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Wonderful 101 Developers Reveal Hidden Character Based On Kamiya


The newest Iwata Asks features an extensive interview with The Wonderful 101’s development team. Hideki Kamiya, having already participated in a one-on-one with Iwata, this time joined his crew to discuss the rich history and evolution of the game. Among the many topics covered were the relationship between Nintendo and Platinum Games, the difficulties in creating a title with so many characters on screen at once, and Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya’s infamous temperament.

One of the biggest takeaways from the interview is the news that The Wonderful 101 contains a hidden character based on Kamiya, named Wonder-Director. The character is a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of Kamiya who “runs like a middle-aged guy” and caused the team several challenges in the debugging process, according to the interview.

Reviews for The Wonderful 101 have already begun to pile in. Gamers will be able to hunt for Kamiya’s secret character when The Wonderful 101 officially releases on August 23rd in Europe and September 15th in North America.

50 thoughts on “Wonderful 101 Developers Reveal Hidden Character Based On Kamiya”

  1. Played the demo, it was lots of fun. But I can imagine getting over it before finishing it, I can only mash the A button for so long. Maybe if I see it on sale.

    1. dude your not suppose to mash the A button, your suppose to do combos and the like, its not a button mashing game, go into it a bit more

      1. But the only attack button is A. You can buy combos which you execute by drawing a particular weapon and mashing A. If other buttons were used for different types of attacks I’d se what you mean, but as is, there’s a whole lot of A pressing.

        1. Also I played the demo to completion. Can’t go into it more than that without buying, which will cost money that may not be worth it.

        2. You clearly didn’t play it, because X is also an attack…
          Not to mention you draw a shape then press Y to have multiple different morphs on screen at once.

    2. Yeah, you really just don’t know how to play it. Unite attacks (A) drain battery, team attack (X) fill battery. Unite attacks do way more damage, but alot have different properities, Hand is a 1 on 1 attack, Sword is a area effect attack for multiple enemies, Gun is a ranged, and the other powers have even more strategic uses.
      The team attack is needed to keep enemies still, it’s about balancing Unite and Team attacks, and defeating enemies quick and in one combo….like every character action game. It’s not “mash A”, that’s ignorant, and just shows you’re not playing it properly.

      On top of that you have the dodge, and guard moves. There’s alot of depth there, but it’s also unique as hell.

      1. Also forgot to mention that bigger Unite attacks use more battery and dudes and do more damage, and/or have a larger area of effect, which makes team attacks even more important.

        It’s similar to Metal Gear Rising where you need Zandatsu to get your health back, but more core to the game, as the energy meter in MGR didn’t do anything else other than Blade mode, which is a good idea for the sequel to have, moves that use energy meter but now im just talking about something

      2. Well regardless of what’s “clear”, I did play it…
        But anyway, all the drawing shapes for different weapons is fine, but it’s a just a convoluted way of selecting a weapon. Scrolling with the D Pad would’ve been just as good. You still just mash A to attack after picking your weapon.
        The X attack is useless. I played the Demo on the harder difficulty (I think Normal was the hardest available) and still didn’t need to use X at all. There are batteries everywhere.
        And using Y to create multiple unites is immaterial as the extras are computer controlled. Has no impact on the attack controls. Still just mashing A.
        I’ll pay the dodge command. That weight/shield one was useless.
        Again, played the demo, got gold on most missions (I realise that’s only second highest), well aware of the different mechanics at play. Still don’t think it’s worth writing home about. Not saying it’s a bad game, should be a bit of fun. But would never pay more than about $35 for it.
        Don’t need to go into ultra-defensive tantrum mode when someone criticises a Ninty exclusive. I’m as pro-Ninty as the next guy.

          1. Dull ? Coming from a fucking robot who dedicates his life to nintendo HAHAHA DONT MAKE ME LAUGH URCHIN. Take your autism/adhd elsewhere

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  2. Got my game yesterday. So much fun. I’m still practicing, but I get better and better. It’s no easy game. You have to learn the combos and you have to adjust your eyes to the chaos, but practicing is so much fun.
    Hidden characters are a nice bonus.
    I love the game.

  3. There another hidden character that they called “collaboration” i believe its SAMUS or Viewtiful Joe, but not sure if he uses guns since i never played that game.


    Iwata: Speaking of characters, can I ask about the collaboration with “that game?”

    Inaba: Please do. Kamiya put a lot of love into that.

    Kamiya: This game has a lot of fun characters, so I wanted to make it an amazingly different game, and I managed to make it happen.

    Iwata: This is a character whose name you can’t yet reveal?

    Matsushita: That’s right. Just like with Wonder-Director, if you play enough, that character will appear as a hidden character. And “that character” has been re-designed to match the world of 101. I hope everyone will get a kick out of it.

    Iwata: I’m excited to see what that character will look like when translated into the world of this game.

    Kamiya: Just like the original, the character will fight with guns, and that other trademark item has been changed into a mask as well. The character will also have its own Unite Morph.

    Iwata: Its very own Unite Morph?

    Inaba: A lot of work’s been put in, right?

    Kamiya: The specs are slightly different too, so it’s a bit of a tricky character.

    Iwata: It’s what some would call ‘high specs.’

    Matsushita: As you play through the game, you can use attacks where you become larger, and the part where I think you can really see all the thought that went into everything is that just like in the original game, the character won’t fight with guns in that mode but will fight with hand-to-hand combat. All the movements are carefully, carefully made.

    Iwata: Those specs are really high-level for a hidden character!

    Kamiya: The staff member who created the original movements worked on it. It’s the same motion animator.

    1. I think I figured out who it is.

      “Just like the original, the character will fight with guns, and that other trademark item has been changed into a mask as well”

      Bayonetta’s trademark item is her glasses, and she fight with guns.

  4. You could have at least shared an image of him. But that’s fine since I’ll buy the game and see for myself.

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