Nicalis To Publish JRPG Grinsia For 3DS

Nicalis website

It seems¬†the JRPG that Nicalis has been teasing on Twitter recently has finally been revealed. Sources are reporting that Nicalis, the critically acclaimed developer behind NightSky, has confirmed they will publish the former Android title Grinsia for the Nintendo 3DS. Originally an Android/iOS release by Kemco, Grinsia is a 16-bit style RPG. Nicalis’s Tyrone Rodriguez has hinted via Twitter that the new 3DS version will feature a revamped musical score. Nintendo has been picking up a healthy number of indie titles as of late, with Grinsia adding to a 3DS eShop that is already bursting at the seams.


    1. To be fair Xenoblade looked like a bad game and it ended up being the greatest game of the last 10 years.

    1. It’s a throw back to old JRPG’s it’s generic but in a lot of ways that’s what I like about it, It doesn’t try to change up the JRPG formula and force people to learn new mechanics it’s a game to play when you are craving old school mechanics but in a game you’ve yet to play

  1. Is funny how nicaliz is now a Indie that’s publishing games from veterans like kemco. Few years more and they will be full blow publisher… and company’s dont make money on Nintendo systems -___-

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