Dungeons And Dragons For Wii U Delayed Until September

In the company’s community forums, a representative for Capcom has announced that their side-scrolling action RPG Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara has once again been delayed for the Wii U. The title was released in June for PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam, but in addition to other development troubles, Capcom has run into problems obtaining coding from Nintendo for the title. The latest delay comes after Dungeons and Dragons had already been pushed back to August, but Capcom has assured Wii U owners that the game is still on its way. Here is the latest announcement in full, via Capcom’s GregaMan:

“We regret to inform you all that the release of the Wii U version of Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara has moved to September. There have been a number of development issues and despite our best efforts, the delay could not be avoided. We realize this is a frustrating situation for everyone out there but we ask for your continued patience and support. Updates will be provided as the situation develops.”



      1. Shin’ en made a one core 720 P 60fps called nano assault Neo. Now you can go back and join your two friends and wait in line for your Betamax VCR.


    1. Like it should. We gotta get our quality shit.

      Otherwise we end up being beta testers.

      *Looking at you Splinter Cell Blacklist*

      *thus begins the waiting for patches*

      Please buy it

      Pleas please please I need to get my alignment bankrolled.

      Its natural evolution of splinter cell so if you fan you go buy now please please please

      Wait wtf am I doing.


      1. But this be a new game.

        Ah well I may just get ducktales instead to balance the platformer with the action(TW101)


    1. Might as well noy come out anymore. Fuck this game no wait the developer who’s porting the damn thing. I really want to play this game. Hell I need x-men, the simpsons, teenage mutant ninja turtles, bionic commando and final fight.


  1. By the time this comes out anyone who wanted the game would have just bought by now. Even if all you have is a old PC it should still run just fine. Capcom should just cancel this because it won’t make them much money.


  2. Tactical delay. Pikmin 3 is running American Charts, the longer they (CAPCOM) delay it the better dragons and dragons gets recognition :). UK, how are we enjoying wonderful 101?


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