Nintendo Says 3DS Has Unique Experiences For On-The-Go Gamers, Unlike PlayStation Vita

nintendo_3ds_gamesNintendo of America’s marketing executive Scott Moffitt has explained the 3DS has a “fundamentally different” marketing strategy compared to Sony’s handheld device the PlayStation Vita. Yesterday, Moffitt commented on why there’s no unified digital account system, but today – In an interview with GameSpot – he points out that the 3DS is tailored to on-the-go gamers, whereby they experience gaming on the bus or train and should be an entirely different experience, rather than Sony’s marketing approach that looks to extend the home console experience. Moffitt said the following:

“Certainly, on the handheld side, we’re heading in a very different direction than PlayStation with Vita. It really comes back to, in my opinion, the core strategy. I believe their view on the market is that the handheld gaming occasion and the home gaming occasion are one in the same, that people just have the desire to keep continue playing their home console game when they leave the house.

“And our philosophy, our belief, our strategy, is that we believe it’s kind of a different occasion. The moment of time you’re willing to play, the amount of time you have able to play when you’re away from home is different and your gaming behaviour is different.

“You’re not going to grab the whole bag of Doritos chips and sit on the couch for three hours; you have 25 minutes until the bus comes or whatever it might be. So the nature of the game ought to be a little different and the nature of the experience ought to be a little different. So I do believe on that, we have fundamentally different strategies.”

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    1. Lol! Minecraft on vita will be the same has on consoles will if they make a wiiu version they may actually improve it.

    2. minecraft is a game that you put time into it, best suited for console and pc gaming, not for the short burst of handheld, do u even read the articles?

      1. It has a huge library tho bigger than Nintendo and I for one really enjoy that along with the $60 bucks I pay for ps+ I get all that money back and more with all the video games I download for my vita AND my ps3. I’m not a brainwashed zombie, I’m just getting some more BANG for my buck. I also own a Wii u and a 3Ds so I’m not knocking it I’m just saying Sony is a lol better in my opinion.

        1. How can abyone say no to a subscription that gets you cheaper games

          Ducktales $9.99 with plus
          Trine 2 $4.99 with plus
          Stealth bastard $7.99 with plus
          Mickey mouse CoI HD $9.99 with plus
          (This is just at top of my head right now) if Nintendo has a similar program id be all over it.

          The savings alone justify the $50 price tag of plus.

          1. people payed for xbox live so microsoft gave them xbox one.
            now people are paying for sony will make the ps5 like xbox one.

        2. people payed for xbox live so microsoft gave them xbox one.
          now people are paying for sony will make the ps5 like xbox one.

          1. That statement has absolutely no logic behind it. You’re connecting unrelated points with imaginary lines.

        3. Huge library is a joke when everything is either multiplat on a superior home console or a port. PSN + deals aren’t the greatest either.

  1. Un Nintendo like…. Nintendo doesn’t usually attack the competition. They must be pissed off at the start of the Wii U. I think they want to make a comeback, and they sound pumped up.

    1. High Command has had enough…

      They will issue a direct threat with these new orders…

      I hope Moffit Sir that you market the Wii U aggressively to end the attacks on our Empire once and for all!

      I will try to help out in Youtube and in here!

      Since the N-Dub Nation has pretty much failed…

            1. Yes…

              It opened or will open an American version…

              But of course I don’t mean Nintendo should advertise in that channel…

  2. ps vita is dead.

    top 10 vita games.
    1 Uncharted: Golden Abyss PSV 2011 Action Sony Computer Entertainment
    2 Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified PSV 2012 Action Activision
    3 Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation PSV 2012 Action Ubisoft
    4 Persona 4: The Golden PSV 2012 Role-Playing Atlus
    5 LittleBigPlanet PS Vita PSV 2012 Platform Sony Computer Entertainment
    6 FIFA Soccer PSV 2012 Sports Electronic Arts
    7 Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game PSV 2012 Racing Electronic Arts
    8 Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational PSV 2011 Sports Sony Computer Entertainment
    9 Rayman Origins PSV 2012 Platform Ubisoft
    10 Mortal Kombat PSV 2012 Fighting Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

      1. wii u system sellers

        new super mario bros u
        new super luigi u
        pikmin 3
        wonderful 101
        wind waker hd
        sonic lost world
        dk tropical freeze
        mario 3d world
        mario and sonic
        super smash
        shin megami tensai x fire emblem
        yarn yoshi
        3rd sonic game
        myamotos new game
        zelda 2015

        vita has no system sellers out or announced.

        1. even though I love the vita this is what I always say and people start saying some games, ok yea they look cool and great buy they wont sell the system, killzone doesn’t sell systems and that is their most hyped up game, whats to look for after that, the next biggest two games are just ports of 2 year old games. Nintendo fixed their problems at e3, sony had so many chances, and nothing.

          1. “whats to look for after [Killzone Mercenary], the next biggest two games are just ports of 2 year old games.”

            Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
            Freedom Wars
            God Eater 2
            Valhalla Knights 3
            Sorcery Saga
            Ys: Memories of Celceta
            Lego Marvel
            Rayman Legends
            FIFA 14
            Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

            are some of the titles I’m looking forward to on the Vita. This is not including the downloadable only games or HD remakes coming.

            1. Ok now how bout games that are actually coming to America this year and you’ll see a few of those already off the list.

        2. But last I checked, the vita is still doing better than the Wii u even without system sellers? Check the sales charts they are still pretty frail compared to the vita. There are also some awesome games coming this year in not sure which (didn’t bother to look em up) but those are definitely going to boost sales even more, along with that price cut coming pretty soon.

        3. Yeah, use 2 different points of views.

          Vita: games that are out
          WiiU: Systems sellers that arent out.

          Good logic retard.

        4. Comparing a portable system to a home console. Congratulation, you have just reached the max level of idiocy.

  3. Completely agree. The Vita is essentially a portable PS3, while the 3DS is completely different and offers experiences which you won’t be able to get on a console. But I do like the ideas of both of the consoles, and if it wasn’t for the Wii U getting a price drop, I would of gotten a Vita instead, since their are many things which appeal to me about it the more the library has grown. But you just can’t argue with Mario Kart…

    1. If you look it that way, the 3DS is a portable WiiU. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is left to everyone’s personal opinion.
      And it’s a shame you decided against getting a Vita. I hope you’ll buy one sometime later though, otherwise you’ll miss out on some pretty nice games. :)

    2. Sorry dude it’s not. Trust me I play both the ps3 and vita and they’re nothing alike. From the os to the look and feel of the games. All they got in common is the “PS” in their name.

    1. Your logic appears to be impaired. Please show me the link as to where you obtained this information that “all that sells on ps3 and xbox 360 is COD”.

        1. So..the only game that has sold well on the Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles was call of duty? Haha, I laugh at your extreme level of idiocy. you even know what a link is?

        1. Exactly. It’s not like they sold 70 million or anything. I’m a Nintendo fanboy and I need my diaper because my competitors have better 3rd Party Support than me.

  4. xbox 360 had a failure rate of 54 percent in 2009.
    ps3 had ylod.
    wii had 1 percent failure rate in 2006.

    wii u online=free
    ps4 online=60 a year
    xb1 online=60 a year

    sony/microsoft fans are brainless zombies.

            1. Ripped off ? How is getting 60+ free games a year AND significant discounts on various other games for a mere $50 per year a rip-off ? You should check your logics, mate. If you ask me, that’s one hell of a deal.

        1. Are you stupid? How many free games do YOU get every month on your Wii u and 3ds??? …… *crickets chirping*


          I didn’t think so faggot I pay $60 a year yeah, but I get that money back in one month if not more with all the free games I get for both my Vita and Ps3.

          i just dirty Sanchezed on your face bitch.

            1. I’d suggest you to inform yourself about Playstation Plus before spreading your nonsense. You don’t rent those games, they actually are yours. Yes, you can still play them after your membership expires. Nice try, though.

              1. Actually no you cant, unless you rebuy plus. I know this first hand because I always unckeck the auto renew subscription box and always end up with gane demos. The discounted games on the other hand though, those are forever.

                That alone is the reason I love plus.

                1. That’s weird, I’m a PS+ member too and I still can play all of the games. I usually just start the download for all free games (or the ones I want) that are available for that month and cancel them right after, if I don’t want to download them at that moment. Like that, the games get added to my download list and I can download them even after my subsciption expires. Works fine for me like that, never had any problems. And the games I have actually downloaded still work as well.

                  1. Oh, meant to say I’m a PS+ member but I remember when I wasn’t for a few days a while back, I still could play all the games.
                    Excuse my mistake, it’s late here, I blame the tiredness haha

      1. people payed for xbox live so microsoft gave them xbox one.
        now people are paying for sony will make the ps5 like xbox one.

    1. Devil’s advocate here…

      You can’t compare statistics from different years, of course the Wii is going to have less failure rate the year it was released, verses the 360 which was released for 4. You don’t even have numbers for the PS3.

      $60 also gets you PS+ that gives you a bunch of free games, which easily makes up the difference.

      1. people payed for xbox live so microsoft gave them xbox one.
        now people are paying for sony will make the ps5 like xbox one.

    2. Sony and Microsoft fans are gamers, just like Nintendo fans. So shut your fucking mouth you useless piece of shit fanboy/girl. Your kind makes me SICK! Love all consoles…not just one.

        1. You are a fucking idiot. Gamers are people who play GAMES on devices that play GAMES. Which is what consoles do! And guess what?! The Xbox 360 and PS3 are….CONSOLES!!! Brainless zombies do not own consoles. Good day fucktard.

    3. Playstation Network is actually free. PS+ is $50 a year AND gives you a load of free games. (For both console and handheld) I don’t think Nintendo gives anything free except its terrible online.

      Microsoft’s only perk for paying online is getting DLC for CoD early, I think. Not sure if they still do that.

    4. Nintendo’s online features are free because even Nintendo knows their online services are so terrible, nobody would even pay for that shit.

    5. PS4 has $50 a year for online. Plus (see what I did there), PS+ is a great service.

      I think you’re the brainless zombie.

  5. gc sold 22m global.
    ps2 sold 157m global.

    nintendo made more money off gc than sony made on ps2.

    1. its more like 30 something million lol, and sony basically lost all the money they made from the ps2 and ps1 combined because the ps3 was so terrible for the first couple of years.

  6. Lots of good points. I think we all knew this but didn’t really acknowledge it. 3DS games are designed to be played in bursts of 5-20 minutes. Vita is trying to bring console games on the go. Vita is a good idea, but if I have five minutes before my bus arrives, I’m not going to want to start up a level that takes 30 minutes to do.

      1. Of course, but like he said, it’s the core strategy that’s different. The main/only thing I hear about the Vita is that it can take PS3/4 games on the go. That’s not a bad thing. It’s definitely a better selling point than “3D without glasses.” But personally, I don’t need that. Maybe for long car rides, assuming I don’t have to drive or talk. But If I take it in public, I’m can’t play those long sessions.

    1. is it me or am I the type of person that plays my handheld at home or like car rides, I want to truly enjoy it and not have distractions of oh shit bus is here or damn I have work. but both systems are awesome.

      1. Yeah, I don’t really play my handhelds anywhere but at home. I play it for the games, not the fact that I can take it on the road.

        Besides, you get robbed out here if you show those things out in public. lol

  7. I don’t really give a fuck! They are both fucking awesome!! I love everthing about my awesome 3DS I am loving the games retail and digital, I am loving the apps like Colors 3D, and I am loving all the features I get! I am soon going to get a Vita because guess what?! It will have Minecraft and borderlands 2 and it has Uncharted and a ton of other good games out and cominglike Killzone! I don’t care about this “different experience” both will offer me a unique way to play games and I am happy that both exist because they are both awesome!!! Now all that needs to happen is a MS handheld so I can FINALLY play a real Halo game on the go!!! Oh man, it must suck to be stuck to one console brand your whole life!

  8. 3DS sells 135,000 consoles a week worldwide. Vita? 36,000…..maybe. 3DS has been the best selling console for the past 3 months. Nintendo doesn’t need to get anything “together”.

        1. Yeah, but Sony will be fine if the PS4 is a major success, which it looks to be unless they decide to abandon it for some reason. I just don’t see the Vita dying away when Minecraft comes to it, I see sales going waay up.

  9. I think Scott explained that really well… I mean they’re just two different strategies… Vita dosn’t seem to be working as well. But I mean I think it still has an audience, it’s just mostly hardcore gamers who never want to stop playing.. Then like he said the 3DS kinda does that too, but it’s unique and provides something a more unique experience for on-the-go gamers.

  10. I’ve had Vita and both 3DS’s since day one and I love them equally for what they are. Having said that, if I had to keep one alone, it’d be Vita, no hesitation.

  11. i think vita games have more unique experiences, the best 3ds games are honestly closer to home console gaming and vita has tons of amazing indie games

  12. squaresoft devolpers work for monolithsoft.
    thats why squareenix cant make good final fantasy games anymore.

    rare developers work for retro studios.thats why rare cant make good games anymore.

  13. sony cant rely on third party forever.

    rare developers work for retro studios.thats why rare cant make good games anymore.

    squaresoft devolpers work for monolithsoft.
    thats why squareenix cant make good final fantasy games anymore.

  14. Pretty much what i’ve been saying. Sony will go the way of Sega with their handhelds if they don’t change, consoles will be fine as they always have been.

  15. this title is misleading Nintendo is just saying their strategy is different from sony’s when it comes to handhelds.

  16. The author of this article must have tried hard to think of a title as misleading as this one.

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