Nintendo Teasing A Wii U Pokemon Game?


The Pokemon Game Show is taking place this weekend in Japan. During the event Nintendo teased something that could well be a new 3D Pokemon title for the Wii U. The video which was playing on the main screen during the event and showed a CG Pikachu leading Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander across a GameBoy world. At the end of the trailer there was a potential teaser for a 3D Wii U Pokemon title that showed Lucario going face to face with Blaziken in a futuristic city. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out if Pokemon is indeed coming to the Wii U.


  1. lol if its true .. Wii U sales will go so high I cant even imagine how they will be fast enough to restock the fucking console.

    1. Like I’ve said before…

      The beginning of the end for the trolls and the lesser Third Class Empires like the Electron Army will begin starting with Pokemon X/Y ahahahahahah…

    2. They will not.

      There hasn’t been a single instance a console battle sim/rpg sold over 2 million copies on hardware that actually had a bigger userbase at the time (Gamecube).

      Almost certainly won’t when not a single Wii U title since its launch has broken 1 million units. If you think people will be lining up to buy a fucking Pokemon console game, you need to get in touch with the market. But I doubt you thought of that given the shit you post all over the older articles.

        1. Forgot that.

          That still doesn’t say much either. I have no reason to believe Pokemon will do any better and not a single console title in the series has compared to Mario.

          1. I feel sorry for you. Did the sonycopy fans your only friends abandon you again? Well its alright you have people on mynintendonews that care about you….Oh wait you dont. Aw man are those tears? Dont cry, i know you dont believe me and even i dont but im sure you have your purpose in life.

          2. We know Aeolus how forgetful Wii U haters are. In 24 hours you will forget that NSMBU sold over 1 million again.

      1. Um, girl. The Pokemon 3DS bundles sold out in hours on pre-order in Japan. You’re pretty idiotic if you think that a traditional Pokemon console game wouldn’t sell like gangbusters. After Mario, Pokemon is the best selling video game franchise ever. People would absolutely line up for this.

        1. Keyword being 3DS, which are handhelds, which sell. Which also have the main series coming to it this October.

          We’re talking about the Wii U. Which is a console, which does not sell. And no Pokemon console game has ever sold “gangbusters”, sorry but that’s bullshit and researchable truth.

          1. AS IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE. People only love the game on a handheld and would never buy it on a console? What kind of logic is that?

            Is that why Mario Kart always fails on handhelds? Is that why Animal Crossing does terribly on consoles? If it’s the same or similar game, console vs. handheld has no bearing on the sales.

            1. It makes perfect sense when that is exactly what happened with every single console Pokemon “RPG” they tried to offer. The series is NAMED POCKET MONSTERS. not “SIT YOUR ASS IN YOUR BASEMENT MONSTERS”, POCKET. MONSTERS.

              They don’t sell anywhere close to the handheld games and require more of a budget. More money involved for development and less the sales. You’re seriously an idiot if you think TPC will bother after two failed attempts and the barebones PBR being the result of that. The handheld games do better because they’re MORE CONVENIENT ON A MOBILE DEVICE.

              PS: Mario Kart is historically a CONSOLE oriented game, IDIOT. Animal Crossing fares better on handhelds because it’s BETTER SUITED TO THEM.

              Think, DUMBASS. THINK.

              1. Girl, relax. It doesn’t matter if Pocket is in the name — that’s a lame excuse. That fact is that there are many franchises that jump between console and handheld easily and perfectly.

                You can throw around your little insults all you want, but it doesn’t fool anyone. You’re just screeching nonsense and no one is buying it.

                A traditional Pokemon game would sell like gangbusters on consoles. Just like Mario sells well on consoles and handhelds. Just like Animal Crossing sells well on consoles and handhelds. These games make millions and millions of dollars, your Pocket in the name and budget excuses are weak. You reveal yourself to be the ignorant one.

                1. You keep saying it’s a lame excuse like a low functioning autistic, yet you don’t explain why a console RPG will sell significantly well. None of them have, so why would a new one be any different? It doesn’t matter what stupid shit they add to it, it WON’T SELL ANYWHERE NEAR THE HANDHELD ENTRIES. PERIOD.

                  No, animal crossing sells better on handhelds, not consoles. Do your research. Same goes for Mario. Mario Kart Wii was at 30 million units sold, MK7 or MKDS were NOWHERE near that.

                  Game Freak already flat out rejected the idea, so you can go figure out why on your own since you’re simply inept at reading.

                  The more you keep saying it will sell gangbusters, the more wrong you will continue to be. Not a single Pokemon RPG on consoles has exceeded 2 million units.

                  If you refuse to start making some sense, I’ll just politely ask you to shut the fuck up. Since you’re a waste of time explaining simple shit to.

                  1. Dude you just proved his point exactly by saying that the handheld versions of mario kart did not sell as well. Also, any previous console pokemon rpgs weren’t traditional ones like for the handhelds. If they made an actual pokemon game for a console, it would sell like crazy.

              2. the reason every single console pokemon “RPG” failed is exectly those ” you put around RPG: They are not what people here are hoping for, we are hoping for a real, traditional RPG just like the mobile games, not a combat arena spinoff bullshit title. a traditional RPG would sell loads, another arena title probably not so much…

                still i guess whats coming (if anything, could have just been a beautifully rendered nod at those mega-evolutions again) is just another arena/xd-like game, i won’t get my hopes up this time..

          2. Ignoring that if Pikmin 3 boost up Wii U sales since launch a real Pokémon game with GamePad’s full potential can stay in top 10 longer.

        1. “I dont read your shit”

          it’s not like you have literacy skills for this to affect me anywho

  2. And the sells of the WiiU will double/Triple if this is true…please Nintendo let it be true…

      1. Ok maybe I over did it but even if it sold a million would be good if only to shut up every critic about the U! Respect the U!

    1. I guess people are really this delusional

      I implore anyone, and I mean anyone, to a cite a single instance any Pokemon console game has had such an exaggerated effect on whatever platform it was available on

      good luck with your search

      1. Since you are so smart his about you say wich console Pokemon has the same gameplay on console has on handhelds.

        1. Completely irrelevant.

          There will also never be a main series on the consoles anyway since the series is meant first and foremost for handhelds.

          Your closest bet is Colosseum/XD and I don’t recall either of those selling any more than 2 million units. That was on the Gamecube, which at the time was well over 10 million units worldwide.

      2. Any pokemon console game, yet no game like this, imagine an all 3D core adventure on a console, with HD graphics and amazing art style, it would sell millions in Japan alone, if it’s different, if not, it’ll probably sell a few consoles.

        1. “core adventure”

          so, basically XD gale of darkness then. Which, needless to say, did not sell “millions” in Japan alone.

          why people seriously think TPC will ever up the budget on console games which historically DON’T sell gangbusters is beyond me

          “imagine” is all we can do, because it will never happen. They tried with XD, failed and then you got PBR as a result. It’s a proven waste of their time.

          1. Just because previous games didn’t sell, it doesn’t mean that every Pokemon game on a console will sell bad. If the game is good enough, it will sell well. XD and Colosseum weren’t good enough. What people want is a game just like on the handhelds but in a full 3D world. If the game looks good enough, it will most likely sell as well as X and Y. Maybe even better.

            1. no it won’t.

              completely unrealistic and impossible given the sales figures of the console.

              you’re delusional if you seriously think the Wii U will start selling tens of millions due to Pokemon of all things.

              for fucks sake you don’t listen to Game Freak when they’ve given their reasons for not doing that, if they don’t see the potential in it and emphasis that every time they comment, then there’s an EXTREMELY obvious reason why they won’t bring the main series to consoles.

              you people need to get a fucking grip and get in tune with the market.

              1. emphasize*

                oh wow

                the maybe sell better than X/Y part really is hysterical


                people are this out of touch with reality

      3. You’re right its never really done anything.

        But N64/Gamecube had other issues, and the Wii go the least appetizing addition in Battle Revolution… I really want to see how this new one does if its really good and innovative

        1. That assuming this is even what we’re thinking it is.

          This could just be another arcade game release for all we know.

            1. This guy is an idiot. You act as if anything you say is fact. People are entitled to have their own opinion no matter how much u wish it was not possible. Get over it, life goes on

              1. Evidently, everything I’ve said so far about console Pokemon games performance relative to the handheld series is actually a fact.

                Sorry that I hurt your feelings, dipshit.

  3. I just wanna leave a little analysis here, if you look at the big building in the background, you can see, what appears to be, a fist, and what does a fist represent in Pokémon games, fighting types. And what is that Lucario fighting? A Blaziken, a Fighting type…It’s also rumored that the newest gym leader announced, Korrina, is a Fighting type Gym leader.

    All this put into consideration, this leads me to believe that this is going to be a Gym Leader Castle mode. Where does this mode exist, the Pokémon Stadium series…So, I think we might have just got a glimpse of POKEMON STADIUM 3!!!

    …Well, it’s just my analysis…What do you guys think?

    1. I hope to the holyN that it is true what you said or a true Pokemon 3D game…

      Nothing in my opinion beats Pokemon Stadium 2 when it comes to Spin-Offs…

    2. It could be true… But then if it was Gym Leader mode, why are they battling in the street?

      1. Perhaps it could be stylized, this is Game Freak we’re talking about, always expect the unexpected.

    1. This looks like future Pokemon games will use some sort of NFC chip. Maybe via buying pokemon cards you get random chips that you swipe.

  4. how about a full game with all the regions!
    starting at kento and ending at X&Y’s region!
    doing gyms and leagues!
    starting a new game with new pokemon every region and at the end of the game go and catch them all…
    with legendery pokemon of course and gifts send online just like on the DS.
    my best wet dream…

  5. I just thought about it. They can merge all the Past pokemons into a big Pokemon game. Have the RPG feel of pokemon with the fighting of the stadium and coliseum and relax by exploring and taking pictures via snap. The best part is they can’t use the gamepad like they do with google map to traverse the game world. I think people don’t understand but a HD version of pokemon would sale systems. Now can you imagine X and Y crossplay?

    So if I’m Nintendo how do I steel the thunder from Microsoft and Sony? Flood the internet with info on a real Wii U pokemon.

  6. can’t believe there are retards who want pkm snap. the wiiu needs a fucking colosseum/xd kind of pkm game not that snap shit or battle revolution garbage. get real.

    1. Can’t blame you for not wanting a pokemon snap game but if you think you are ever getting a normal pokemon game on a home console you sir are a retard.

      1. colosseum and xd aren’t normal pkm games you fucking assclown. they don’t compare to the main series. although they are far greater than those stadium games and the other waste of time side games.

        1. You’re most likely a 10-13 year old fanboy, who never enjoyed, let alone tried pokemon stadium. You don’t understand what that game did to us back in the 90’s
          Pokemon snap also has a large following and is quite a fun game. I’m saying this because you’re bashin the n64 pokemon franchise, while real pokemon fans would enjoy all of the games (even pokemon dash on the nds) Stadium is one of the best spin offs from the pokemon series.

          1. shut your dumbass up clueless clown. I’ve played stadium and snap, they’re nothing special. the wiiu doesn’t need side games that unappealing. nobody liked that crap battle revolution and that was suppose to be a stadium successor. what the wiiu needs is a pkm game the majority of people want to play. it’s amazing the amount of stupid morons on this site.

    2. I want a Pokémon Snap!! Cemera games will work awesome with the Gamepad!! No reason why we can’t have Pokémon Snap AND a Colusseum game. 💋

        1. I think the only person who thinks Pokémon Snap is a bad idea is YOU, Croxnyd. HD Pokémon Snap with the Gamepad as a camera only makes perfect sense and is a money maker waiting to happen! 💋

          1. Personally, I would love an adventure game where you play as a photographer using the gamepad.

            Pokemon Snap could be good too I guess. A bit childish though.

          2. Pokemon Snap U might be a good idea, mostly because I feel pokemon snap was too early.with the wii u gamepad it makes more sense than a contr

          3. keep telling yourself that. as I only see fans of the n64 snap game buying that, which most likely won’t do the wiiu any favors. you clowns need to quit living in the past thinking old fucking games are going to do anything for a struggling modern system.

  7. A proper Pokemon console game is exactly what Nintendo console owners and even other gamers, have been asking for for years now. It’s time for Nintendo to stop fucking about and give gamers what they want… for a change!

    1. YES indeed…

      If it is confirmed to be a true Pokemon 3D game with a open world type game online…

      The Wii U will sell around 76 Gazillion units in 4 months and thus expanding our Empire’s existance by 600 cycles ahahahahahahah!

        1. Indeed it is although everything depends on High Command…

          If not true, I want Order B-2 to take shape by making Pokemon Stadium 3 with online…

  8. Lucario V.S. Blazeking. Both fighting types who are both very popular and are getting a Mega Evolution. Seems like a city in the background, which looks nothing like what we have seen in X and Y trailers and screenshots. Also the detail, shaders and textures are way ahead of what the 3Ds could handle, or at least from what we have seen from X and Y. This is almost most certainly either-
    A. A stadium or battle revolution like sim that you upload Pokemon from XY and watch them batte it out in HD.
    B. A story driven RPG similar to Colluseum and Gal of Darkness.
    C. All of the Above (imagine…)
    D. Half Life 3 Comfirmed!
    I’d say it’s A or B, and am personally hoping for B.
    That is my analysis.

    1. Battle Revolution was my favorite console Pokémon game because of its simplicity. Colosseum was awesome and all, but story-driven Pokémon games just don’t feel natural on the consoles. All I want is a battle sim where I can use my team from Y in battles on my TV.

      Best-case scenario: all the best features of Stadium 1+2, thrown in a pot with the best features of PBR, mixed to a smooth consistency, and garnished with HD graphics (great, now I’m hungry again). Minigames and the Gym Leader Tower, Trainer customization and destructible environments, Pokémon from Generations 5 and 6 on the big screen TV; That’s what I want to see.

        1. As far as Pokémon goes, I’m presently waiting for four things:

          1) for this to be a battle sim, or at the very least have such a feature

          2) the movie Genesect event to be brought stateside

          3) a new Fairy-type that’s not all cutesy and prissy

          4) Mewtwo – in its original form – returning to Smash Bros. (Mega mode can be its Final Smash)

  9. I hope there is a new Pokemon game like XD perhaps and woth battles like in battle revolution included. One thing I’m really hoping for though is something with mini games like those in Pokemon stadium. Even after so many years they are still extremely fun!

  10. it’s probably gonna be like battle revolution. maybe it’ll be like pokemon colosseum if we’re lucky. nintendo has something against making a real console game.

    1. because they don’t sell well as they were hoping the two times they tried

      they also require more effort than just a run of the mill battle sim does, since they were rpgs and all

      if this is anything like PBR, then good luck convincing people to buy that

      with the handheld games being 3D now, I personally don’t see the point in those in any way that actually matters

      Pokemon has and always will shine brighter on handhelds. this is what japan does and this is what the rest of the world does with the series too.

      1. With handhelds most likely being the future of gaming, as well… If this game IS a main series Pokemon title, which is highly unlikely, I think it might sell SOME more Wii Us, but not enough to save it.

    1. do tell us all in detail how what I’m saying is being a “dumbass”

      this should be a good read

      1. your time is running out little hater. After all 1st party comes out .. you will be nowhere to be seen. You are the kind of retard loving to pay to play online the same games I will play for free.. and without gamepad.

        I cant wait to see you despair. Alone.

  11. Ummmmm why are people requesting spin offs for the wii U? Wii U has two screens why not out an actual pokemon game on the Wii U like the handhelds.


  12. Probably the Stadium/Coliseum/Battle Revolution equivalent for Wii U. Gamefreak has said they would never develop a main series game for home consoles.

  13. Well, if its true, then there may be a reason for me to buy the Wii U! I want a REAL pokemon game though, not a spinoff!

  14. You guys already know how I have felt about Nintendo puting a real good full Pokemon game on the Wii U, so if this is true… hats off, Nintendo. You have finally learned.

  15. OMG! This could be HUGE. Could it really be, a real Pokémon game on Wii U? I hope it is, and not just another spinoff type like Pokémon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon, Colosseum, XD, Stadium etc. I’ve always wondered why a regular RPG Pokémon game has never appeared on the main consoles?

  16. So far, whatever this is, I hope its a true 3D Pokemon game (not another Battle Revolution) that everyone has been praying for. ^_^ And please let this be real and announced via Nintendo Direct very soon. This could be the answer to Wii U’s lackluster problems and their light to shine out to the public as the true successor to Wii’s phenomenon, disproves the hypocrite graphical whoring 3rd parties pointless hate on Wii U and make them regret every second they intentionally screwed Nintendo and its fans with gimped games and terrible excuses.

  17. I’m hoping that this is actually Pokemon Z and is a completely different story from X and Y. That way the Wii U will fly off the shelves in Japan at least.

    1. you know as well as anyone does that this is not remotely a main series entry or tie in to x and y.

      they are not doing it.

      japan does not care about consoles.

      console pokemon games do not sell.




      does this need to be said, emphatically, for you people to understand?

      what do you possibly SEE in the potential of a console main series entry that completely defeats the purpose and hell, even the NAMESAKE of the series

      the closest thing you go to a proper RPG was XD and that BARELY even reached 2m units on the GAMECUBE, which had a bigger userbase than the Wii U.

      1. Are you going to shut the fuck up over Pokémon coming to the Wii U or are you just going to sit here bashing on everyone’s hope’s for a New Pokémon game?

        Dude get a fucking life… Your a sad fucking piece of shit sitting on a Pokémon article flipping shit on a possible 3D game coming to Wii U. Your starting to sound upset over the idea if Nintendo DID make a 3D Pokémon game for Wii U just because you don’t want to see Nintendo DESTROY the competition.

        In the END… What the FUCK does it matter to you what Nintendo or Gamefreak do with the Pokémon franchise? If your pist about the Idea then don’t buy it… END OF STORY.

      2. Yeah, they’re not traditional Pokemon games, that’s why they don’t sell as well. Why aren’t you on here screeching that Pokemon Pinball didn’t sell as well as Pokemon Red/Blue? You have no logic.

        1. Define traditional.

          Oh, because they don’t have retarded ass badge collecting and Gym Leaders? Because XD had practically every fucking element necessary otherwise and still didn’t do anything special. So why the hell would the dated, main series mechanics suddenly make all the kiddies jizz their shit stained pants and ask mom to blow $350+ on a Wii U and that game compared to a 3DS for MUCH LESS?

          You guys are idiots. No other word can fit better.

          Your own logic is skewed, unrealistic bullshit. And all of your flimsy fucking arguments detailing the stupidest of shit hold absolutely no weight before collapsing upon itself. Fact: Game Freak rejected the idea in the most blunt way possible. They, the developers have more reasoning that lazy, idiotic nintendroid trash who don’t have a goddamn clue about the gaming industry.

          Also, Nintendo can’t do shit about it since they only have little over 30% stake in GF and The Pokemon Company is a joint venture, where Game Freak ultimately has more say in what the hell the series “needs”.

          So why does it matter what YOU say towards the contrary? They’re right, I’m right, and you’re wrong. That’s all there is to it. Deal the fuck with it and enjoy your mediocre Stadium clones, the two RPGs were both half-assed and nowhere near as successful. That’s why you got PBR on Wii and not another one of those.

    1. Sounds like Aelous is salty about this Pokemon image. It’ll boost Wii U sales. With NFC technology, Gamepad, and whatever new features it will have will work.

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