Atlus Announces Summer Sale For Nintendo 3DS eShop


Atlus has just sent out an email detailing exactly which titles will be available in the company’s summer sale on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. For thirteen days you can get $10 off Code of Princess, Etrian Odyssey IV, and Soul Hackers. The deal ends on August 31st and is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Which discounted game will you pick up?

  • Code of Princess – $19.99
  • Etrian Odyssey IV – $29.99
  • Soul Hackers – $29.99


  1. Is this for Europe or North America?

    Is “Code of Princess” any good? I been thinking about getting “Etrian Odyssey IV” but I thought I have way too many RPG games.

    1. Code of Princess is just ok. Main story is short, beat it like 5/6 hours and it’s repetitive.

    2. Code of Princess is actually a decent game, its not that great by any means though, just decent. It plays really slow at the beginning and if you don’t learn how to string your attacks, then it feel like its just a plain ol’ button masher.

      its currently around $20 at the North American Amazon, so at that price its a must play. (by the way, Code of Princess is an RPG as well)

  2. I maaaaaay just have to get EO4 digital then. Was planning on physical but $10 off digital is a bit hard to pass up.

    1. It is $32.80 New with free shipping on the website for the physical copy right now.

  3. Good Guy Atlus.
    I really hope they’ll get bought by someone trustworthy and that they’ll have the freedom to release their games on whichever system they want.

    1. This^ I’m sad that the awesome operation darkness floped on 360. Is such a great game but not much graphically it is like valkiria chronicles.

  4. This is why region locking sucks though, Etrian IV is out in Europe on the 30th but already on sale in the US

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