Japanese Retailer Chart Suggests Wonderful 101 Sold Poorly In Japan


Major Japanese retailer Tsutaya has issued its own sales chart ahead of the Media Create sales figures which are generally due in on Wednesday. The retail outlet shows that Platinum Games latest title The Wonderful 101 isn’t performing as well as many had expected in Japan. The game is currently residing in sixteenth place, just below Pikmin 3.

  1. Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Maso Kishin III: Pride of Justice – PS3
  2. Conception II – PS Vita
  3. Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – 3DS
  4. Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Maso Kishin III: Pride of Justice – PS Vita
  5. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – 3DS
  6. Youkai Watch – 3DS
  7. Tomodachi Collection: New Life – 3DS
  8. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara – PS3
  9. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – 3DS
  10. Earth Defense Force 4 – PS3
  11. Conception II – 3DS
  12. Dragon’s Crown – PS3
  13. Fantasy Life Link! – 3DS
  14. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 3DS
  15. Pikmin 3 – Wii U
  16. The Wonderful 101 – Wii U
  17. One Piece: Romance Dawn – 3DS
  18. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – PSP
  19. Toukiden – PSP

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  1. I hope it picks up in sales!!! America still hasn’t even had it released here yet, Hopefully we hear good reviews from Europe and Japan so we feel the need to go out and buy it! I know I’m already going to get it! Long Live Platinum Games!!!

  2. i hope its not true. ill be really sad since i like both kamiya and 101. i really wanted to do better.

  3. I acturally dunno why people chuck a tantrum at us who didn’t get this game, I personally hate the gameplay to it, I got the demo and found it to be kinda bored, I mean after playing pikmin 3 this pales against it, and I also hate the fanboys that said all the time, oh your not supporting Nintendo or platinum, u obviously don’t have Wii u… Maybe this isn’t my game and many others game, can’t wait for beyonetta 2 tho

    1. You certainly don’t know how to play it. That’s fine, if you prefer Pikmin, that means this is not your type of game.

    2. But, there are like no games out for the Wii U… what could you possibly be doing, if I may ask? 💋

  4. Weird. It really seems like a game Japan would be all over.

    But could it be because Nintendo apparently didn’t ship many units there?

    I hope the game sells enough to be profitable. I’m 9 hours in and I think it’s fantastic.

    1. WiiU is selling well, Pikmin 3 is still charting in Japan. Wonderful 101 clearly doesn’t spell Sonic lost world or Zelda, hello system sellers. This is starting off like Pikmin 1 it’s a new franchise in a time when Gamers abound are whiny and want all things easy. So let it get its own traction :). This is shall be fine, it’s not a Japanese type of game. Had it been called wonder eyez red and friends combine ninja 101 hero sword gun. This would be number 1 in japan for months lol.

      1. I love how you people change your story as time goes on. At first Pikmin would be a system saler, that failed. it will be a huge success, it was in the top 10 for 2 – 3 weeks and now 15th. Give it another 2 weeks it will below 20. You can’t see games when no one own the console. You can’t sell the console when most people don’t know why they need to upgrade to a wiiu from their wii. Upgrade is the best bet to get people, you will not get ps3, and xbox people to switch. lack of 3rd party is the result of that. or the bad port.

        Pikmin was good but its not a big draw, like all you people said before its release. 10years since last release, it basically is a new game for most people. you don’t have the draw from existing players.

  5. Did they count the eshop sales? No they don’t so we never now for sure how many copies they sale. And japan only got 30k copies.

    1. I’m’ sorry, but is the eshop was doing that great it would be put out there. 3rd party and indy would announce it and nothing has came from it. The biggest sales are the $9 and under. It tells you the eshop is not pushing games on the wiiu.

    1. I think this list is ultra fake unless they had released dungeon and dragons in retail.

      1. Maybe that’s why Nintendo doesn’t allow indie games from home. It would be a lost cause to them. Such a pity that the home of Nintendo has walked away.

  6. 1. Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Maso Kishin III: Pride of Justice – PS3

    Yeah, that’s Japan alright

  7. After playing the demo for a good while I have to say that it is an interesting game but it really doesn’t seem to have the ‘hook’ to it. It kinda feels like playing a overtly-complex beat-em-up. Most beat-em-ups are fun when people are over, but not everyday gameplay. The GamePad functions are clumsy and get in the way(as is the case with most Wii U games. It doesn’t surprise me that it is struggling. Judging by this list however it seems as though Japanese gamers only care about the 3DS and PS3 anyway

  8. is this tatsuya retailer that big in japan, that they have have their own chart? and where are the numbers? they should also post the numbers in order to be plausible.

  9. Anyone who says that this is similar to Pikmin clearly hasn’t played enough of it. Yes, there are up to one hundred characters attacking enemies, but you play them very much as one entity (save maybe when you do multiple unite morphs). The game is a beat-em-up action game and not a Pikmin-like strategy game.

    I am about 6 hours in and I’ve yet to encounter any of the problems a lot of the reviewers had with the game. It is very difficult, but this is no negative (and the game actually places you in exactly the same spot, with enemies having the same damage, when you continue). It’s an incredibly fun game that makes you feel like you’re getting better the more you play. There’s absolutely nothing like The Wonderful 101 and it is an absolute must on WiiU right now.

  10. Japanese just don’t know a good game when they see one. If it doesn’t have some anime chick in it with overly exaggerated mammaries they won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole….

  11. Why the fuck wasn’t this game advertised that could be a reason the game didn’t sell. platinum games is a rare gem in the industry they aren’t a holes like most companies. Look i don’t think any nintendo thought this game would sell big, even though trolls and a holes will say we did. lets hope its something like metroid sells bad in japan and does well in america

  12. funny, you would think that a game like this would be up there with the other crazy weird looking jap games.

      1. Which I don’t understand, because people always complain about not having unique games anymore, or games are made poorly… Not with Platinum. They are always innovative and always make quality games. There is really no reason for Platinum to not be super popular, yet…. they’re not… 💋

        1. That’s the cost of innovation. On the whole, people are afraid to try new things. That’s why the games that usually sell the best are known franchises that people are comfortable with.

          Too many games go under the radar each year because they’re not part of the cookie cutter system that is so prevalent in the industry these days.

  13. Miyamoto has said that japanese gamers dont enjoy challenge and they are quitters, maybe its true after all. Demo was too much for them, i guess.

  14. What do you expect? The only games that sell well on the baby console are baby games that the parents buy for their precious little babies. Since not many parents would know about a game like this it will sell poorly. Those thinking this game is going to save the failing Wii U are utterly mistaken.

  15. Sad. I knew this game was no system seller, and I am not convinced to buy it once I get a Wii u (semipoverty ftw?).

    1. Whether or not its a system seller shouldn’t sway your decision to at least try it out. When you get a Wii U, they’ve got a pretty cool demo on the eShop.

  16. Come on… W101 was released on August 24 in Japan. This means that it has sold a number of hard copies enough to enter in that specific chart in 2 days – today is the 26th.

  17. This is one Japanese retailer compiling their own list when only 30k copies of W101 were shipped out.
    I honestly think the game will sell poorly, but this list is nothing to go by. Nor is the upcoming Media Create sales figures. What would really matter is if W101 sold through their initial shipment and how fast.

  18. It’ll pick up. Just like with the Wii U, people are juding the Wonderful 101 too early. 💋

  19. Is this chart based off last week meaning Saturday was last week or Saturday and Sunday? There some pieces missing? Why would retailers make a chart off this game once it was released but didn’t do it when NSMBU, Lego City or Year of the Luigi first came out? Also why would the retailers post on the chart the list when they fail to tell us how many consoles and games sold? Lastly, is this based on Walmart, Best Buy, or Target? Why would those rivals come to gather with sales? It’s fake.

  20. i may be getting this game but later this year as im planning on buying one game per month (wii u wise, one 3ds per month so technically its 2 but one of each) since im earning lesser than before and saving up so i dont spend all of my money

  21. Well there is only 2 Wii U games on the list so in away that’s okay…but see this is why I said Wonder Red wont be in Smash Bros. What if Wonderful 101 failed? He wouldn’t have worked lol. Now this by no means is a fail yet, but my point is still the same.

  22. More bad news reporting to sway people’s opinions. How in the world is 16th place out of 40 considered poor? I get the feeling that W101 is the type of game that people will appreciate much later in Wii U’s life cycle. When that happens fans will rave for a sequel but it will be less likely due to the stigma that there was a lack of interest for the first entry.

      1. it honestly dedneps on the games you like. personally i bought both for 80 bucks but if you are low on $ buy a gamecube theyre 30 dollars and theyre awesome if you want newer games you can buy a ps2 and if your into the colorful games that are full of fun you should always go with nintendo but suspense is ps2!References : tons of experience Was this answer helpful?

  23. This is one list from one retailer, not the whole sales. Even though, I don’t think it is a bad position for Wonderful 101. The Wii U is a new console, it didn’t sell much yet. You need to look to facts as a whole, not a superficial look from one list.

  24. Well, this website is starting to have more bad news than good news. Anyway, it’s a new IP and people don’t even know what the fuck it is about.

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