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Nintendo’s Shares Escalate As Company Expected To Join Elite Nikkei 225 Stock Average


Nintendo’s stock has climbed 3.9 percent as the company is expected to join Japan’s Nikkei 225 after its yearly review. The Nikkei 225 is Japan’s equivalent to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is comprised of an index of 225 blue-chip companies traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Companies are included and removed regularly based on performance and eligibility. Other prominent components in the Nikkei are Toyota, Yamaha, and Sony.

Despite ailing Wii U sales, Nintendo’s stock has seen substantial gains this year, as the Reuters article linked above states that the company’s shares have risen 29%. Induction into the Nikkei would likely raise the company’s trading price even higher. The Nikkei as a whole has gained a whopping 33% on the year. A decision on Nintendo’s placement into the Nikkei is to be made this week.

30 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Shares Escalate As Company Expected To Join Elite Nikkei 225 Stock Average”

  1. I don’t know if ‘expected’ is the right word, but certainly the company’s in contention.

    There was news that its stock had fallen in the wake of the 2DS, but this confirms the exact opposite. I wonder how the haters like them apples.

    1. Who would be stupid enough to say that Nintendo stock would fall do to the 2ds? Every single analist and journalist (when not trolling) have say the 2ds was the final nail in the vita coffin.

      1. I don’t know who would be stupid enough to write such drivel, but there are people who do, and will, resort to such measures. While a rhetorical question, clearly I don’t know the answer.

    2. fantastic!! does this mean we’ll finally be seeing less copy paste same crap casual baby shit with no online play & more unique creative games for hardcore+more online included? no? how bout more games sooner for wiiu-seless? no???

    3. Well, personally, I never really take people serious when they come here and post comments bashing Nintendo and/or the Wii U. I just think of them as attention seekers. Because in all honesty, who (except the mentally ill) would come to a Nintendo news site just to bash Nintendo on a regular basis? What do they have to gain? Popularity is all I can think of. They want to be KING TROLL.

      1. well persnaly i dont take tools seriousilly cus they got no brain for self thought & theyre only programmed to follow instuctions.

      2. It actually is the mentally ill. People who can’t make dents or be noticed in any other ways than attracting negative response exist and are especially present in the gaming scene. Gaming is something the socially inept can do. I don’t hold a grudge against these people, I feel sorry.

          1. Merely stating that gaming is something the socially inept can do isn’t exactly a bad thing. You don’t need a massive social life to enjoy gaming, which is true, as gaming is for everyone, even those that may find it hard to talk to people outside of the virtual world. It’s uncool to hate on the mentally ill, yes, but even the most sane person in the world may struggle with life away from gaming. That’s how you spin to positive effect.

            For the trolls that hate Nintendo, they believe it’s the cool thing to do, and then get pissy when the shoe is on the other foot. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

                1. Ignore the article and keep looking for an article where something negative is said about Nintendo, and troll people on that article.

              1. Induction into an index would not raise a stock price. Seriously guys, just report on the facts and stop speculating on things, especially stuff you have no clue about like the stock market.

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