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Mighty No.9 Has Now Been Funded


Keiji Inafune’s latest project Mighty No. 9 has already been funded. The game which is being developed by an all-star team of veteran Mega Man developers has only taken two days to reach its impressive target of $900,000. Mighty No. 9 is an all-new Japanese side-scrolling action game that takes the best aspects of the 8- and 16-bit era classics you know and love, and transforms them with modern tech, fresh mechanics, and fan input into something fresh and amazing. Stretch goals for the project include being made for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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121 thoughts on “Mighty No.9 Has Now Been Funded”

      1. No, physical copy of the game, where I live there are no eShop cards D: and it’s cooler to hace a disc with its neat box-art.

        1. Well you could get it on Steam but I realize you will be in the same situation anyway. Can you use prepaid cards? I know it is the last thing on earth to do that but that option is always there though.

      2. The co founder of Renagade Kid has offered to make a 3DS version on his Twitter. Mighty No. 9’s Twitter replied with “I will make sure the team gets this info”

        1. is the mega man thingy magiger thing coming to the swiffer ultimate dust machine?? the only way to clean the swiffer ultimate dust machine is for games to be on it, which there isnt any?? please im cold and need to go back to the nursing home to play the wii bowling with the bitches and nintenward!! is anybody there *sigh* im so lonely *car splashes water all over old man* yeah fuck you to you dumb kids!! *starts shaking fist* they wont be coming back……. hello??

          1. I hate to break it down to you but there is a lot of Mega Man thingy for your swiffer right now. There is version 1 to 4 and even the X version if you feeling a bit horny. I am still waiting for X version number 2 though cause I’m cool like that.

  1. It really makes me wonder. How can people put their money on this? Not saying its a bad thing but basically, you are funding something that may or may not see the light of day. Its a risk.

      1. Hey, Commander!

        I’m indebted with you, but I had no time to even touch my 3DS. But I’ll reply your last message as soon as possible!

        1. Hi erich…

          That’s okay, I started university today so I won’t have much time myself from now on…

          It’s even harder than I thought, damn bloody “social” new way of having classes…

          These Swedes wants everything to be like in the US…

          And one of my “teachers” is such an arrogant arse…

            1. No, just the younger ones, I don’t like people around my own age much as I just can’t stand them…

              I prefer older…

          1. I left university more than 7 years ago. Yeah, definitely everything was different. Time has changed, and I have no idea how having classes is today.

            Anyway, best of luck in your new journey! Let’s keep talking!

            1. Thanks…

              It’s going to be my worst nightmare as I just can’t be in a school environment without dying from extreme anxiety…

              And it only happens in schools because my worst long years were in school when I was younger so I just can’t seem to avoid it…

              Oh well, time to put my cyborg attitude there too then…

              1. Maybe it’s a matter of get used again. Lastly, the university atmosphere and all the issues it causes are things that we need to learn how to deal with. I predict hard times and a lot of sweat now in the very beginning, but things will get better as time passes.

                    1. I already graduate from my college for Network Engineering. I going to University to get Bachelor of Technology which is basically a theory of four Engineering program which involve Computer Information (that is where I am studying), Energy, Chemical, and Manufacturing. The Computer Information include both networking (I’m networking graduate) and programming. So I don’t have to take networking courses but I have to take programming which is no big deal to me.

                      I’m not positive but I think I might be a minor in Business due to the requirement of all business classes for the Engineering Program.

            1. Too bad it is not college though. I love college since everything is so easy and also I got way too much times on my hand. I love it! Too bad that all my classes are 99% males in both university and college life for me. Guess it is time for me to join clubs then.

                1. I prefer online classes but they don’t help you much in the real world…

                  When it comes to schools, any school is the same for me…

                  As soon as I’m close to one I just can’t and stay calm even remotely…

                  I have to act angry or bored to be able to relax somewhat although it doesn’t help all the time…

                    1. Not really…

                      More complicated than that…

                      My mind and my body are sick of it but I’m not really…

    1. They wanted megaman but they got mighty no.9 thats why they put their money on it. Because of ME!!!! Megaman!!!!! Mighty No.9 is just a free rider, who rides with my succes.

    1. Still missing $ 1,500,000 for Wii U, PS3 and X360 versions. But if this pace is kept, I believe within 4 or 5 days the total amount can be reached.

        1. You made a point. But that has never been disclosed by Inafune – as far as I know, and I think I know enough. (Well, never know, actually… Information is something tricky.)

          Anyways, it becomes such a hard task to not see Astro Boy influence in Mega Man since they were created by two Japanese guys, which were influenced by the same Japanese pop culture. If you take into account all the Super Sentai groups, or even the Metal Heroes, all of them look similar, but mostly because of the pop culture they were conceived in.

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  3. It got tht much money…that fast!? I bet it will be funded for Wii U, 360 and PS3 in a couple days lol!!! I am looking forward to this game’s release!!! 😁💋

  4. So Shadow of the Eternals can’t get funded for less money and a few months of awareness. This gets funded for more money in only two days. That is kinda funny.

    1. Inafune is a legend. Its that simple.
      Precursor games is an awful studio, the last game they did was that dreaded Xmen Destiny game. Its not funny at all.

      1. That’s why it is funny. People don’t trust Precursor, so look what happened to them. But Inafune, a very trustworthy person, announces a kickstarter, and bam, it’s funded in a weekend. It’s funny because Precursor looks so pathetic in comparison.

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  6. I think we should tell all the Linux and Mac players about this kickstarter before Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS3 gamers. After all Linux and Mac is basically the next step on the stretch goal. Most of the console gamers don’t want to support this project until they know for sure it will come to consoles. So that way Linux and Mac players will support this game and it will make it easier for console gamers to support this game as well.

    It is just a penny for my thought.

  7. DAMN! I didn’t even get the chance to donate the measly little $5.00 that I was considering donating. Wow that was fast!

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