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Nintendo To Lower Wii U Deluxe Price To $299.99


Today Nintendo revealed that their Wii U Deluxe 32GB console will have its price lowered to $299.99, a $50 price reduction, effective September 20th. The Wii U’s sales have been dismal since its launch in 2012, and it has been rumored for some time that Nintendo would employ a price cut to drive sales back up. Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime has said about the announcement: “Today we’re making those unique Nintendo experiences more accessible and affordable.” The Wii U will sell in two models: the existing black deluxe model bundled with Nintendo Land or in a new Zelda model, while the standard white 8GB version will be phased out completely.

The news was coupled with the confirmation of release dates for several games, as well as the official announcement of a limited edition bundle of the system with The Wind Waker HD, also for $299.99. Gamers who purchase the bundle will be given a promo code that can be used to download the game for free in the Wii U eShop on September 20th, even though the physical version of the game will not be released until October 4th.

97 thoughts on “Nintendo To Lower Wii U Deluxe Price To $299.99”

    1. The 2DS is targeted towards younger kids and casual gamers. The parents don’t have to worry about the price, since it’s cheap, plus no need to fuss with the 3D parental controls for those worried about it. Yes, it’s pretty lame compared to the 3DS or 3DSXL, but it’s not for us.

      1. True, the 2ds looks like it’s geared towards kids, it’s good for what it is. As for early adopters of Wii U wanting free stuff, that’s uncalled for, these prices drop at some point, it would be nice if they did but ok if they didn’t. ( I owned the Wii U from launch )

    1. Love the entitlement out of this guy.

      “I bought the system and have been playing it for a year. Why don’t they give me free stuff!”

      1. Well I haven’t been playing much of it since there are hardly any games. I’m just saying it would be NICE.

        1. Doesn’t make you sound any less pretentious. “They don’t have games I LIKE!! I want free stuff for this insubordination!”

          I didn’t like the Assassin’s Creed series since the first, but I bought AC3 because of the $20 steal it was from Best Buy and it’s… alright.

          1. I didn’t say I didn’t like the games, I LOVED the games, they were fun for a time, but there’s been such a drought that I just haven’t been using my Wii U. Also, I’m not demanding free stuff either like you assume I am. It’s simply a suggestion, and not one out of the question, since the same was done for the 3DS.

    1. I agree, but the natural consumer who doesn’t look into these things and just sees a $350 price tag will instantly complain. Oh well, this should help boost sales!!

  1. The Troll to End all Trolls

    it’s a good deal, but not enough for me to buy it. it needs some good games before I can consider it.

    1. You’re not interested in anything that’s coming out in the next 6-8 months?! I’m not getting one based on what’s out, but on what’s coming!
      *controls urge to post list of upcoming games*

    1. Why? You bought a console knowing that most, if not ALL consoles get price drops in the future and better lineups.

    2. What about the people who have supported Nintendo from day 1 with the WiiU . They got the deluxe package and had to buy a full price game .. Now we get screwed once again – I knew I should of waited as I could get a free game and the money I saved – I could get another game.. Lesson learnt for the next console – to wait approx 8months.

      1. Like you weren’t expecting this? This happens to every console after a year or so. Just be glad that the Wii U will start getting more sales….

      2. You didn’t “have to” buy anything.

        Nintendo offered a product you wanted, and you bought it. That’s the end of the transaction. A year later, the price has come down to attract new buyers. That doesn’t mean they have to give you something for free.

        When you buy a new car, a year later, those models are cheaper. The dealers don’t give you free items for that. Your transaction is complete.

        1. Ignoring you can’t compare a 2013 Lexus IS to a 2014 Lexus Is like a 2012 Wii U and 2013 Wii U. Cars change adding more features, facelifts. Consoles change every 6 years.

      3. Have you seen ‘game launch rock’ on youtube everyone here need’s to see it.I would add a link if I knew how.Rely everyone watch it and tell a someone else to watch the guy who made it deserves the hit’s.

      1. Ignoring that the ones who bought a Wii U at launch were promised games that has been delayed!!! Also ignoring they did incent 3DS owners after it’s price drop.

      1. Good thing you’re Anonymous. In a few months I’d have rubbed this time travelling garbage back in your face…
        *calms down*

      2. Ignoring that Vita sells are better than PS3 in Japan since the price cut. Yet you rather play dumb in acting like the Price cut won’t increase Wii U sales.

    1. This is the new generation. Expect consoles to cost more, especially if the controller has a touch screen on it ._.

  2. I thought they said they wouldn’t lower the price of the Wii U. Oh how things have changed, nobody is buying this pathetic underpowered console. This toy of a baby console should come in cereal boxes for free, or in your kids happy meal!

  3. This would have been AWESOME last year! Why don’t you offer this to early investors rather than sweeten and better deal on top of that. Rethink how you take care of those that take care of you Nintendo.

    1. Because that’s not how business works. You don’t need to “sweeten” anything to get early adopters to buy. It’s the remaining population that you have to sweeten the deal for.

  4. Ohh my….
    I was saving money for my wii u on december for the cyber monday…

    What must I do?. Wait or get mad and go for the Wind Waker Bundle?
    What’s the true difference between the Deluxe Version and Wind Waker version?

  5. never buying a console at launch again, stupid thing is just a swiffer for 350$ and now they drop 50$, turn it into a game system and put, a ww edition……

    uuuuhhhhhhh payed 50$ more just to have it be my swiffer, oh and shitendo land……..

      1. they again lied, years before a price drop….. more lies.

        hope they bring some gamecube games out for free or do at least something, so i dont feel so screwed……. i got a shitty bundle with nintendo land for 50$ more just to have it sit there because they didnt have any games ready.

        another thing that they lied about!!!! im sick of there bullshit, their worse than sticking by microsoft now, at least they get games, dont get lied to.

        1. Dude, it’s your fault you bought it. I’ve been getting the same advertising for it as you, and I’m still waiting. You need to be more picky with your purchases, and realize that hardware is almost always better after a year of being released. Quit blaming Nintendo for you falling for their “lies”.

  6. I got mine almost 1 month ago + a $50 gift card from Target which I used to get Pikmin 3 so I guess I got the same deal. The WW bundle is getting also the Hyrule Historia digital copy + a desing on the gamepad…hmmmmm Should I get this one? I want the physical version though cause I want that special edition with the figure. Stupid nintendo I hate you.

  7. To be fair if everyone waited for a price cut and an awesome bundle, then the console would of been dead, A console always needs early support, I think the least they can do is be like “We would of failed if it was not for you generous early adopters, here have an ambassadors program.”

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  10. Meh, what matters is that I got the console (Wii U) ahead of time so I can focus on getting that PS4 this holiday. Anything to get my hands on that new Killzone.

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