Wii Party U Comes With Wii Remote Plus, Wii U GamePad Stand


Nintendo has confirmed that Wii Party U will be sold with a Wii Remote Plus controller. The party game will also come with a stand for the Wii U GamePad. The bundle’s suggested retail price is $49.99. Although it was initially planned as a summer release, Wii Party U launches in North America on October 25th for Wii U. It will feature over 80 mini-games, including ones that can be played by using just the Wii U GamePad.


      1. You totally misinterpreted my comment. It’s trigger happy, antagonistic people like you… *shakes head*

    1. Quiet you! There is only…

      -THE STAND-

      The Stand is your new god. You must bow to it and obey its every command…

    2. Well he does have a point. I got a cradle and the stand. They both hold them up too. I like the cradle better because its actually charge your Wii U gamepad. I thinking about getting rid of that stand but who want it?

    1. I guess if they pay more attention to the box art maybe but i can see why you say this, i’ve ran to a few families in Gamestop that were about to buy a Wii game for the WiiU wanting a WiiU game lol

    2. Notice the “Wii U” up the top, and not just the word “Wii”….I know, I could be Jesus, but bear with me

    1. Tge box shows the nintendo network symbol, thus it should support a sort of online options. Who knows, online playability?

      1. Well Nintendo has shown no interest in online gaming but ya never know. Most likely just something with miiverse.

  1. Well at least they are showing some measure of learning. One of the biggest fails of NintendoLand was including so many games that needed a Wii-Mote and not including a Wii-Mote.

      1. That is interesting information. I don’t see where that is relevant to what I said. There is no disclaimer stating that a WiiMote is needed for many of the games on NintendoLand. You don’t find that out until you fire it up. There also is no disclaimer telling you that many of the games are 2 player only. That also is not discovered until you fire it up.

        If I’m a customer that did not own a Wii or sold all my Wii stuff for whatever reason that means I have to go BACK to the store and by a WiiMote.

        If I order a pizza I shouldn’t have to think about buying cheese separately or going back to the place to order cheese. It should already be on the pizza.

        Nintendo realized their error and corrected it. Why not give them credit for being proactive instead of making excuses for what they have shown through their actions was a mistake.

  2. The best part of that is that it’s basically a free Wii more. No nun chuck tho ? Or online play ? No thanks

        1. Meh, i once went to a shop and they sold the rest of their stock of flingsmash with wii mote + for 22euro, bought 3 :p

    1. No. just no… people like you are what’s destroying gaming. try pull off that stunt once gaming goes all digital. good luck! i would categorize you in the same place as theives and pirates. i hope places like gamestop die soon.

  3. I’m getting my Wii U on December but….
    I’ll definitely buy this. I will save it just for the Wii Remote plus

  4. I’ll probably be getting it this Christmas but idk. I’m usually solo whenever i play games so i hope theres some Solo action seen in this game.

  5. Should be a fun game with friends and family. The wii party game was a hoot at get togethers. This fall and holiday season Im gonna be broke with games finally coming.

    1. $50 = 80 mini games = so not worth it

      $50=80 mini games=wii u gamepad stand =
      meh not interested, dont care for a stand

      $50=80 mini games=wii u gamepad stand=wii remote plus…hm make it over 150 mini games with multiplayr online capacity & SOLD!

  6. 80 minigames to play with family when they come. Black Wiimote which the Good Lord knows i need. Christmas list please.

    1. That list you made that says that you need 6000$ to get all the games you want has up 50$ more.

  7. Well I bought the last one because a controller was included so I’m pretty sure I’ll get this as well.

  8. Wow. $50 for a Wii Remote Plus, a GamePad stand, and Wii Party U that has 80 mini-games? Damn, unless most of the mini-games are terrible, that’s a good deal.

  9. i hope theirs online play i also hope theirs online for 3d mario world some how i wish , sonic, add a update to put online for zombiu, mario bros u/ luigi u, pikmin 3, and i also think they could of added an online mode on zelda a boss battle or something with more links like up to four players like the four swords like a boss mode and a mission mode, back to the list wario, nintendo land just add a update or dlc not tht hard, donkey kong i knw they could do it, mario party 10 in the future what ever game that puts local multi play put some dang online play! and i promise you nintendo my wiiu wont collect dust i mean it still is as we speak :( its sad

  10. Why is there even a gamepad for this console? They should have just cut the stupid thing, stuck with a pro controller, and sold the unit for 199. They’d be flying off the shelf right now.

      1. He does have the point though. There is not enough games to show how well the gamepad features work. Please don’t say off-TV play because that is a lame feature for majority of gamers.

      1. Dude! Do you have a roommate or kids? Because I got TV in the living room that barely used by anybody except for the Wii U. I still think Off-TV play is a bit useless. But again playing VC is better on the Gamepad than on the widescreen HD TV anyway.

    1. …probably because the Gamepad is the controller that will define this generation of gaming consoles. In the future, let’s say gen 9 or 10 the Gamepad will be the pro controller of that time. The Gamepad & wiimote+nunchuck combo is what the WiiU is about. Once the true hardcore gamers get their hands on them the followers will … follow.

    2. And then the Wii U will not be functional at all without the gamepad. I personally think it’s the best thing about Wii U. It changes how single player and multiplayer games are played than a standard setup. Sure, they could have stuck with a traditional setup, but this is different and more original. Just wait until the good games come out in the future and we will see Wii U flying off the shelves.

      1. We won’t see them fly off the shelf. That’s my point! Nintendo has absolutely confused every single person except their blind fanboy base.

        They showed this Gamepad off, and made it the center of attention, but then advertise games using the Wii Remote. They have no direction.

        1. ”We won’t see them fly off the shelf.”

          Wow, Be careful with this one guys. It’s a pachter-in-training.

      1. no stupid. it’s shit because it’s a bunch of useless mini games compilation that nobody finds entertaining.

  11. I hope if Mario Party U is currently in development, their dumb asses are putting Online on the game from the star since they are too stupid to had thought about putting this online when they made this. Nintedo exclusives are stupid fact.

  12. naahhhh this game is shit. i just got that shitty fling smash with wii remote plus for 30$. what a better deal$$$$$$$$$ also traded that garbage in!!

    1. When are we going to see hard core Wii U 1st party exlusives that uses the GamePad to it’s full potential? These shity ass family games are pointless to me since it lacks online. I don’t always want to play a game against the CPU. It would have even been better if this game supported two GamePads as well. Sony can convince people why you need two screens better than Nintendo can and Wii U GamePad is wayyyy better.

      1. ” Once the true hardcore gamers get their hands on them the followers will … follow.”

        In order for that to happen they gotta fire Reggie first and get with the times in technology!!!

        1. Im beginning to think Reggie has his hands tied. Reggie came out and said he thinks online is important but the devs don’t think so. I think you can call that the first domino towards gettin’ with the times or Reggie being fired.

        2. you are not a corporate slave, or a sheep anymore. you are just are a fan of nintendo and see problems and are addressing them from bullshit. you are one of the fans that are helping nintendo and not just saying everything is ok when its not.

          dont have others tell you are wrong because your right. dont listen to corporate slaves because they are the ones that will have nintendo repeat these horrible problems and slowly dig there grave. when if nintendo would just operate like its 2013 and then take more risks, (they could get the 3rd party back and get the core, they can even play online on battlefield 4 ans stuff because nintendo has a good online server ) release more franchises, release different games, instead of just rehashing mario. (like they were n64 era and before with games) people seem to be ok with that too, its like nintendo is limiting themselves from the talent they got, even the mario and zelda games are playing it safe.(3d world, are you kidding me, that was on pretty much 3ds, now you are even letting 3d mario get lazy.that is what you come up with after 64, sunshine and the galaxy games!) and zelda, after WW they havnt made me go wow, they seem to be non risk taking. even if zelda and 3d mario are still fun, its not like they used to be or could be.

          in other words nintendo has a lot of horrible fucking problems and if fanboys keep being sheep and act like nothing is there. nintendo will fade even more, (online problems and less franchises is only the start)

          if nintendo wernt so stupid they could be dominating. they could but they just wont in how stupid they are.

          when i lost respect for nintendo is when they put gimmicks and casuals before there fans and treated fans like shit more and more, now they lie constantly to everyone and all we get is retarded catch phrases from reggie and a please understand from iwata. the thing that is the worst though is that fanboys will accept it everytime and not care.

          nintendo is stuck in the past. fire iwata and reggie and everybody else who is upper area of nintendo and fix every stupid fucking garbage that you have been doing. the best thing to do about nintendo is point out there bullshit, its the best thing to do. nobody should have to settle for this shit, its 2013 and my ps3 is ahead of the times than nintendo is with wii u.

          1. Heart touching. I agree with everything except 2013, as even then they had some issues. And to me NES/SNES era were the days Nintendo was at the top of their game. I did not hate the N64, but I had more fun with the PS1, & PS2 during the Gamecube.

            1. yeah nes and snes were the best they had. it seems the more they go down the road it slowly gets worse. if the wii u is worse than the wii…… i lost all hope for nintendo.

              the n64 to me just had the best 1st party games. nintendo made some of the best games during that era. same with rare. they even had the best mario parties, paper mario. and more if i could just think of them. they had no 3rd party support though. the stupid joystick too!!

              the snes though had the best of nintendo too and rare also, the best of squaresoft too. and all the other 3rd party games. snes is all around awesome.

              they treat the fans like shit since the wii. its all about the casuals and gimmicks. they dont do anything but uninspired mario and zelda now either. they can at least take risks if thats all there going to give fans. oh and the constant bullshit lies. please understand……. no online even if xbox 360 has an amazing online system and account system, same with ps3. wii u has no games please understand there is nothing new from us and we still dont get 3rd parties.

              1. I agree I had soo much fun playing the first installment of Paper Mario & I simply loved Mario RPG, Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country and Land 1-3 (1 being the best), Yoshi’s Island, Zelda Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask, Megaman X, Conker…

              2. (sorry I have to keep posting, but my mobile device gives me a limit of how many words I can type-.-) Capcom was also great back then&Even game magz like Nintendo Power were more exciting to read&came packed with stuff&useful info. NP died for a reason.

              3. I haven’t lost all faith for Nintendo, as for the Wii U… since they’re selling at a lost, u better believe more casual games are coming.Casual games saves money& at this point WiiU can’t afford taking much risks that’s why progression is slow.

              4. More than gimmicks, it’s all about the money, that’s why 3rd party companies are afraid of teaming up with Nintendo, & also why Nintendo is scared of drastically changing their formula.

              5. Of course Nintendo knows it’s important to have online,even Miyamoto aknowledged it,but incorporating it to nearly all their games would raise production costs&that’s just something Nintendough can’t handle.That’s why most 3DS games arent even 3D anymore.

          2. Even Metroid series lost its touch,&it’s too bad Gunpei Yokoi was fired&died, he too was a very creative person. Miyamoto’s getting older,so you can’t expect his games to be as imaginative as in his younger days, so they have to reuse ideas at some point.

          3. And I also don’t agree that Reggie should be fired, even if he’s full of himself. He holds pride in his title&it’s evident. It’s his job to BS AMAP & also to believe it, that belief transmits to the crowds & thats what makes a good spokesperson.

    1. Not really, theres still thnxgvng, winter break & new years. plenty of time to play games with family & friends indoors.except if u have a life though…then u’d probably be making snowmen,skiing, snowball fights,snow angels, & other much funner things..

  13. this game of only 80 mini games would only be worth the buy if it
    A.were challenging
    B.had multiplayer online capacity
    B.more mini games to unlock pls i mean 80? rly?
    C. and the bundle

    1. Right who the fuck wants to play this against the CPU all the time? I want to play this online who with challenge. Its bad enough its a girly game and worst because it lacks online. I don’t get it, in 2008 dumb Nintendo gave the Wii U online technolyg. They created 3DMW with four characters and Wii Party U and online didn’t cross their minds during these softwares’ development?

      1. yup. easy games like this are why nintendo is teased for being kiddie. i dont mind imagination, or cartoony graphics but plz dont mix that with no worthy increasing challenge and especially no multiplayer online considering the age we’re in.

      2. Excuse me, I take the whole associating a game that’s easy with being “too girly” as an offense. You know, there’s a lot of girl gamers, like me, who love a challenging game & are turned off by a game that’s too easy.

      3. Other than that, I agree, a CPU’s A.I. can’t compare to the challenge of playing another person, unless of course he sucks at the game. But even then I have more fun than playing solo all the time, plus anyone can get good with time, practice & strategy.

  14. What i dont understand is why Nintendo made this casual game when casuals clearly arent interested on WiiU atleast not yet, reminds me how stupid Sony is with their vita pets game but thats another story. I have a feeling that this game will not do so well but i can be wrong too.

    1. the best thing that can happen is wii fit u and wii party to flop on its ass. then nintendo will understand that they need to make GOOG GAMES FOR THERE FANS because thats all they got!!!!! no more quick cash ins and shovelware nintendo.

  15. I loved the first one. I really do. The only time I could sit with my whole family and play a game everybody enjoys!

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