GameStop Says Holiday 2013 Is Key To Wii U Success


Michael P. Hogan, Executive Vice President of Strategic Business & Brand Development has explained to investors that holiday 2013 will be the key to the success of Wii U. Hogan also cited that a lack of games was the main reason why its PowerUp rewards members hadn’t invested in the console. Hogan said that they are excited about the number of new games from Nintendo, and they see the potential for significantly improved performance this fall and holiday.

“We’ve been asked a number of times about the performance of the Wii U and how that factors into the model projections. In previous versions of the model, we assumed the success rate for the new 2013 consoles, the Sony and Microsoft consoles, at 80% to 85% of prior generation. Based upon what we knew at the time however, we had modeled the Wii U at a much lower multiple of prior generation sales for both hardware and software. Thus, we already had very conservative assumptions for the Wii U. And at launch, the Wii U exceeded those expectations. They all since then have been softer, but the key will be holiday 2013 performance.”

“It is worth noting that in our PowerUp Rewards consumer research, the No. 1 reason consumers give for not yet purchasing the Wii U is the limited number of new games for this console. Post E3, we are excited about the number of new games from Nintendo, and we do see the potential for significantly improved performance this fall and holiday.”


    1. The key to succses?they will have 3 games to push that, and one of them is a remake, it’s just too late for the wii u, next gen, maybe

      1. Maybe for YOU.
        But for the rest of us, the amount of worthwhile games both already out on the system and coming onto it, is quite a bit larger than “just three games”. Especially if you include indie titles.
        If you hate Nintendo so much, then why waste your time here?
        Go to a different website and quite bothering people who like what you don’t like.
        It’s immature.

        1. He didnt say he hated nintendo, he was just stating his own opinion, which yes, you can even have on a nintendo site. Stfu with your butthurt comments, you shriveled up assmunch

      1. Nintendo just released a “How hero mode works in WW HD” and in the end of the video they show the gamepad with Zelda art on it. Possible a WW wiiU bundle was confirmed.

  1. sure is. although not all the big games are coming out this holiday so not that key to its success. 2014 though, that’s where it’s at.

      1. Who said I would kill you?…

        Your brain lacks basic knowledge of understand simple english?…

          1. There is hardly any point of looking through a post to check whether you spelt anything wrong. The reason for this is because you get the general point across anyway. I can agree with you on iceazeama though, those posts are cringe worthy.

                1. You know what tiny guy was cool? Desert rain frog :/ guess all the shit on this site scared him off

  2. If it wasn’t for SMT x Fire Emblem, the two Zelda game, or Smash Bros. for Wii U then I probably wouldn’t think about buying one.

  3. I should have gotten the 3ds for my birthday and then buy the wii u for the holidays, but oh well I’ll get the 3ds for the holidays instead.

  4. One of the many keys to the Wii U success this Holiday 2013 are Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Watch_Dogs (Ubisoft), Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, The Wonderful 101, etc.

    Nintendo, Ubisoft, and indie developers will bring more success to the Wii U than last year’s launch.

  5. As much as I want Wii U to succeed this holiday, it’s probably going to get completely swallowed by the PS4 and XB1. Especially in marketing. Like, for example, there will be PS4 and XB1 posters all around GameStops across the country and there will be some tiny Wii U promos in the chaos.

    1. The parents will favour a Wii U to a PS4 or XB1 just due to the cheaper price and the fact there’s a lot of recognizable characters on the games. After the PS4/XB1 launch, they’ll die down a bit in 2014 when they’ve got a drought of games, and the Wii U will really show off then.

    2. Honestly, I doubt the PS4 and One will do much this holiday. Mostly because there’s still games on current gen systems that can be bought and played without a new console.

  6. sadly the wii u its entering the titans territory which are the X1 and ps4. they are not gonna be that successful this holiday and they aren’t gonna sell 9 millions wii u either by the fiscal year.

    1. I can only see the fact the X1 and PS4 are coming out soon as a benefit for the Wii U. It’s quite an unusual sight on things, but they’ll cause console interest to soar for all of them; and which console would look the best in terms of pricing and games? The Wii U.

    2. Never underestimate Nintendo, amigo. Thus ignoring the fact that more Wii U games will be released from first and third party publishers this Holiday season.

      1. i don’t think the upcoming games are gonna push the wii u and certainly aren’t gonna push 9 millions in sells by the fiscal year. its the battle of your money and sony and microsoft aren’t gonna lose that battle, 3d world doesn’t have that hype like the past mario games. nobody its gonna spend 350$ just to play a 3D world in HD. i certainly wouldn’t.

        1. Would you spend 400$ to play Killzone?



          Would you spend 500$ to play Killer Fail and Ryse?


          Would you spend 400$ to play everything Sony has announced for the system for the next year or so? You bet your ass you will

          So what does Nintendo have in the same time span?

          A shit ton of titles and even more we dont know about

          1. Xbox has Titanfall and CoD, people buy MS consoles for CoD alone, Sony at the other end has about 8 Free games at launch with and without Plus. As much as i like Nintendo to Succeed (lets face it, MS and Sony care more about us because Nintendo Kicked their ass this gen that bad) the PS4 and XBOne are new consoles Launching, and they arent lauching weak like the Wii U’s launch line up, but with Heavy hitters like a NEW CoD, Fifa, Free Games (cause you arent forced to pay) and New IP’s. Im not saying Nintendo is going to flop and fail, im just saying they arent going to do as well as they think they are.

        2. That’s where you’re completely wrong about it, Louie baby. Remember the Nintendo 3DS when It didn’t sell well a few years ago? By the time Nintendo releases games like Super Mario 3D Land, millions of units and more have been selling like hot cakes. There is a very strong possibility that the Wii U will share the same success story the 3DS had in the past. You still FAIL to realize that the Super Mario series is part of the Nintendo franchise. Furthermore, a lot of people who had played Super Mario 3D World at E3 and selected stores and enjoyed it. Nintendo isn’t gonna lose the battle just because they have trillions of Japanese dollars in their personal vault.

          You’ll just have to accept it instead of being a Nintendo hater. You can’t win just because your assumptions fail each time. And in 2014, Nintendo will delivering more games to the Wii U including Super Smash Bros. 2, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, and a new JRPG from Monolith Soft, Inc.

          Get N or get out!

          1. You seem like a nice young man that could use a hairy, slimy penis in their mouth, sonny!

        3. You must be delusional if you think that. Clearly you don’t know how it goes. If you got something big and you got a new thing for it, what do you think is gonna happen?

          Mario is that big thing. If you think people won’t buy a wii u with Super Mario 3d World which is a local multiplayer Super Mario 3D Land on wii u…then your either delusional or stupid!

          You gotta think, its just like xbox with gears of candy (gears of war games), that’s a system seller for xbox. Play Station 3 right now is what, god of lesbians (god of war games), that’s their system seller. Mario is Nintendo’s system seller. Think man, THINK!

        4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but plenty of people will do precisely what you’re convinced they WON’T do.

  7. Can someone please explain to me why they wouldn’t put online co-op in 3D world because I certainly can’t figure it out.

      1. It can work. Look at all the platformers that have online co-op. The current
        “reason” there’s no online mode is just an excuse. It can be done.

            1. Its cost them time and money to test the online part of the game to see it is working properly. Also they need a server to host the games. Sure they can put in client to client network instead of client to server network but they still need the server to handle the authentication and etc. Adding online part of the game will create more works for them than adding local multiplayer. More works mean cost more money.

    1. They feel like that it would take too much resources and time to add the online multiplayer. Don’t forget that they have to test online as well. They have to put client to client or client to server multiplayer and this alone cost money.

      Also Nintendo always think local multiplayer is the best kind of multiplayer which I agreed but most of my friends are oversea now. -_-

      1. Doesn’t cost much at all. Maybe new server cost but If they havn’t got the servers in place that can handle a platformer then they are in big trouble.(they do though). They just under estimated the importance of online coop and I have a very bad feeling that Nintendo will not wise up and get with the program.

        1. You’re ignoring the fact that franchise sells games. Donkey Kong, Pikmin, and Super Mario series are prime examples. Think something positive about Nintendo for a change instead.

          1. I have both positive and negative opinions concerning Nintendo’s decisions. This is a particularly personal one. These games coming out do not have online coop but they do have local coop which is disturbing since they are Nintendo’s best efforts(indie games have both). Online coop and local should be standard for Nintendo by now.

  8. I swear if Nintendo fucks it up with such a fantastic line-up, I will go to Iwatas house and fuck HIM up!

  9. who care the opinion of a seller that always try to scam people and have the worst public trust since EA

  10. Can’t wait till X. I also can’t wait for the new IP Miyamoto has for us. An FPS would be logical, especially because I think the first person perspective added in Wind Waker HD seems like a precursor.

    1. It’s already being sold cheaper on many online stores.
      Stop being such a lazy ass and go buy one if a price drop is what you’re waiting for.

  11. Like GameStop is in any position to talk about the future of a system/company. They need to pull their heads out of thera behinds and worry about their own company because the way I see it, they don’t have very many years left. They’ve already been closing several stores…

  12. I just got my Wii U yesterday. I am looking forward to most of the games coming out between now and next year. I do hope the system will pick up after this holiday.

  13. Well it isn’t a shocker to figure that out. If the parents don’t start buying this excuse of a baby console for their little babies soon, this underpowered excuse of a console is doomed!

      1. FFX/-2 HD has all the international content and remastered music as well as a 30 minute bonus ending from what i’ve read. same as kingdom hearts 1.5

            1. Says the shedevil who wants to torture everyone else in here…

              Yes I’m crying to tears for you…

      1. He knows his Xbot race is going to become extinct in the near future and tries to attack our Empire with futile attempts…

  14. Lets all be thankful that the Wii U isn’t a Gamestop exclusive console . They’d be charging like $500-$800. Then the Wii U would certainly fail. And yes, I’m being sarcastic due to the asinine price of Xenoblade Chronicles. Dumbass Gamestop.

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