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Activision Announces Skylanders SWAP Force Exclusive For 3DS


Skylanders Swap Force, the latest game in the popular toy-based Skylanders video game series, will be getting an exclusive version on Nintendo 3DS. Activision has announced that a starter pack for the 3DS version of the game will include three characters not found in any other SWAP Force starter pack, and the game will include levels and other content only found on 3DS. Skylanders SWAP Force launches October 13th in the United States and October 18th in Europe.

Since the Skylanders series has a primarily younger audience, it will be interesting to see if this exclusive version of SWAP Force nets any increased sales numbers with Nintendo’s launch of the kid-friendly 2DS just around the corner.

33 thoughts on “Activision Announces Skylanders SWAP Force Exclusive For 3DS”

  1. The 2DS is garbage. It’s only worth buying if you’re a collector, it’d sit nicely next to your Virtual Boy and N64DD.

      1. Gladly – as soon as I see the sales charts proving that the 2DS sold in the millons. I have plenty of facts to back up my claim. For $20 more, a 3DS has a lot more to offer, plus you always have the option of turning off the 3D on it.

      2. Not only that, but is it really surprising that trash sells? Just look at some of the crap that’s actually sold on ebay, like a cornflake shaped like Illinois for more than $1,000, the meaning of life according to some random guy, & even rhino dung/irony.

    1. your a garbage, you mindless retard. its not market for. unless your a 6 yrs old. or maybe your mind is like 6 yrs old.

      1. Oh, I’m sorry little boy/girl, did I crush your fantasies? Of course the 2DShit is mostly marketed towards 6 yr. olds – they don’t have a fully developed/functioning brain for reasoning.

  2. Wooah. this is like…4 months Slowpoke-ing here. We’ve known the 3DS was getting a version for quite some time now…at least before E3!

    The 3DS versions are usually not as good as the console ones; only reason to really get it is if you dont have a console or you want the figures (despite the press release saying the figures are exclusive, the Eruptor figure in the top is the only one who might not see a single pack release )

    1. You break your toys? I still have my G.I Joe collection and Retro tmnt in pristine conditions… or use to be since I pass them to my nephews.

    2. Skylander’s Toys don’t break that easily… as in, if you don’t “TRY” to break them, then they won’t. You can drop’ em on the floor or throw’ em around the room and they’ll be fine. 💋

  3. My little brother is OBSESSED with these things. He doesn’t even care about the game lol! He just wants the TOYS!💋

  4. If you buy a 2DS you must have the IQ of a Breville sandwich toaster.

    Skylanders is less fun than a bucket of horse wank.

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