Nintendo 2DS Predicted As April Fools Joke In 2011

17636Nintendo 2DS

A bit of strange news has come out today that a blogger predicted the existence of Nintendo 2DS way back in 2011 with a fake news article. As an April Fools joke, the above picture was shown to be a new system heralding the “triumphant return of 2D gaming.” Although the color and design is more like a Game Boy, amazingly, the picture even gets right the rather boxy look of the real 2DS, which was announced by Nintendo last week as a cheaper alternative to their 3DS handheld console. Nostradamus would be proud.


    1. The header is saying that someone made an April Fool’s joke in 2011 whereby Nintendo would release a 2DS. The funny part is that then Nintendo went and made a 2DS.

              1. We really don’t know if it’s sturdy. Given how much they’ve cut costs on this thing, I’ll wager it’ll succumb to wear and tear pretty fast. I bet the buttons start sticking within two months of purchase.

    1. It was once a joke. Then Nintendo took inspirations of that joke and make it real in their vision. X3 Still, I think that crap is a complete waste of time because the reasons behind its creation and use is pathetic and already can be dealt with on the original.

  1. LOL! Maybe Iwata saw that and was like,”No one will know if we little bit copy and paste”. LOL! This is so funny, i love Nintendo and all but this made my day!!!

  2. I hope all of Nintendo’s future handhelds have a choice between 2D and 3D versions. I love playing my 3DS games in 3D and would be pissed if it just goes away.

  3. no way…… WHAT!!! WAIT!!!! HUH!!!! no way …….. haha this is so funny!!!! NOOO WAAAYY!!!!! yep april fools it is indeed!!!!!! hahahahahHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA. WHAT!!!!! no freaking way!!!! there is just NO WAAAYYY!!!!

      1. do you know whats weird……. i got a notification from snowman not anonymous.

        whats going on, did you light snowman on fire?? is he just a puddle now and now he turned into an anonymous…… a sick world indeed oohhh (starts eating rat) just a sick world indeed ohhhh……

        oh by the way i was just mocking what the people ahead of me were saying.

        (still eating rat)

  4. It just goes to show how difficult it is to create something that someone else hasn’t already created (or had the idea for). Which is why Patents and Trademarks are so important. If the person who made this April Fools 2DS had a patent, they could have sued Nintendo.

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  6. I think the 2DS definately has a place in the Nintendo spectrum so it’s no April fools joke!! they can be got at for £94.99 on launch (using code at Game:- which makes them a budget version of the 3DS which there must be demand for surely? at the end of the day if you want a 3D version you can always pay a bit more and get a 3DS / 3DS XL but if you only want the 2D version a 2DS would be fine and quite a bit cheaper too.

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