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Pokémon Franchise Sells More Than 172 Million Units


Pokémon Red Version and Blue Version were the first installments of the Pokémon series and first released in 1996. Since then, the franchise has sold more than 172 million units, making it the second best-selling video game franchise of all time – falling only behind Nintendo’s Mario series, which has surpassed 200 million units sold. The next installments of the main series of Pokémon games, Pokémon X and Y, will be released worldwide on October 12th for Nintendo 3DS.

105 thoughts on “Pokémon Franchise Sells More Than 172 Million Units”

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  1. “Tis is worst ten Call of Duty!! OMG!!” Yet it sales more…. oh those Nintendo haters are running out of ideas XD

  2. this is wrong. if u google list of best selling video game franchise on wikipedia you will find a refference to an article where it has been stated that pokemon has crossed 215 million as of october 2010. the link is of usa today article. so it is easily around 240 million right now. and mario is at 446 million +.172 million may be excluding spin offs(for pokemon).plz make the amendment.

      1. Good morning Nintendo commander. The Swedish developers of battle field 3 say PS4 over xboxdone. Is xbox losing it’s veil on your nation?

          1. Okay calm down, I was talking about the battle field 4 to correct myself developers from Sweden. The nintendo Commander’s home country. I want his input on Sony claiming some stake there and battling with nintendo.

        1. Good Afternoon Gamer…

          Well the Xbots and Sonyans have had a similar share of Sweden but as pretty much all over the world besides the US probably…

          They are “converting” to Sonyans this time around as they offer pretty much the same for a cheaper price and with less controversial points…

          The only thing that seems to bother most is that you have to pay for online this time…

          I do hope it is true that Swedish developers are losing their confidence on Microsoft and starts putting their efforts on the PS4 and hopefully the Wii U or future Nintendo consoles as time progresses…

      1. how are there no other games like nintendo games? PS4 will have plenty of games that will be better versions than Nintendos. They have such awesome graphics to work with look at Knack so beautiful! Also ps4s instal base will be like the ps1/2 so expect plenty of great games.

        1. LMAO You think Knack’s graphics are earth shattering? Pikmin 3’s graphics looks better than that in actual gameplay.

        2. PS4 having more/better games than Wii U? Far as I know, it’ll have 17 launch titles but tell me this: How of many of them are multiplatforms and sequels with hardly any change?…exactly. Almost all of them are already on PS3 week(s) before PS4. All PS4 got as exclusives are:

          Killzone: Shadow Fall
          Infamous: Second Sun

          Only about 4-5 that are original and exclusive. What Wii U got? 23 launch titles and a few exclusives like:

          New Super Mario Bros. U
          Rabbids Land
          Nintendo Land

          Both have about equal amount exclusives but Nintendo had more launch titles and more “window” exclusives coming. In fact, if it wasn’t for all of the 3rd party chickenshits backing out and whining over Wii U like hypocrite/power hungry pussies in the first place, Wii U would’ve had a lot more titles like Battlefield 3 and Rayman Legends at launch which would’ve made Wii U launch and sales better than it did. Even though they’re multiplatform, all are enhanced versions and better just like PS4’s. Get your facts right fanboy.

        3. Nintendo Commander


          It might look “beautiful” but as far as gameplay is concerned it’s mediocre and outdated at best…

      2. Diddy Kong Racing
        Sonic All Star Racing
        Mole Kart
        Little Big Planet
        Gex: Enter the Gecko
        Donkey Kong Country (Rare made it what it’s currently known as)
        Rayman Origins
        Sonic Lost World
        Banjo Kazooie
        Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck

    1. Because they lack of taste, originality and magic that Nintendo possess which is why their games are always critically acclaimed in every release. They take their time at their fullest imaginary extent to make their games refreshing like the Super Mario series.

    2. Because unlike EASports games and CoD, Nintendo actually takes time with sequels (minus the Mario Party mess on the Gamecube).

    3. Maybe because Nintendo’s sequels bring something knew to the franchises (except for NSMB franchise) whereas CoD and EA rehash like there is no tomorrow.

      P.S. NSMB has had “4” entries and all of them were on a different device. CoD has had 9 and Ghosts will be the 10th!! and CoD releases a new game on a system even after that system has already had a CoD game… Same with EA and Fifa/Madden.

    1. I wanna be the very best
      Like no one ever was
      To catch them is my real test
      To train them is my cause

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      The power that’s inside

      Pokemon, its you and me
      I know it?s my destiny
      Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend
      In a world we must defend
      Pokemon, a heart so true
      Our courage will pull us through

      You teach me and I’ll teach you
      Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all

      Every challenge along the way
      With courage I will face
      I will battle every day
      To claim my rightful place

      Come with me, the time is right
      There’s no better team
      Arm in arm we’ll win the fight
      It’s always been our dream

    1. I doubt that alone would be enough to save the Wii U. Iwata–the head of Nintendo–knows that main problem the Wii U’s facing are a lack of games. It’s up to him whether he wants to take action, & other companies if they want to develope games for them.

      1. Exactly and this is what the fans have been begging and dreamed for. A real console Pokemon RPG like the handhelds and not that lazy ass Coliseum/XD crap. And yes I know what you’re gonna say about Pokemon “belonging with the handhelds” I get it and understand it well. But maybe Nintendo should revive the console spin-offs that did well for fans before like the Stadium series (Pokemon Stadium 3 anyone?)

        As for other (3rd party) companies making games for Wii U if they want and by that they mean “intentionally gimping” it, I could care less. We’re tired of their BS and they won’t be seeing our money period…except from morons kissing their asses.

  3. Pokemon and Mario have made nintendo billions. To the one way above, Sony for the earlier part might get more third party titles for the PS4, but not games better than nintendo’s EAD, retro or monolith studios. Copystation just announced Vita pets! Really Vita pets! How much more copying will your company do Sonyans?

      1. Only differance is the Gamer actually told us what was being copied. Yet you claim Nintendo is copying and yet failed to list what they copied. So what did Nintendo copy?

        1. Jtz you really want a dude named borat to give a valid explanation. He might spill the beans that the WiiU actually has direct X11 capabilities. Also that when FFVX and Kingdom hearts 3 release on the WiiU, there shall be fanboy outcry, but we will to busy playing the vast levels of the glorious X to per attention to the noise lol.

        2. Ignoring that i was talking about sony not Nintendo. Ignoring to use your brains? Ignoring to read that i said that sony copies copy and paste, ignoring that it was meant to be a joke. I can use ignoring tactic as well.

          1. Ignoring your post made it look like you claim Nintendo copied and Sony copied Nintendo so sony is copying copy. Mabe instead of copying me, you should get your message right first then copy.

      2. Nintendo Commander

        They didn’t invent but they sure follow it like a religion…

        Their religion is to copy our Empire…

    1. Don’t forget Zelda too. XD

      And I know. Sony really needs to stop pretending that they’re or can be like Nintendo. Jesus Christ more cheapass ripoffs incoming and dumbass Sony fanboys defending it. This is just sad. Nintendo gets pointlessly hated, consistently ripped off of their originality from Sony and then blind ass graphics whoring fanboys praising them for it.

      This world is more fucked up than I realized.

      1. Nintendo Commander

        This scene describes Sonyan Drones 100%…

        Sonyan Drones = The Old Lady

        Nintendo Inglets = Basil Fawlty

    1. I saw it too. Smiled and am seeking resources to purchase Pikmin 3, the wonderful 101 and other glorious games. They will keep me satisfied and content as I get all the other great games in our near future. WiiU and 3DS have so many great games that I am no longer anxious for future titles; all I do is game happily for I am Gamer :).

    2. If its Stadium 3 or anything like Stadium with some adventure mode, PKMN Snap elements, connectivity with 3DS & X/Y and rich with online features, then this is exactly the kind of game the Wii U needs to shine again.

      And I’ll be there to buy it on day one. ^_^

  4. It’s nice that now we have a steady flow of games on the WiiU. Just realized there are third party entries also. Though some are a little lacking in some features. Like I stated though third parties shall crawl back, and they are. Crawling means they will pout and show little support or add feature to try and show nintendo they have leverage, but no! Third parties have given nintendo words and power now. When nintendo releases and outsells third parties, from hence the said third parties can never complain about nintendo domination on nintendo consoles. The wise shall know my words as true. Also I have no time to edit the run off sentences it’s too early.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Personally I want these lesser Third Class empires to crawl under our supremacy and bow their heads to our superior power ahahahahahahahah!

    2. I’m so craving to see the 3rd party weeping their failed asses off when Wii U sells like crazy again and begging for that shared profit/glory. Like many times before and now, we’re give them the finger for betraying us ONLY because the Wii U is not PS4/XBox One. That’s how much of a graphic/power hungry whores those companies and fanbases are.

      Nintendo is at least trying to be creative, cost efficient, more open to most developers with Wii U and this is what they deserve? Mindless hate over what they call “poor specs” that’s still improved over last gen consoles either way. This kind of blind hate makes me wanna not buy their games but Nintendo’s only just to make them think they can keep this up only on Nintendo’s side even Ubisoft is doing it behind their backs once they delayed Rayman Legends for a year when it was already completed. Well not anymore when Wii U rises again.

      1. Exactly. They complain now that there isn’t an install base, but once there is that install base, they’re going to complain that Nintendo isn’t giving them a chance to have their games shine because the shelves are packed with first party games. Those were their complaints when it was happening with the Wii and they’re going to do it again with the Wii U once it starts selling more.

        1. Yup Wii U gave 3rd party developers that chance at Wii U’s launch. So they brought in old ports. So when Exclusives roll in don’t bitch then.

  5. Oh and that awful troll on the other story was arguing with people calling them names saying that it would be impossible for a traditional Pokemon game to do well on consoles. Pokemon is popular because it’s Pokemon, not simply because it’s on a handheld.

  6. I don’t get it all the great games Nintendo can do yet it makes so very few of them….instead we get a bunch of lame titles or Disney titles that no one wants…..then a big game comes out then nothing for about a year…or remakes…..

    1. Because unlike some companies like Activision milking/whoring the hell out of COD every year with no change but implemented features already done years ago, Nintendo actually takes their time brainstorming new ideas to make each of their releases refreshingly new (aside from New Mario Bros. and now Mario 3D World) Plus Nintendo shuffles both console and handheld release timeframes to keep the systems moving periodically.

  7. I get baffled at all the people who want a full-scale Pokemon console RPG. I can see the appeal, but I don’t think people think it through fully. There are a lot of tasks within a Pokemon game that are a complete chore, and that sort of thing is best suited to a handheld.

    Take breeding and effort value training for example. Whenever I want to do this, I turn down the sound, put the TV on, and do what I need to do without really paying much attention. I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t want to be cycling back and forth for hours, hatching my perfect Pokemon whilst focused on nothing else.

    It’s the same reason I don’t like console Animal Crossing games. I really couldn’t sit and watch me constantly shaking trees or collecting fruit, when it’s something I can do on the handheld and barely pay attention to it.

    That being said, with the off-tv function on the WiiU, it might be possible, but you’re still limited to being somewhat near the console itself.

    For me, if there was to be a big Pokemon game on the WiiU, I want a game which is more adventure based than RPG. I’ve always had this thought of a game where the star is Ditto. The adventure can be a massive Zelda-type game where the hook is that Ditto can obviously transform into anything it wants. You come across a river and must silently sneak your way up to a nearby Wooper and transform into him to be able to cross the river. Or turn into a Pidgey instead and just fly across the river.

    There’s so many possibilities involving Zelda-type adventuring and puzzle solving, I think it would work really well.

    1. Very strong point, sir. Though I can sort of imagine your game idea, I’m kinda lost at the ditto part. I do think that a pokemon console game should be more adventure based, but it should still have that play as the trainer feel.

      Aside from that, on the topic, I’m very glad Pokemon is doing so well. :D I can’t wait for X and Y, you can play as a darker skinned trainer, which I always kinda hoped for, since I’m half black. xDD

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