Giana Sisters To Be Released On Wii U September 5th In North America


Developer Black Forest Games has announced that the popular Kickstarter-born game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which has already seen life on PC, Xbox360, and PS3, will see the light of day on Wii U in North America in just a couple days, on September 5th. Additionally, the latest press release for the game states that it will support off-TV play on the gamepad and will include a new easy mode “for casual gamers.” Giana Sisters will sell for $14.99 upon its release.

In August we reported that the lushly detailed puzzle platformer would be joining a slew of upcoming eShop releases on the Wii U. European gamers have been enjoying the title since August 22nd. Giana Sisters can also be found in Steam’s Greenlight Anniversary Sale this weekend at an exceptional rate of 75% off.



    1. Learn to appreciate all consoles man. Every console has its strengths and weaknesses. While you are entitled to your opinion I find it annoying when people criticize the Wii U and state it is a terrible system. It is not. I have and play all consoles; they all have something good. The only place I usually never play on is PC (steam) but I’m sure it is just as rewarding.


    1. Yeah it does. Lol I’ll probably end up getting it though sadness :'( I always like to have a good amount of games for the holidays when people are over so I’ll probably purchase for that reason. While most likely everything I purchase will be on sale once the holidays come around; no matter, as long as I can help support I’m happy.


      1. No I’m talking about the Wii U version. I don’t play on steam but hey kuddos to those who get that deal. I always purchase my games new lol the only way I can think of helping. I rarely purchase used but hey not hating on those who are not in the position to do the same.


      2. Also to clarify further I meant that most games I purchase now (within the next 2 months) will most; if not all, be on sale come November and December. It is okay though I don’t mind paying full price now if it means I help support. Of course I don’t purchase every game that comes out at launch. I just purchase as many as I can if I’m in the economical position to do so. Because apart from games there are still bills and my tuition to pay.


      1. Wow, you’re so edgy and mature. [/sarcasm] If you’re done pleasuring yourself to PS4 specs, you could always take the high road and actually play the game before judging it solely based on the criterion of “it’s on the system my drinking buddies don’t play”.


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