come out of the Pokemon Game Show which is taking place this weekend in Japan. Information from the event suggests that there will be a brand new Pokemon anime  staring Red from Pokemon Red & Blue. The anime is based on the first Pokemon games. The main characters featured are rivals Red and Green (Blue in the West). This TV special anime will air October 2nd in Japan via TV Tokyo. Here’s some additional details.

  • Brock will be the first Gym Leader
  • Lance appears in the trailer
  • Starters chosen are Charmander and Squirtle, apparently
  • If you played Red/Blue, this is a must-see
  • Based on FireRed/LeafGreen designs
  • For now it’s a special episode onlyMaybe if it’s Mega Successful, TPC will turn it into a series?


    1. Seriously, first the possible 3D game news, and now finally an anime close to the games? Nintendo/Game Freak is finally doing the series justice. This looks awesome (although it’s a shame they portray Red as a stupid wimpy kid. But oh well, it’s still a major improvement over previous anime, so I’ll happily accept this).

        1. Fair enough, but I meant to put more emphasis on the fact that he isn’t really portrayed… well… cool, rather than the fact that he’s a kid. Then again, that might have been fan art that’s been leaving me expecting more.

        2. In b/w, b2/w2 they are 14. So no, not everyone starts of when they are 10. It was just something the anime made up. I’d say it’s the minimum age you’ll have to be to get the “license”, and Ash wanted to get out as fast as he could. And so did Red.

      1. Well… He was a wimpy kid at the start… But he man’s up later when he goes on his adventure…

      1. Because this isn’t Ash?
        It’s Red and Green/Blue (Probably Green) from the very first Pokemon game. It’s a show based on the original Red and Green versions and they are using the characters from the games.

  1. Red’s Charizard…. was swimming…. How is it not dead!?!?!? His charizard is already more badass than ash’s. :x

    1. I KNOW!!! RIGHT!!! I SO CANNOT STAND IT THAT THE AMERICAN’S CALL GREEN BLUE!!! Why did they change the name?!?

      1. Because Pokémon Green was never released in America. So it didn’t make since to have the characters named Red and Green when the games were named Red and Blue.

      2. Blue was released in Japan as an updated version of the original Red and Green. When it was released here, we got Blue which was already an updated version and I believe our Red was entirely unique in that it wasn’t released in Japan with the update. Although I could be wrong on that. But yeah that’s why.

        1. Both our Red and Blue was based off of Japan’s Blue. They just swapped out a few exclusives, but that’s it. We never got Japan’s Red and Green versions.

      1. It frequently says “Brand new anime” an anime is a complete series of Japanese animation. To be more specific the article should read “New Special Episode of Pokemon Anime starring Red and Green”

        1. “The main characters featured are rivals Red and Green (Blue in the West).”

          “For now it’s a special episode only. Maybe if it’s Mega Successful, TPC will turn it into a series?”

          1. It did not say this earlier. It was edited. Because it did not say special episode when I read it and commented, and it only said blue before. They have done that before you know.

  2. This is AWESOME!! This is exactly what I wanted! They listened to fans! I use to love the Pokemon anime, but fuck Ash! This HAS to become a series. It’s fate. I mean, who WOULDN’T watch this!? Japanese Pokemon Fans, you can’t fail us. The fate of the Pokemon World depends on it.

    I don’t care if it becomes a series and never gets dubbed as long as I can watch it subbed. It’ll be so worth it! To think for the past few weeks I’ve been hoping that Ash would be more mature and skillful now that he has a hat similar to Red’s. If it is dubbed I hope they go with Funimation or VIZ to dub it.

    This is baffling and mind blowing. They can finally do what they were going to do so many years ago. To me, this is a third universe aside from the original red and blue and fire red and leaf green because Red’s design is from Fire Red and Leaf Green but the gym leaders’ designs are from Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Just imagine if they make a series like this and make it based around both the game and manga! I want to see Gold and Silver, and Ruby and Sapphire! NOT May. But they may just have Sapphire to differentiate it from the anime with Ash.

    I can’t wait to watch it!

  3. Hmm,. if this is based of Red and Green, does that mean that after he becomes champion they will start one about Silver/gold/Crystal, that would be badass gen 2 is my all time favourite, plus then Gold or Silver or whatever his name will be will then battle Red at Mt Silvers summit, that would be climatic

    1. Soooo tasty man! Revisiting Kanto in those games are the best video game moments ever, and they all lead up to the most climatic battle with Red. “…”!!!!!!


  5. I know this is off topic.

    Did you guys also see that wonderful101 game inyour stores? I ask this because a local retailer is selling it for 50€. I looked at the release date but it says August 23rd so… Cheaper pre release confirmed ( lol ) ?

  6. POKEMON SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSS BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG TTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole series should just perish in the endless fire of hell, together with Call of Duty and spin the bottle it should join Superman64 and E.T. there!!!!!!!! Sonic06 is game of the year compared to those games…….and that means a lot!

    It’s just good for a big buck from people stupid enough to buy it.

    1. It sells more than hotcakes, so it’s gonna continue.
      Also you’ve confirmed your idiocy when you compared Pokemon to Call of Duty. Stop stealing oxygen, cunt.

      1. Pokefag confirmed.

        By the way if you would habe read mmore than “sucks” and “Nintendo’s….call of duty” you’d have understood and probably even agreed with me.

        By the way, you people are the ones “wasting oxygen”. The games, the animes, the Pokemon company and all the poepl who play their games should simply be gone. I don’t say they should day (except for the series) but just don’t be here.

        1. Actually he is right, over 250k people pre-ordered the newest Pokemon as is very popular.

          Fail troll confirmed.

  7. This is the reason why i never was into pokemon. Its that damn anime that ruins it.

  8. Smart Move, Bring back you’re Gennwuners and keep all the current Pokemon fans. I… AM… Truly impressed. (although its only an episode) im very happy Red is begin shown how he started on his way to being the number one baddass in the entire Pokemon Universe.

  9. Honestly this seems like a remake just with Ash replaced…fighting Brock, Lance so forth. I actually like the current anime. I have no issues with Ash, besides him never winning the damn tournaments.

    1. So you have no problems w/ Ash hardly ever fully evolving any of his Pokemon because of gay, BS reasons that wouldn’t win him ANY battles realisticly, unless he’s at a much higher level than his opponent & using Pokemon types that’d be at his advantage?

    2. And you’re honestly telling me U have no problems w/ T R blasting off for the hundred-billionth time, being there every season, or the still on going interest/fetish in a lousy Pikachu? Did U also like Pokemon The 1st Movie or the Entei one by any chance?

  10. Ugh! Red (if that’s this character’s name) just looks like the same generic trainer found in most Pokémon games (and Smash Bros. Brawl). I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the current Pokémon anime with Ash. I may be in my mid-30’s, but I still love the anime series. Even though it feels like the same thing over & over & over. And I wish Misty and Brock would come back.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with the current anime, except for Brock leaving and Misty never coming back. I can’t stand that stupid Pokémon connoisseur guy. He’s obsessed with food.

  11. Well he’s not gunna start off uber powerful. Give him time and he’ll be the red we love. Destroying trainers

  12. I’d have actually been happier if the Pokemon Special/Adventures (manga) R/B/Y & G/S series were turned into an anime.

  13. I don’t like Red’s portrayal so far, but I’ll keep my hopes up that he’ll be the Red we all know and love by the end. He was a Boss!

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