Here’s The Gorgeous Box-Art For Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Plus Release Date

zelda_a_link_between_worlds_box_artNintendo of America has shown off the official box-art for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 2DS. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds launches November 22nd at a suggested retail price of $39.99 in North America. Nintendo Europe says that the game will launch in November for Europe.


  1. more fraekin gold!!!! what is up with the gold, nintendo of america!? I’m considering importing a copy so I can get the art that isn’t flipping gold.

      1. Are you like 8 or something? No, I don’t want anymore gold taking away the magic of the original box art. It’s getting old.

      1. Not if it’s on every freaking Zelda game that comes out. The worst part is that the gold box art used in American releases is just photoshopped, pretty much, the original box art that is used in European, Japanese and Australian releases is extremely colorful and looks great. Not saying it looks terrible, but this has to stop.

        1. since the first Zelda came out on Gold Cartridge and you know the point of the game is to collect the GOLDEN TRIFORCE

          1. Doesn’t mean that every cover released in North America should be drowned out in gold.

      1. Nope, Nintendo of America just has an obsession with putting gold on the box art. Compare the non-gold art with north America’s art to see what I mean. And no, Zelda does not traditionally come in gold, it’s only traditionally come in gold in North America since the release of Skyward Sword. It’s a stupid idea, just drowning the colors out with one boring color.

          1. Okay… the original two…. Which ones aren’t? Hmm… Let’s see….
            A Link to the Past
            Majora’s Mask
            Four Swords Adventures
            Twilight Princess
            Oracle of Ages
            Oracle of Seasons
            The Minish Cap
            Phantom Hourglass
            Spirit Tracks
            The GOOD Boxart for Wind Waker HD, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time 3D, and A Link Between Worlds.

  2. Day one buy. It will be the first Zelda game I actually bought at the time of it’s original release.

      1. It’s a remake so it’s not really the “original release”. That would be the GameCube version.

        1. Ok…

          Nintendo Veteran…

          You were being to traumatised by the awesomeness of Nintendo news…

  3. This is actually probably one of the few covers that I think is perfect with the golden covering and I feel like it really fits it. I love the design and the entire cover.

    1. Go figure, A Link Between Worlds has Nintendo Network connectivity, but Mario Party: Island Tour (from the series known for multiplayer) is strictly offline.

  4. It’s alright. I don’t like the type for “A Link Between Worlds” Looks cheap, but the artwork is pretty good. Ok I’m done.

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