Mega Man Creator Starts Kickstarter Project For ‘Mighty No. 9’


Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has announced Mighty No. 9, a new side-scrolling action game that launched on Kickstarter on August 31st. The project needs $900,000 by October 1st to be funded. It is in development for PC and is estimated to be released in spring 2015. Stretch goals include being made for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

  • Mighty No. 9 is an all-new Japanese side-scrolling action game that takes the best aspects of the 8- and 16-bit era classics you know and love, and transforms them with modern tech, fresh mechanics, and fan input into something fresh and amazing!
  • You play as Beck, the 9th in a line of powerful robots, and the only one not infected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures the world over to go berserk. Run, jump, blast, and transform your way through six stages (or more, via stretch goals) you can tackle in any order you choose, using weapons and abilities stolen from your enemies to take down your fellow Mighty Number robots and confront the final evil that threatens the planet!


        1. I’m drawing to the fact that I’m pissed that this website has become one where people say they’re “first”, trying to make a point, please tell me how to make this point otherwise? Self righteous -.-

          1. It’s not like it’s exclusive here…just ignore it, the only ones who should give any form of a crap are those taking part in the incredibly inane race to firsting…everyone else should just worry about staying on topic and actually displaying some intelligence instead! :P

    1. to realize that Cacom will pull a Cease and Desist on Inafune because of how similar this is to Megaman, which they technically own.

      1. No, they won’t do a cease and desist on it. CAPCOM can only do that to projects regarding Megaman or other ip’s they own. Like Nintendo did with the Metroid movie. As long as it is your own work then CAPCOM has no rights over it.

      1. It’s because fans are sending a big “fuck you” to Capcom. I don’t really get this, because back when the games were being released, like ZX and ZX advent, good games at that, they sold like dog shit. Now they’re TRHWOIN DA MONEY AT DA SCREEN DURR. It’s their fault this all happened in the first place, even the first two Legends game didn’t sell.

  1. Kickstarter?

    So Nintendo fanboys are so desperate for games these days they have to

    1. Pay developers to make them

    2. Pay for them again at retail

    The Nintendo babies really are getting desperate now……

        1. It IS for Steam. No console was mentioned, just an iOS port if they meet their goal. (which they will)

    1. YOU DIPSHIT! IT’S INAFUNE!!! One of the fucking best Capcom game creators who recently moved from the company…this proves you don’t know your games. Inafune was and still is mega man’s helper (father of mega man) and creator of Zero. See? This is why I call you dumb FUUUCKS trolls, fanboys/fangirls, HATERS (you bob, or should I say Katmari) because you ASSWHOLES have no respect!!! NONE! THIS PISSES ME OFF WHEN YOU INSULT ONE THAT MADE YOUR OTHER GAMES!!! I suggest you LOOK…before opening the MOUTH that you have never gotten if YOU GOT NOTHING TO SAY POSITIVE ABOUT WHO MADE YOUR GAMES!!! IDIOT, DUMB FUCK, RETARD, DIPSHIT!!

        1. Inafune can’t do much than rehash the same formula he created in 1987, and this project proves it. He’s been doing the same game over and over again, with a few twists, since the first megaman. This is why Megaman isn’t relevant anymore, it’s a tired franchise, Megaman 10 was the limit they could reuse the formula.

          1. say what you want, millions of people still love it. seeing how fast it’s being funded in kickstarter just proves how much people love his work

      1. Sigh…..gotta clear my head.

        Your right…maybe I don’t. Point is, from the video alone, former capcom team of Inafune are on that project. Bob got under my skin that time. This whole week on my side has been bullshit and my own projects are not really helping in the fact. I really need a break from this shit.

    2. HEY IDIOT! You don’t have to pay for it again as long as you donate AT LEAST 20 dollars. If you donate AT LEAST 20 dollars then you get a copy of the game AT NO ADDITIONAL COST YOU FRIKIN RETARD!

      STOP SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION ASSHOLE! Kickstarter has a “tier system where by you should a tier you want to back at and that decides how much money you give and depending on what tier you choose that determines what rewards you receive. So how bout you actually get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

      You can hate on nintendo all you want. You can say megaman is a crappy franchise, But don’t go around spreading false info.

  2. Who’s Beck? Mega Man’s Robotic cousin? That’s all this is is a Mega Man game with a cosmetic facelift. Not saying that’s a bad thing. Just saying.

          1. Why was Man-At-Arms gay? That certainly never crossed my mind even once.
            And Evil Lyn……she was in love with only one person. Herself.

            1. I dunno man. Man-at-arms moustache & penis shaped helmet kinda gives a bad impression.

              Having said that, my father painted a big ass masters of the universe mural on my bedroom wall when I was little. Early 80’s.

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  3. I never backed a game on kickstarter before, but this very well be my first considering Keji Inafune is heading this.

    1. So we have another troll on here. Probably Aeolus or some other tool from the past. Let’s just ignore this guy and talk about GAMES for once.

      And here comes the inevitable reply in 3…2…1…

    2. Why is it no matter what chat site I go to I find trolls like this doing nothing but talking shit about people because they have such a lack of a life that there only entertainment is trying to piss off people minding there own business, when all they do is make them selves look stupid because they can’t even spell there own insults correctly or tell people to stop ranting when no one else is ranting but them?… -_- This a mystery to me so, please, someone enlighten me to why this is…

      1. There’s these things called porn sites you can visit while playing with yourself instead of going to comments sections on nintendonews sites.

        You might like it better.

    1. If Nintendo didn’t stop Shadow of the Eternals than I don’t think CAPCOM has the rights to shut down this game. Spiritual successors just don’t fall under the category of “rip off.” As long as they haven’t patented the idea of a character who is a machine and fights other robots through side scrolling levels…then Inafune is fine.

  4. Oh MAN! I just watched the Kickstarter video (Thanks Snowman), and I SO badly wish I had the money to donate to this project. When I read that if you donate $2,500 or more, you’ll get your face put in the game, my eyes popped out! My GOSH! That’s been my dream ever since I was a young kid. If only I was wealthy, I’d donate that. Then I could die a happy man. Or at least a little happier than I am now.

    1. Yeah, it is essentially Mega Man. He wanted to make a new Mega Man, but since Capcom owns the property, he can’t. So, we get Mighty No. 9. :D

        1. Yeah. I love Steam and if you donate $20, you get a copy of the game anyway.

          But if they hit the stretch goals for PS3, 360, and Wii U, we can choose which system we want the copy of the game for.

          1. Oh right, I wasn’t thinking right. XD I like “I going get this game on Stream anyway even the game didn’t come to console.” I actually forgot that I can choose. XD

            I can’t remember how much I put it in there but I want the soundtrack.

  5. Keiji Inafune – alongside Shigeru Miyamoto – was the hero of my childhood. Everytime I play any classic Mega Man title I feel something that cannot be explained by words.

    Some call it love. May be it, indeed.

    I’m dying to see anything new from Inafune.

    Crap Capcom… :'(

  6. Not a fan of the Megaman creator but good for him. Capcom sucks and they should get it stuck to them for canceling his Megaman project.

      1. You’d be wrong. But since this is the Internet you’re welcome to assume whatever asinine ideas you want.

      1. Not everyone got the money though. Yes, I did support this game regardless the stretch goal is meet or not. I got Steam! *take a shirt off and swing around like an idiot*

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