Reggie Confirms No Ambassador Program For Wii U


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed to online gaming publication Kotaku that there won’t be an ambassador program for Wii U owners. Reggie says that is mainly due to the difference in timing and the difference in reduction compared to the Nintendo 3DS.  The company revealed that the Wii U Deluxe 32GB console will have its price lowered to $299.99, a $50 price reduction, effective September 20th.

“So, we have nothing to announce in terms of an Ambassador Program. And what I would do is reinforce what you just said. The situations are very different not only in terms of the timing, not only in terms of the level of the reduction… it’s a very different situation.”

Thanks,  Mike S


    1. Let the recycled comments begin about how much Nintendo sucks and how much Lord Regginator sucks and then talking about PS4 and the Xbox Done while the perverted ones try to get attention…


      1. And then they can play with their lekestasjon 4 and their xeske en and complain about no fucking games the first sodding year as per usual.

      2. I wont say that I exactly agree with him since those fans wanted to get the console because they love nintendo, they have the right to complain but I think people should have learned from the 3ds launch. I learned my lesson. Buy Nintendo consoles one year after they launch.

        1. He didn’t say that their won’t be one. He said there is ‘nothing to announce’.The HEADLINE is VERY MISLEADING!And they wouldn’t tell us before the 20th when the price drops anyway.

      3. Nintendo Commander,Well, I can say I am not exactly mad at Nintendo,I can say I feel a little let down by them.They promised there would be a steady flow of first party game from launch on this time around. And there was not mostly because they diverted all their Wii U team’s to make 3ds games in order to make it the success it is today.And I can completely understand why they did it.But that does not change the fact they had to break that promise to all of us who took them at their word and bought a Wii U for $350. Now I admit I do expect more for Nintendo than maybe any other company out their.But that is where Nintendo set the bar for us and we do support them for it.I almost always reserve and buy games new to support them unlike sony,microsoft.No other company has the kind of loyal fan base they do.The reason why?Because they don’t leave us feeling screwed over by taking good care of their fans.I know the big games are almost here.But we still had wait a year for anything great to come out.And to others have been looked at as suckers for buying last gen tech at next gen prices.And with the price drop to $299 plus zelda and the book i starting to think they could be right.I bet almost every on who bought a Wii U at launch loves zelda and want that zelda wii u more then anyone who is going buy one now.Why Zelda?That’s the bigger deal to me then the $50.But these not so loyal fan’s of Nintendo get OUR Zelda bundle for $299 with zelda plus the Hyrule book free.While we have pay $50 for a remake that should cost $30 or $40 tops with no book.Nintendo doesn’t have to give us anything for this big let down.But then again we don’t have to support their system’s at launch before there are great games.We have been all most their whole ad campaign so far trying to get others to buy in on Wii U. Spending countless hour on sites like this trying to stick up for them.My only ? For Nintendo is what are their real $ day one fan’s worth to them.Because if they do nothing for us this time next time I mite just wait a year and reap those reward’s.I await your response to my thought’s on this subject. N Commander

      1. Hate is only born in a certain few uncouth people. We are starting to dislike you and your nintendo sneer propaganda. Nintendo is the best developer in the world period. Thus only gems like rareware games, squaresoft’s, mistwalker have done wonders. We don’t need any charity programs, we have games like blacklist that shall be cheap as dirt in a few months. Need for speed most wanted, wonderful 101. I am patiently waiting till all these AAA titles hit cheapville :).

        1. Nintendo has no AAA games, AAA means high budget titles, none of the Nintendo games are high budget, good games?yes!could be better if the budget was higher?indeed!but iwata did terrible things to nintendo games, and now look at them…they are gamer’s second choice, are sales good?yes, but games are nothing special

        1. I did, but at e3 2012, they showed so many games, and said pikmin 3, and rayman legends would be launch titles and rayman would be an exclusive, nintendo seems to lie much these days

          1. No. Its the other way around. Once the news got out about Wii U’s specs not being up to PS4/One’s level, the 3rd party begin bitching over Nintendo underpowered again and started revolting their work and games against them. This is the Wii “underpowered” excuse all over again.

            Its the 3rd party that turned their backs because the Wii U didn’t satisfy their “graphical whore” hunger. EA is a perfect example of my argument. You wanna know who lied about Wii U games and offerings? Activision when they promised BO2 Nuketown on Wii U and it never happened. Same goes for Freefall on COD: Ghosts and they’re talking about working hard to make Wii U the best version.

            Activision is a con artist, EA is a bunch of hypocrite crybabies still pissy over the whole Origin Rejection from Nintendo, Capcom is playing favorites on who gets what like USF4 isn’t coming for Wii U for some stupid reason and Ubisoft..well, they’re a little bit of all of the above plus they’re the biggest Two-Face of Nintendo’s partners because they delayed Rayman out of skepticism over Wii U and yet they’re running their mouth about favoring Wii U and Vita when in reality, they’re second guessing those consoles more than EA.

            Nintendo never lied about a single damn thing. Its the 3rd party plus fanboys, once again, shitting on Nintendo because of what they do. It was never about the console itself that they wanna feed that only BS into everyone’s head so they can kiss Sony/Microsoft’s ass over their consoles which still isn’t moreover full than a high end PC which a few of Wii U games (Need for Speed) are built up to that standard. So who’s lying and who’s console is “weak/crap” again?

    2. With the free $50 Zelda game and let’s say $20 for the hyrule book this is a $120 price drop.That’s $50 more than the 3ds $70 price drop.And Nintendo know’s almost all of us who have a Wii u are going to pay them $50 for an old game in hd that should cost like $30 and we don’t get the hyrule book ether. Digital Wind waker should be the ambassador program for Wii U end of story! Then again they also said no price drop on Wii U before dropping weeks later.So who know’s they mite just be waiting till after this all goes down.Because the progam would be for anyone who bought a wii u before sep.20.It would be silly to say there going to do it before that date.The more I think about it why else would they be waiting a month to drop the price on the wii u then a ambassador program.No one in their rite mind is buying a wii u for a month.So I bet there isn’t one till there is one.They will say it is because we whined so much when it was all part of the plan.Sometimes you have to lower peoples expectations so feel’s like a bigger deal when out of nowhere they rely do it after all. And Nintendo is a master at this.

  1. I do not care at all.

    After some time of thinking about yes or no I got myself a white console. I probably wouldn’t have one yet because I picked it up now when the store offered the console + 2 games half the price for 220€.

    I personally don’t regret the purchase but I would have not bought one for its original price because I don’t see value there.

  2. I had never thought of or expected another ambassador program, but now after this article I’m disappointed anyway.

  3. not a problem. it´s always like that, with every single console ever released it was like that. they become cheaper the older they are. the law of electronic devices.
    everyone should know that by now. if you want the hardware to be cheaper you have to wait at least a year. you wont have that early adopter launch excitement though. everyone must find out for himself if it´s worth it or not. it will be the same with x1 and ps4.

  4. That’s bullshit.

    What, you can’t give people who bought it for the original price some games that are 10-15 years old? Fuck off.

    1. what the heck man. we are not entitled to any free games this time. First of all the 3DS price drop was bigger and happened WAY too soon. While considering the Wii U, it’s been almost a year and pretty much everything drops in price around a year later. Plus they had the special deals for the 30c virtual console games. So this time round we don’t deserve any free games through an ambassador program.

    2. Dude, electronics get cheaper quite quickly, it’s a fact. Nintendo doesn’t owe you squat purely because the Wii U stopped being new. Get over yourself.

      1. exactly, just as Reggies said, the 3DS and Wii U are different cases We should’ve expected the Wii U’s price to drop around this time. The only way Nintendo wouldn’t drop the price is if the Wii U was selling really well.

    1. Yeah, but this site isn’t really about being on the cutting edge. They don’t purport to do any actual journalism or uncover any new information. It’s just a funnel that channels all the Nintendo relevant stuff into one spot that conveniently appears on my Facebook newsfeed.

    2. The angry people need their dose of Anti-Nintendo ramblings or else they will be forced to play Kinectimals 1.5 for the Xbox Done with Kinect only for 2 hours nonstop…

        1. Their reasons would be because the Kinect 2.0 is a “sofisticated technology” that can track even your swinging nose hair, is “western” made and because their beloved media sources tell them it’s a Next Ggen Cutting Edge Hardcore Experience…

  5. well, i paid £300 for my deluxe wii u. some stores already had a £50 reduction before this. one even sold it for £200 for a limited time!! i got my 3ds for £180, and it was reduced to £130. o the reduction is already greater BEFORE the official drop. i was happy enough with the 3ds price and didn’t think the program was needed for it. but the wii u, i think we deserve something!!

      1. Gee, someone has a lot of pent up anger issues.
        Relax….take a deep breath, go up the stairs…out of the basement, and then open the front door and get some fresh air. Yes, the sun will be blinding after all that time, but it will be worth it :)

    1. @ian s
      Agreed, in uk i bought my wii u at launch for over £350 and within 6 months it was being sold for £150 in places, granted these were not official price drops, regardless if nintendo didn’t cock up the launch so bad with near enough no first party worth while games to buy and also hardly any third party games, and a total lack of game pad proof of concept and absolute lack of advertising/marketing, then i doubt the wii u price would have been slashed so much! nintendo dropped the ball, and so the retailers were stuck with worthless inventory and so had to get rid of it some how, and in most cases even this big price drop did nothing to move units!! its Nintendo’s job to create demand for their console and make it desirable, but they screwed up the launch just like with the 3ds and its us the esrly adopters who got shafted!! i love my wii u but i have hardly played it in the first 6 months!

      Nintendo has billions in cash reserves, how much would it cost them to give early adopters who are the most loyal fans a few virtual console games for free? or £20 e-shop credit? seriously it would cost them near enough nothing, but gain them mountains of respect amongst their hard core fan base!

      All these pretendo new age fans keep saying they don’t care for a ambassadors program, yet if nintendo announce one they will go running for it like dogs!
      Seriously if you don’t care or think you don’t deserve it, fine shut up, and don’t download or accept it if nintendo does announce one,but if you do feel we as early adopters and supporters of nintendo should get something then say so, i don’t understand why people who are content feel the need to talk shit to people who do want something! shut the hell up! if your happy it don’t concern you!

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i don’t like how some losers feel the need to talk shit to anyone who says they feel cheated, i know i feel cheated, and that’s got jack shit to do with anyone who is happy about this situation!

      1. I’d AT LEAST like my 20% eshop discount extended, now that there are actually games to download… Is that too much to ask?






  7. I hate weekends post. It gives people to much to over react to simple stupid things like harddrive space that they agree to get and how much they think they are entitled to have free things because they where first.

  8. I never expected an ambassador program for the Wii U… I could actually care less about one. I’ve enjoyed my system for what it is, a good local play system. I own pretty much every indy game on the eshop and I feel as if I have been able to enjoy my console despite it being $350.

    But when it comes to those who are upset by the lack of an ambassador program, I can understand their frustration. This is because the Wii U console really has not been for your average consumer and gamer. Its been more so for people with very little time to game and can only do it in small bursts with constant interruption. The price drop for the Wii U is very frustrating for some because they have not seen any value in their purchase, and although a $50 drop is not much, the console now includes a very great game WWHD. And many argue that the price drop is due to the console being around a year of age, and components becoming cheaper… You are correct, but incorrect in the same manner. Yes, N is able to lower the price because components have become cheaper, but if the console would have sold well (as it was expected with its initial launch lineup) then the price drop would have never occurred. And those who waited for a price drop would still be purchasing for full price. This brings me to the conclusion that the price drop is obviously correlated to poor sales, which is N’s fault due to their delay in launching key titles. Something initial consumers could not have predicted. So those who are upset and wish for an ambassador program, I don’t blame you. But be mature about it. You’re entitled to nothing in life… Especially these days.

    It would be great if N offered a ambassador program, and I think it’d be a great business move. Offer something exclusive to early adopters. Maybe a game, maybe just a badge signifying you’re a dedicated supporter or something simple. This could help move consoles prior to the price drop, and thus N makes more money.

    Anyways, I’m done stating my opinion.
    Happy gaming,
    An unbiased gamer

  9. I feel a little disappointed by Nintendo with this. I mean they really fucked up with the Wii U in it’s first year. Much more so than the 3DS. The least they could do is offer a free download title. I feel like being a loyal Nintendo fan with a day 1 purchase doesn’t really mean anything to them.

          1. So if Nintendo don’t want to make money then why they charging us to play their games? :P

            Yes, I have rise from my grave! (I just playing Animal Crossing and Dragon’s Crown lately.)

        1. Actually, Microsoft and Sony only care about the easiest way for profit, giving you a half-a**ed, cheap, effortless game and putting the 60+ price point and telling you to buy it because either its all ”hardcorez n’ kool” or ”everyone has it” or ”dis game is all kool and not for babies like mario”. Meanwhile, Nintendo puts effort and gives you a quality game you can enjoy for a fair price point.

  10. Early adopters deserve atleast something, they had to go on months without any games and it just didnt feel worthwhile owning a Wii U so early. Seriously, AT LEAST SOMETHING. I don’t care if it’s 1 N64 game or 10 NES games… We need some compensation for this disastrous launch. GIVE US SOMETHING NINTENDO!!! It really can’t be that hard to give us some fucking 15 year old games for free.

    1. Early adopters knew there were not going to be very many games at launch and yet they still made the decision to buy it. They don’t deserve anything. Especially all the whiners on here

      1. You are wrong. Nintendo told us Pikmin 3 would be launch, along with Wonderful 101. Rayman got delayed (not Nintendo’s decision, but they shouldn’t have promised something unless they had 100% guarantee from Ubisoft). Virtual Console didn’t show up until late spring, and had total crap to offer. Just a few tidbits you don’t seem to be aware of. and your condescending tone is really immature. People have a right to express their opinion without people like you insulting them.

        1. Exactly, we WERE PROMISED “Launch Window” titles, and when they failed, they got our up front money as a free investment.

          Seriously, I’m not going to complain much about this, but I’ll be damned if they burn me a third time.

  11. Oh, boo hoo. Entitled assholes get nothing. Expecting something for nothing, you really are no better than pirates you whiny gits.

    1. Grow up you little child. People feel cheated because Nintendo promised games and gave us delays instead. We have every right to be pissed at them. Throwing insults at people for expressing their opinion shows your lack of maturity.

        1. And calling someone childish or immature as better than calling someone an asshole. Surely you could agree with this sentiment?

  12. Anyone complaining needs to suck it the fuck up. The system is dropping $50. If $50 is that detrimental to your finances that you need to be reimbursed, then you shouldn’t have spent the money on the Wii U in the first place.

    1. You need to shut the fuck up. People were promised games and yet several of those games were delayed. If we had known that was going to happen, we wouldn’t have bought the Wii U at launch. Sorry we don’t all have crystal balls like you do. Now grow up and stop cursing people out for expressing their opinion, which mind you, is directed at NINTENDO, yet all you idiots insult anyone for saying anything bad, like these people are attacking you personally. Grow up for crying out loud. Nintendo made a huge blunder with the Wii U launch, and now people who were loyal get the shaft. There’s this thing called principle.Nintendo should treat us loyal launch buyers better, regardless of 50 dollars or 500 dollars, or whatever amount you want to throw out there..

  13. This is BS. Mainly the comments defending are clearly people who didn’t buy the WiiU first day so they’ll get the WiiU for 300 + a really good game and they tell others to stop complaining, or they’re just major Nintendo fanboys which is stupid. I’m a Nintendo fan and I KNOW when Nintendo is wrong. We’ve had rarely any good games. My WiiU has collected dust. Sony has MUCH better service, not to mention they wouldn’t put their console in a spot for this to happen. Don’t call me a fanboy either I grew up with both Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo’s become worse. All they want is money. They don’t think about us anymore.

    They PROMISED no price drop. At the very least everyone who got WiiU first day should get Wind Waker. I got the Black WiiU, BUT people with White WiiU should get a bonus. They got ripped off completely with no excuse behind it. No one shouldn’t try to defend Nintendo if they clearly don’t know anything about how people should be treated. It’s sad to see people saying “Nintendo owes you nothing” when we clearly supported Nintendo first day and we get the rear end of the stick IDIOTS.

    1. I bought a 32 Gig Wii U day one and I don’t think we deserve squat.
      I was annoyed when Pikmin was delayed as that was initially a launch title and the sole reason I preordered the Wii U (and ultimately bought it) day 1. I wouldn’t have minded some compensation for that, because they made a commitment to have Pikmin out at launch and I was put out by them failing in that regard.

      BUT THIS is completely different. “they promised no price drop”: EVERY CONSOLE EVER has decreased in price and NEVER given anything back. They don’t need to promise it, it’s was always going to happen. NEWS FLAASH: Wiis don’t still go for $300. Things get old, they decrease in price. Electronics decrease in price. You’re acting like this is a new phenomenon. Nintendo can’t and shouldn’t reimburse people because of depreciation.You know, when you buy a car, it decreases by 30% instantly. Good luck if you think you’re getting jack for that.

      “everyone who got WiiU first day should get Wind Waker”. What a spoiled little brat you are. You think you deserve a free A List title because you don’t have the common sense to know that things get cheaper when they stop being new? Even if there were anything free on offer, it would be some $10 virtual console games, and you should be grateful for that, not demanding A List titles. ‘Me me me. The world owes me.’. Grow up, the lot of you.


      1. You guys got a bunch of great deals that new owners will not get like the 30 cent games and darksiders 2 liquidation sale and others that has to count for something.

        1. 30 cent garbage games. So don’t try that crap. And Darksiders 2? Great game, but was already out on PS3 and 360 for a long time, so who cares about that.

      2. Compensation for a delay in a game vs a unfair price drop to people who’ve bought the console first day and when it’s not even a year? I think you need to look back at Super Smash Brothers Brawl before EVER commenting that again..

      3. You’re the child. First off, there’s this thing called freedom of speech. Perhaps you could write an intelligent expression of your opinion without insulting people. And yes, early adopters do deserve something. Nintendo promised us many things that did not come to fruition for months. Heck, Wonderful 101 comes out right around the time of the price drop, and it was promised as a launch title. Rayman was promised, and delayed. Virtual Console didn’t come out until late spring and to this day is mostly garbage with a few gems here and there. All you little fanboys defending Nintendo like it’s an assault on your personal lives. Grow up. Broken promises give us the right to be pissed about a price drop. And most consoles do not have a price drop in less a year. You know what that price drop is? It’s Nintendo’s way of saying “Oh shit, we fucked up and Sony and Microsoft are coming out in a few months. Better lower our price.” And yes, they did fuck up. Besides the broken promises, they also had a shitty E3. Retro’s mystery game was only Donkey Kong, which although great, wasn’t what they were hyping it up to be. And though Nintendo may not have started the rumor of a Metroid or Star Fox, they certainly could have squashed it and said no instead of letting it go on for months just to let us down. They acted like the next Mario game was going to be huge and innovative and follow along the Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy style open worlds, but yet we get a 3DS game upgraded, with multiplayer, which although cool, not what we were hoping for. Smash and Mario Kart 8 are good, but next year. Same for Bayonetta 2 and X. Why go to E3 only to announce most of your heavy hitters coming out the following year. Oh, wait, they showed Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101…WAIT A SECOND. Those were supposed to be launch titles. Very clever there Nintendo… There’s a plethora of mistakes that Nintendo made with the Wii U, and we early adopters have every right to be pissed with them about it. And you fanboys have every right to grow up and stop insulting people for expressing their disenfranchisement with Nintendo and acting like we are attacking you personally.

    2. You clearly did not supported enough or some of the best games released last year on wiiu would have gotten better sales. Everyone bough a wiiu resently where just specting a bunch of free games.

      1. Clearly ports aren’t going to sell as well when people already have a console with the game on it. It’s Nintendo’s fault for not delaying the console and waiting until titles were about to come out instead of letting people’s WiiU’s dust up. People have supported Nintendo enough.

      2. They didn’t even have to make an ambassador program for the 3ds so why do they have to for the wii u? YOU made the decision to buy it. Did you have to buy the wii u? No you did not. So why does Nintendo have to give you free things for your own decision?

      3. Not really, I’m one of those few who bought it day one. Sure ambassador program would have been nice through the drought, but I don’t give a dam. I got to play games most haven’t at the begining of the year. Why should I care? Sure, at first I thought it was bullshit too. I read, and thought about it and said “oh well”.

    3. yep but the clowns cant see it or forgot about all the lies nintendo have been saying.n64 didnt have this problem, gamecube either, even the shitty wii wasnt like this. people are just butt fucking nintendo like usual.

    4. It didn’t get a price drop. The price lowered because that’s what electronics do. It’s been out for almost a year

    5. I agree with most of what you said, except for the Sony stuff because I don’t have Sony, and so I can’t speak to them much, as I don’t do multi-platform these days, so I don’t know their services and such. But yes, we do have a right to complain when Nintendo does us wrong. And I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the original NES. I’m loyal, probably been gaming longer than any of these idiots who try to insult us for expressing our anger with Nintendo, and yet these morons think I don’t have a right to be mad. Gaming since before some of these punks were in diapers. I think I’ve shown my loyalty to Nintendo and deserve better.

      1. “probably been gaming longer than any of these idiots who try to insult us for expressing our anger with Nintendo, and yet these morons think I don’t have a right to be mad”.

        What year did you start in?

        1. 1985 ish? I don’t know the exact year.Somewhere around the original NES. And if you’re trying to throw out an earlier year to one up me, notice I said most gamers on here, and I said the idiots who are bashing us. If you simply express your opinion without bashing, I won’t have a problem with you. I know everyone won’t agree with my opinion, but I would hope that people would at least respect it rather than insulting me. If you are simply inquiring when I started to game to see how old some gamers are, then that is fine as well. So if you don’t share my opinion, that is fine, but please don’t throw out insults like others already have.While a lot of this comment may seem unnecessary, I am simply trying to preemptively prevent another war of words with a fellow gamer, as I would rather talk respectfully about a shared passion then throw barbs back and forth.

          1. No, I simply judge on how long you have been gaming by years…sounds like your like me, I started in 86. Well, another legendary gamer…cool. Sounds like more of us are appearing these days here. Or already are here and decided to be trolls, haters, or fanboys/fangirls. I don’t insult unless feel insulted, or have my belieifs insulted. If such a thing happens or if I think they are wrong, I’ll try to correct them. No worries man…I feel ya in most ways than one.

            1. Good to talk to another legendary gamer as you call it haha. And I agree with you. No reason to insult bash someone unless they insult you. And I’m definitely none of the above. I enjoy life, and so I don’t waste it trolling or hating. And I’m logical, so I’m no fanboy. If something is wrong, I critique it. Don’t know why some people get become any of those things. But I’m glad to know there are others my age as well. Good posts. Keep ’em up.

    6. No, They did not promise ”no price drop”. They said they had no plans, which means they either: A) cant announce it B) are focused on something else C) are thinking about it. Just like it happened with the Mario Kart 7 patch, initially they said, no plans for a Mario kart 7 patch. A few months later, hello patch. They are a company so they don’t exactly need to tell you everything they are doing. They could be making a metroid game right now and cancel it for any given reason.

      Kid, you need to learn to calm down and learn that things are subject to change. Unless the game is released, it can be totally scrapped regardless of the complaints of people.If you wanted to buy a Wii U instead of waiting for a price drop, that was your decision and Nintendo doesn’t have to give you anything just because you bought it first. You should have learned that from the 3ds’ Launch. Things like consoles get cheaper the more time passes so if you were impatient and could not wait for a price drop, knowing that to compete with the other consoles it would need a price drop. YOU made the decision to buy it. The only person to blame for regretting the purchase is YOU.

      Thus, you can complain all you want, they are not obliged to give you a cookie for buying it first.

  14. The Wii U has done worse than 3DS did in the same time frame, So that’s even more reason to provide reassurance to their early adopters. Where’s that ambassador program, Nintendo?

    1. Nope. Not watching a stupid video. But the fact that you insult people who have a right to be angry with Nintendo shows your immaturity. Grow up. This is between Nintendo and its early adopters of the Wii U who are mad, and yet you idiots are all taking this personally like we are complaining about you.

        1. Of course they don’t have the obligation. But it would certainly go a long way to make us launch day buyers who feel bitter feel better. Nintendo can do whatever they want.

  15. You guys really are trying to defend Nintendo. Stop justifying their actions, please. That “Truth” guy is right. The replies are stupid. When did Sony/Microsoft drop the price of their console? Okay Sony did a stupid job. 600 dollars. They at least had GOOD launch titles and backwards compatibility with PS1/PS2. People say that’s worth it. Nintendo DID promise that there would be no price drop in a long time, so STOP justifying it. The point is, it’s not even a year yet and the price dropped with a better deal. We’ve supported Nintendo. Those 30 cents games aren’t anything special. SALES HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. I get on my PS3 and get games for 1 dollar like every other week. STOP JUSTIFYING IT AND STOP BEING IDIOTS.

    Stop using deals as an excuse like you guys have never seen a deal from a company before. Sony and Microsoft (even though I don’t like Microsoft) have planned accordingly. It pains me to see Nintendo lose out to the company I dislike. The WiiU isn’t that old so stop justifying that as well. PS3 only went down in price because it was too high and would have been outsold. 360 didn’t need to worry about price. They had good titles, and a decent price for the buyers day one. Nintendo had a decent price but they didn’t think ahead. PS4/Xbox One are far more superior. Nintendo’s cloudy head in games isn’t working. Online capabilities for games would be appreciated. The WiiU’s space is a problem itself considering how some games will be 20gb or more. If they waited, things would have been better.

    I’m not saying this as a fanboy because I as well grew up with nintendo and sony, but the PS4’s launch is MUCH better than WiiU and it hasn’t released yet. It won’t even have all the features. We’ve supported Nintendo, then whiny little kids say day one people don’t deserve anything because they get the better deal. Others just justify Nintendo’s actions. Please stop. It’s not helping anything. As that Truth guy said also, people with White WiiU’s deserve a LOT OF COMPENSATION. They were practically cheated. 8gb WiiU vs 32gb WiiU + Wind Waker. Both 300 dollars. Cheated. Nintendo does not provide proper support.

    1. I agree with this completely. -.- People defend Nintendo just to be fanboys. Nintendo has plenty of fans but you can’t protect their actions. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft. You can’t defend what they’ve done. Look at the Xbox One. No one could defend that trash. People need to get off of Nintendo’s nob and learn that when someone is wrong, they’re wrong and should make up for it. My Wii U has been a vaccum for dust. I bought only 2 games because Wii U HAS no games. PS3 first day had more games than this console. 8 months just to get some games finally? We are getting the short end of the stick…. I got a white Wii U and Nintendo unfairly does this. They’ve lost my trust. This is why people pirate from Nintendo…

      1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        look nerds, i know that nintendo is your life and that you lobe it and will wish death on others because your losers if you say something bad, but its true. i like nintendo but holy shit. they have been bullshit for some time.

        1. People like you accept shovelware with a smile. Keep on letting the casuals take over. Then wonder why Nintendo eventually (not anytime soon mind you) drops out of the console wars if they keep on this path. Plenty of games? I don’t think so. NSBU is decent. Not great. Lego City was good. Monster Hunter 3 was basically a remake, and I didn’t enjoy it, but see why others would. ZombiU I liked. Other than that, for the first few months, there wasn’t much. I don’t want a bunch of crappy games. No heavy hitters were really available until recently.

    2. I agree with everything pretty much, although with the white Wii U, people did know going in that it had less memory, so that I don’t fault Nintendo totally for, but they should have had both colors available with 32g

  16. Pre-order your games months before release date. Pay a certain premium so often, like 5 euros or pounds a weeks; there, that’s your ambassador program. Nintendo gamers don’t whine, it’s the trolls and haters that do. Thought get that X game on release and never trade it in :) lol.

    1. It’s not whining, it’s expressing our feeling of betrayal for being loyal. You normally post good comments, so I won’t bash you like I did some other people, but look at it from our perspective. Nintendo promised us several games, and yet half were delayed for months. Pikmin 3 just came out, and Wonderful 101 isn’t even out yet, and the price drop is right around the corner. People who bought early with the false knowledge that these games, as well as others, would be out at launch feel cheated. If Nintendo hadn’t promised us things that didn’t come to fruition, then I for one wouldn’t be mad. But the fact is they promised us a lot more for launch and we didn’t get several things. The virtual console didn’t launch until almost summer, and when it did, the games were lackluster. More than half of the VC is still lackluster to this day.If I knew what I know now, I would have waited. Nintendo shouldn’t have made empty or half-ass promises. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t feel cheated.

      1. It is whining, and this is the reason they dont usually listen to the fans or the media. You can complain all you want, but as with every company, they are not obliged to award you with anything for buying it before the drop.

        1. No, it’s not whining. Whining and complaining are not one and the same. A person can complain without whining. Simply expressing frustration is not whining. I’ve seen people on this site complain about many things. Whining, not so much. One of the dictionary definitions of whining is this: To complain or protest in a childish fashion. Since I am not doing it in a childish manner, it is not whining. Now if you want to say that the way I have responded to some people with curse words is childish, then you could have a point, although keep in mind that I only do that when someone provokes me. People have every right to express their opinion. We aren’t demanding anything of Nintendo, as we don’t have that kind of power. We are merely saying that we aren’t happy about the situation.

  17. LOL, PLEASE STOP GUYS. Saying we don’t deserve anything when we’ve supported Nintendo. Don’t front for their poor decision making PLEASE. I feel so bad for people that bought the White Wii U. They’ve wasted money practically, or got the most unfair deal. Nintendo owes just a LITTLE something to first day users. See, things like this really DO open Nintendo up to piracy since people get sick of what they’re doing.

    1. Well don’t…now the basic is no longer going to be continued, its gonna be like the original PS2, a money maker. Consoles that fall out are worth alot if you find the right person at auctions. So I’m pretty much happy for what I got.

  18. Yea people making too many excuses for Nintendo… Its k it will get hacked soon then nintendo would have learned lmfao mistakes will be grave. ill be 1 of the first to hack it. sick of nintendo bein unfair and not providin us with what we want

    1. yep i hacked my wii like 6 months ago because im sick and tired of them. well i just use emulators because they didnt fucking release anything!!!!

      1. Oh tough guy. Tattling on others on the internet. Bet you feel like a big boy now. I’m against hacking, but don’t be a sissy about it like this.

  19. they atleast should do something, doesnt have to be that big. im sick of there shit, lies. they treat there fans like dogs. unless your a fanboy that is a helpless basement dweller who are those pathetic nerds on youtube who make damage control videos about the wii u.

    havnt seem so many pathetic people m my life, having mario merchandise all over there room, covers with mario.

    50$ less, even if said it would take years before one. then they also make a kick ass limited edition bundle for 50$. where if you buy that in a month, you got more than we did in 9 months!! its like launch. they promised games the price wouldnt drop, and way more, but then you will say they didnt because your nerds. make a real friend, nintendo doesnt count. also you obviously dont know what loyalty is because nintendo is the least loyal fucks in the business. its almost like getting the short hand of the stick out of a group, you will get somewhat the same but not as much as what the rest gets. they dont give your monies worth EVER since the wii. 10 games, thanks nintendo!!! its like being loyal to someone and then figure out there just scum bags back and dont give back. nintendo is that friend that uses people. (can i borrow some money man, sure, you got to pay me back. ” yeah ill pay you back” bitch where is my money, “uuhhh sorry man”) then run back later to apologize. the whole point is nintendo treats the consumer like shit, even microshit knows when they made a mistake. oh look nintendo repeated the 3ds something they said they wouldnt do again. yes its about the money but usually they give back, nintendo is a nes in the hd era. the ps3 and 360 will be more relevant than the wii u this whole gen. why settle for that shit, when my fucking ps3 can already do it.

    now i know why everybody else i know just has an xbox and plays call of duty and shooters or playstation and doesnt even give a shit about nintendo whats so ever. one person has a wii u and its been sitting there collecting dust just like mine. nintendo has been shit for ever now. on the xbox you can cross game chat. thats awesome, on nintendo you cant even fucking have a online account and the games dont have online, probably no chat support with in the fucking games itself!!!! its not the fucking 90’s and you treat consumers like shit, havnt seen microsoft lie like nintendo does. at least they fix it right away!!

    ninendo you sound like that guilty bitch that always comes home late, excuses and lies, but you never seem to deliver or notice a mistake. you will apologize but keep on doing.

    you fanboys are puppets. nintendo has way to many fucking faults and you just take all of it like a bitch.

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      1. ive explained, they should at least confront their mistakes if anything. you cant tell me you havnt seen this. they lied over and over. now people are getting screwed who bought early.

        microsoft or sony never have done this. im sick of trying to explain.

      2. Nintendo made empty promises, which could be interpreted as false advertisement. Which is generally frowned upon. So do we deserve something? Yes, yes we do.

        1. If your fanboy dumbass was paying attention to the 3rd party shafting Nintendo again because its not a PS4 like Wii was not a PS3 and that Nintendo never said a single lie about anything of Wii U or even the 3DS, you wouldn’t be here talking more stupid shit than EA’s “Wii U is crap” hate brigade.

          Nintendo never lied or forced the Wii U down on anybody. Ya decided to buy whatever they offer to you and if you’re not satisfied, that’s up to you.

          I would agree that the Basic customers deserves an incentive (like one free Wii U game of choice excluding that gimped Sniper Elite V2 crap) but lets be honest, another Ambassador isn’t gonna happen unless Nintendo does the 3DS overpricing again which the Wii U isn’t as overpriced according to its technical built and the timing/pricing of that similar technology thats been around for several years.

          1. If your fanboy dumbass was paying attention you would know Nintendo promised us these games, so they are at fault. Doesn’t matter who shafted who, Nintendo shouldn’t have boasted about these games unless they had 100% guarantees from the 3rd parties. Dumbass. Ever heard the expression don’t count your chickens before they hatch? And Nintendo did lie. They knew several games were going to be delayed, but didn’t bother to tell us, the loyal consumer. I’m a bigger fan of Nintendo than you are by the way. You accept anything they give us, even if it is crap. I on the other hand know Nintendo’s true potential, and demand it of them. People like you allow them to get away with crap because you are fanboys, but it hurts them because they keep making crap and thus get crushed by the other two. And before you attempt, don’t try spout out Wii sale numbers or any of that crap as an argument that Nintendo crushed the other two. The Wii was garbage and sold to casuals, while true gamers were left with loads of garbage with a good game here and there. Wii was by far the worst Nintendo console to date, aside from Virtual Boy if you count that. Making money doesn’t mean you won. It means you won a battle, but are digging a grave in the war. Casuals won’t sustain Nintendo forever, as they found out with the Wii U. Nintendo has made great games, and still does, but that doesn’t give them the right to screw people over. NOT ONE PERSON has said Nintendo forced them to buy the console. You idiots need to stop saying that. What Nintendo did was make empty promises on games that ended up getting delayed, leading the loyalists to think they were getting a bunch of games real soon, only to realize too late that they were getting a drought bigger than the Dust Bowl. And perhaps you should grow the hell up as I’ve said to many other idiots on here and stop cursing and insulting people such as myself for expressing our opinions. And don’t be surprised if we happen to curse you out in return. Learn how to express an opinion with coherent, well thought out arguments, rather than petty name calling.

              1. Yes, but this Direct was in January, two months after the system launched. I wasn’t aware of the delays on day one. And thank you for posting respectfully. Glad to see someone with a differing opinion express it with class rather than throwing a bunch of curse words at me.

                  1. Exactly. You get it. Respect shown is respect earned. Did you make that video yourself by the way? I’ve never seen it before, but I’ll be showing to people to make them laugh too.

            1. exactly right. everything you just said. if only the stupid fanboys knew how to read it. they probably gave up before starting. so nobody will read the facts that you have written.

    2. ICEAZEAMA Give them so time nintendo will make good on this.But they a not going do it till after the 20th when the price drops.If they don’t by early next year.Then we can grab are torches and pitchforks,tar,and For rite now it’s best they act like they didn’t screw up and a Wii ambassidor program would mean admitting it. After they sell a fuk ton of Wii U’s this holiday season it won’t matter.And I we will be well taken care of. The

  20. Atleast we don’t have to pay extra fees from something you should get for free like online gaming…

  21. A free downloadable game wouldn’t hurt. I don’t complain too much because my wii games look much better on the Wii U. Of course downloadable games like mario sunshine and luigis mansion would have been genious.

  22. Well Reggie, never again then, never again; this is a deal breaker, you, Iwata and by consequently Nintendo in general lie, not just to me or to the early adopter that believe in your now false promises of not making the same mistake with the Wii U as it was with the 3DS, or that you will secure a flow of good games or that the price of the Wii U was competitive as it was and that it will not get cheaper any time soon; but to al the market; in a time in a time where people are confused or indecisive about what to choose where to go, at a time where it seems that the industry is going to crash again, lying is a very dangerous thing to do, especially for you, that, at least for many, were the industry white knight. To pseudo quote a movie, just to make this a little bit less sad:

    “You were the Chosen One! It was said you were supposed to destroy the Corporate BullSith, not join them! Bring trust to the consumers, not leave them in darkness”

    Now your word mean nothing, You want to see our money? Well I want to see the games first, and We’re not talking about a release date, or a “next year” or a “coming soon” NO, We’re talking about the games ON the shelves, because if the Wii U launch line taught us something cof Pikmin 3 cof The Wonderfull 101 cof Rayman Legends cof is that NOTHING is secure until the game hit shelves.

    You have lost the trust that many people have put in to you, and I hope this announce of “having nothing in terms of an Ambassador Program” it just mean you are working in another way to regain that trust.

  23. LOL, WOW. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING “No one told you to buy the WiiU.” IF WE DIDN’T NINTENDO WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS. THINK IDIOTS. WE’RE THEIR PRAYING GRACE. You’re just being butthurt defending faggots jesus christ. If no one bought the WiiU Nintendo would be at a loss. First day buyers HELPED Nintendo, yet the people who come almost a year later get to jack off to better deals when they weren’t even plan on supporting Nintendo. No more retarded defending.

    1. Exactly. Jackasses insulting us, but yet they’re gonna wait until the price drop to get their Wii U. Bunch of fanboys. I have been loyal to Nintendo since the NES, so I believe I have a right to feel betrayed by the broken promises.

    2. Oh no! Nintendo would be in trouble if they lost the two complaining fans. Oh, right no they wouldn’t. You “deserve” nothing, are “entitled” to nothing, and you were not forced to buy the system. If you did not want it then why did you buy it. Nintendo delayed their games because they want to release quality products. Other companies delayed games and/or skipped the Wii U completely because of the install base of a NEW SYSTEM being too small, like new means it will have a huge number. You don’t hear people complaining about the Vita this way because Sony let the poor thing bottom out for almost two years before trying to revive that sunken ship. When Nintendo sees that their ship is sinking they try their hardest to bring it up even if it is through a price cut. Stop complaining. It just makes you all look childish.

      1. You look childish by insulting people for expressing their opinions. And delaying a game for quality is one thing, but A) they delayed several, thus leaving us early adopters with close to no games, and B) they shouldn’t announce a release date if the game isn’t ready. Early adopters got the shaft, and people like you have the audacity to insult them for expressing their rightful anger. Grow up.

        1. Nintendo only delayed Pikmin 3 to perfect it for Christ sake. Rayman’s delay was a different, more messed up story because Ubisoft chickened out of the launch while the game was ready so don’t try to BS around that fact.

          YOU grow the fuck up. Everybody complaining here is either blindly selfish/spoiled over 3DS Ambassador that they want it again or just love listening to all of that “Wii U is crap” bullshit from EA the ones who truly lie to people more than Republicans, coming here bitching to feel intelligent or tough online about some subject they don’t or won’t fully comprehend at best because they don’t want to.

          I’ve paid close attention to every thing happening to Wii U and although I can agree some mistakes Nintendo did with Wii U (which isn’t exactly like the 3DS besides the games aspect), everyone missed the point of why 3rd parties are turning on Nintendo and its because of the usual BS that happened with Wii as well.

          1. THEN IT SHOULDN”T HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED. You fucking idiot. Don’t tell us we’re getting games and then pull the carpet out from under us. And YOU GROW THE FUCK UP. As I said earlier, people have EVERY RIGHT to express their opinion, but ASSHOLES like yourself just throw insults at us. If you want to argue, then do it respectfully. Instead, your immature ass just feels the need to curse people out. I don’t use that type of language unless provoked. You on the other hand start off conversations by cursing me out. You started the name calling, thus you need to grow the fuck up. I know the Rayman story and again, Nintendo shouldn’t have said it was coming out until they had a 100% guarantee. And no, everyone here isn’t spoiled. I haven’t had a handheld since the GB Advance, so your argument holds no water with me. And your argument of listening to EA holds no water either, as I hate EA.And you’re also an idiot for trying to bring politics in here, when newsflash, Democrats lie too you blind fanboy idiot.And you’re the one who started trying to act tough on the internet by insulting people. Man, it’s really easy to swat your arguments down. But of course you won’t change your way of thinking as you are clearly blinded by fanboyism and apparently liberalism. And you sure as hell ain’t gonna change my opinion. I’ve paid close attention as well, and while not everything is Nintendo’s fault, plenty of mistakes are their own doing.

            Now if you would like to continue the debate, drop the insults and I will as well. I don’t like talking or typing like this, but too many people on here are just throwing out insults for anyone who dares to express an opinion against Nintendo, and it is quite unbecoming. If you drop the insults, then we can perhaps try to see each other’s point of view, rather than spewing a bunch of foul language

        2. Luigi ,I think they halted all Wii U games being made to make 3ds games.It’s funny they only put out a handful of Wii games in the last few years.What the heck are you making over in japan Nintendo? Other than broken promises. Clearly Not Wii U games.I saw an article were Iwata was saying he should lay employes off but said he wouldn’t do that to them.Lay people off?THE FUK! They clearly needed to hire more people to MAKE Wii U GAMES!I think maybe it would be better for everyone if nintendo went 3rd party on home consoles. Not because I think the wii u will fail but so nintendo could just focus on games.But as I write this Im sure they have some of their most talented people who should be developing games making what ever comes next after the wii u.I think handhelds only & third party is the way to go.Let microsoft & sony worry about the tech which would only make nintendo games even more wonderful.Why not make the best games on the most powerful hardware.Sadly this will never happen in my life time.

      2. Idiot, people DID complain about the Vita. You’re a Nintendo fanboy alone and until you get some true logic and knowledge then come back to the subject. Everyone constantly complains about the Vita on the PSNBlogs about what games they’re not getting and support. Nintendo’s doing a terrible job.

  24. To those who say Wii U launch was crappy, I agree. Most games were Third Party Ports. Some were delayed. Some companies became butthurt. But is it 100% Nintendo’s fault. No. You people want third party games so Nintendo lets most of the launch titles be third party. What do we get? Some good and bad Ports and crappy games. Let’s move to E3. Some companies are waiting for more Wii Us to sell so no new games are announce or in the case of COD Ghost Nintendo doesn’t want it to be announced. Plus we get the new consoles prices. Lets move to Wednesday. Why would Nintendo drop the price by $50? Not mostly because the hardware is old, but So It Can Compete. Why am I highlighting third parties in this comment? Because we need them. Do we need an ambassador program? No. Do we want potential Wii U consumers? Yes. Nintendo is releasing medium to heavy hitters within the next year or so to raise the base. For a launch buyer, with a mostly third party collection, i believe the launch would’ve been better if, lets say Wind Waker and Pikmin 3 was at launch, but look at what Nintendo going against. The price drop was for three reasons:
    Bring more consumers to the console so third parties could come back.
    Not to have an ambassador program which we technically had with 6-7 months of 30 cent games(i currently have 2 but that’s a different story)

    1. I’m just going to make one point rather than make another big post…Nintendo wants new consumers you say? Well if they keep screwing us loyal day one consumers over, they are going to lose a lot more consumers than they might gain. So think about that. Next time they launch a console, early adopters won’t be so eager, and their launch sales will be absolutely pathetic.And deservedly so.

  25. Okay come on guys. You’re overreacting a little bit. I bought the Wii U Day one I don’t regret it at all. It’s only 50 bucks. Nintendo doesn’t owe us anything. They gave us 7 different games for 30 cents. The 3DS was a different case. It was an 80 dollar drop after only four months. It’s been 10 months since Wii U launch. And another thing, Pikmin 3 was NEVER confirmed for launch. It was aimed at the LAUNCH WINDOW. There’s a difference. I get they did miss the window but look at how awesome the game turned out after the wait. Let’s relax guys.

    1. Of course everyone is overreacting because they’re inconsiderate morons expecting a similar bone thrown to them like the 3DS did. But the difference between them is that 3DS was ridiculously overpriced and its price dropped in just a few months while the Wii U was more fairly priced and had little more games than 3DS did at its early life.

      Wii U may have been a déjà vu of the 3DS in a way, but it wasn’t as bad. Everybody is after Wii U due to the bad reputation from negative press and the graphic hungry 3rd parties bitching to death. If the launch had a few more good games, we wouldn’t be having this problem anyway.

      I got my Deluxe and I’m happy with it. I’m just waiting for the right game and I’m not talking about those gimped 3rd party garbage like Call of Duty with no DLC or even something like Sniper Elite V2 which is the pinnacle of all stupid, lazy ass ports.

  26. The smart way to do this is this: Since the Basic Wii U is being canceled and Nintendo won’t offer the Wii U Ambassador Program, how about offering one of any free full Wii U game (Not that severely gimped Sniper Elite V2 crap) to make up for the purchase.

    One free game for a few thousand Basic Wii U’s can’t hurt them that much.

  27. Reggie is changing Nintendo’s reputation in a negative way. I wish the idiot would keep his mouth shut. I think we deserve some incentive. Many of us bought Wii u with belief of promises and yet they lied from the start. How were we supposed to know they would lie on launch tittles since N64, GameCube, and Wii had no problems? Now if the older consoles had that problem too, I’d understand.

    1. I’m really glad to see Nintendo fans complaining like me. Because if we just accept bullshit from Nintendo they’ll never improve.

      1. They reAllly should reward people who bought the basic even more since you can get the 32g for the same price now.

        1. I agree but not the Ambassador. I see that everyone got completely spoiled that they wanted it again. But the Wii U wasn’t as ridiculously overpriced and its launch wasn’t as terrible as the 3DS.

          A free full Wii U game (Disc or digital) or a few eShop VC games would be a decent way to thank the Basic Wii U costumers.

          As for the Deluxe, the console itself doesn’t need it since its already serving an incentive of its own (The Wii U Promotion thing)

  28. Jeez, you guys need to get a grip. I got a Wii U on launch day. Yes, I understand how you feel and all, I got my Wii U at launch. But the fact of it is, Nintendo already did something similar to this. The deluxe digital promition. You get deluxe console, and every download purchase you make, you get around ten percent as points on a special account on a website nintendo has set up. Look it up. I’ve gotten around 25 dollars worth so far. All this ambassador nonsense is rediculous. You need to learn that just because someone doesnt give you a dozen games for free, that doesnt make them jerks. It makes them reasonable.

  29. An ambassador program I feel isn’t the healthy way to show Nintendo that there has been a real dearth of games.

  30. You IDIOTS think the people who actually SUPPORTED Nintendo first day is asking for a TON of games. People aren’t going crazy asking for 10 WiiU games, shut up. We just want something to cushion the blow dealt. Let me break it down for the morons defending Nintendo because they’re on their nob.

    1. It hasn’t been an entire year and the price drop occurs. I might be wrong, but the Wii took over a year for a price drop. 250 was at an excellent spot.

    2. The difference in quality is great. What people get for waiting is much better than people who bought first day with no games.
    i.e Wind Waker + 32gb console for 300 vs 8gb WiiU with no games.
    Black WiiU users got Nintendo Land. NINTENDO LAND. The game’s decent but it’s NOT worth 50 dollars. More like 20. It’s a Wii Sports deal thing. See when the Wii had NSMBWii that was MUCH later on MORONS.

    3. We supported NIntendo, we should get a little something. We’re not begging for a thousand games. Other people come out of no where saying stop whining when they’re getting the better deal. We can complain. We got Nintendo Land and a 32gb for 350. You get this SICK Wind Waker HD controller, a copy of Wind Waker HD, the 32gb console ALL for 300. Comparing prices, that’s about 80 dollars (No Nintendo Land is not worth 50 so shut up).

    So zip it and get Nintendo’s boner out your mouth if you want to defend saying we deserve nothing. I supported NIntendo for too long.

    Oh idiots saying “No one forced you to buy the console.” UH, MAYBE BECAUSE WE HAD HOPE THAT IT WOULD BE GOOD. WE GOT NO GAMES FOR SO LONG AND NOW NEW FAGGOTS GET TO EXPERIENCE THE GOODNESS. WE BOUGHT THE WIIU thinking Nintendo would do a good job, not screw us over. So STOP BEING RETARDS SAYING WE DIDN’T HAVE TO BUY THE CONSOLE. If we didn’t Nintendo would lose so much + Nintendo’s lies and game pushbacks hurt. NO GAMES.

      1. I do too, especially since a lot of them are acting like children and insulting us for rightfully expressing our discontent with Nintendo.

    1. Although I haven’t been using such choice words haha, I’ve been saying much the same as you. Although personally I don’t care about the WW gamepad haha. It just looks like a squiggle and then the Hyrule symbol. I think they could have made something much cooler. But if they had, then I would be miffed about it. But on the main topic of the ambassador program, or rather lack thereof, I agree 100%.

  31. Both basic and premium WiiU first day buyers deserve something.
    White WiiU buyers deserve like a free wii u game and some shop titles.
    Premium deserves a few shop titles.

    Make it fair. Don’t give bonuses to people who didn’t support Nintendo first day. Garbage Nintendo Land compared to Wind Waker HD for 50 dollars less and it hasn’t even been a year? Nope

  32. Don’t the Premium Pack owners have access to Nintendo Network Premium for free until the end of 2014? Also, why are we demanding/pseudo-expecting an Ambassador Program for the Wii U? Nintendo didn’t have to do such a thing with the 3DS and yet they did out of courtesy to those that bought the system early, especially since the price drop for the system was what, around 5 months after launch?

    I don’t expect, and neither should you. If Nintendo turn around and say “here’s something for early adopters”, then we should happily accept it.

  33. Well, I don’t think I feel cheated. I expected this over all. I knew for a fact nintendo wouldn’t give but then again…why? All because there were no games and the drought? For early buyers or getting the basic? Nintendo didn’t lie in my eyes. In fact, they did tell the truth in most aspects. People just expected the impossible because of the 3ds’ failure at lauch. If I had a word in this, I’d agree with reggie this time. We don’t need it in truth. Luigi, Lizaflos, and whoever has common sence somewhat like Nintendo Commander and Iceazeama should know what I mean when I say “we are better than this, why should we expect anything from nintendo? Because of what they wanted? No”.

    We should not even hold them responsible for the drought…they made the mistake by releasing the system too soon before mastering HD. As I usually say on other websites and I believe a few times here, “If a delay happens, good, it just means they are making it better”. So I don’t expect a dam thing…in fact, I’m pretty much happy for what they are doing now.

    1. THANK YOU! A lot of people on here could learn a lot from you. Take note people, this is how you RESPECTFULLY disagree with someone. While Snowman and I may have differing opinions, he didn’t call me an asshole, or an idiot, or anything else. If I express my opinion, don’t call me names, and don’t be surprised if I return the favor when you do. Keep it classy like Snowman here.

      1. Agreed. I too was an early adopter and have been suppporting Nintendo since the snes days. But people need to respect each others’ opinions and be open minded. I am not happy with Nintendo lately and have been expressing it. I bought the Wii U to SUPPORT Ninty. I did not wait for deals because I like the company and the entertainment they deliver to me and my kids.
        Nintendo admitted a lot of mistakes that is why they apologized for it. Delays, their in house developers not ready for HD, lack of games and software and tons more. Again they admitted themselves. What do we do as fans- rather than defending them blindly, support them by criticizing them so they get better as a company because there is always room for improvement for everybody.
        Do I expect them to reward us with an ambassador program. No. But it would be nice of them.
        But I do expect Nintendo to step up with their promises when I bought the Wii U. Not only did they say we will be getting great first party games (as we expect) but they also promised stellar 3rd party support. Make it happen because that is what you owe to your fans.

  34. I’m happy with my 30 cent games sooooooooo, I don’t really care. Plus it probably would’ve been most of the same NES games we got on 3DS, unless this time they did SNES and N64 games. I would’ve LOVED that.

  35. I don’t understand why this ‘price drop’ is such a big deal; considering it’s not actually a price drop at all…

    The Wii U was already available at $300, as the Basic Pack. And if you ignore that, you were still paying for Nintendo Land with the old Deluxe Pack. Now, (from my understanding) Nintendo Land has been removed to be replaced with a DIGITAL version of The Wind Waker HD.

    All that has happened was that the components of the Wii U got that bit cheaper to make up for them 32GBs.

  36. Everyone who wants some sort of Ambassador program or a free download, instead of sitting here arguing with people who don’t share your view point, and will not regardless of how long you talk to them, go write an email to Nintendo. Tell them you are upset. Tell them you think loyal fans are being wronged. Write the same things you are writing here to them. The more they have to deal with people asking for it, the more likely they are to give in to save them the time of having to respond.

  37. I bought a Wii U Deluxe and I believe it was worth the price, since it was being sold as a loss. Not everything needs programs like this. I can understand the 3DS, because it was high in price, but the Wii U is fine. I appreciate the effort Nintendo put into the Wii U. I am really enjoying it.

    Complaining and doing nothing won’t get you far in life. Take action if you believe something is not right.

  38. Bought the Zombiu Wii u edition at full price. You don’t see me complaining, heck I’m even glad I’ve bought it full price because Nintendo deserved my money for theyr hard effort by bringing out a fun console with a great sharing system (miiverse) with almost no trolls. The games are great even with the lack of 3rd party developers and it has keeped me occupied for a lot of time.

    There is no need for an Ambassador program.

    Better to be greatful then hateful.

  39. I’m just going to learn from my mistake and not buy a Nintendo console on launch next time.
    Maybe then I’ll get artbooks and games I actually want with a cheaper price and have more fun than letting my console collect dust.

    1. Wootwoot its not your fault. After all if NES, SNEs, N64, GameCube and Wii’s promises were met with launch games, wouldn’t you assume so would Wii U’s? I bought the Wii U because I believed it would have been played with Pikmin 3!

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