Miiverse Arriving Soon On 3DS And Smartphones, Says Nintendo Exec


Speaking at the Indie Games Collective event at the UKIE HQ in London, Nintendo of Europe’s Business Development Manager, Ed Valiente announced that the Miiverse would be arriving in the near future on Nintendo’s own 3DS console. In addition, Valiente revealed that Nintendo has plans to eventually launch special Miiverse apps for smartphones so that Nintendo fans will have more ways to connect than ever on their mobile devices.

Although there have been rumors of this announcement for a couple of months now, the news from the Indie Games Collective is the first official word from Nintendo. With cross-platforming of 3DS and Wii U already taking place through gaming (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) and features (Animal Crossing Plaza), Nintendo seems to be making more and more strides to link the two systems together. No official date has been given for the 3DS version of Miiverse, but players can more than likely expect it before the end of the year.


    1. Probably reassuring to people that its coming. :)

      About one thing come to mind: WHERE THE F*** IS FLIPNOTE 3D?!

  1. yeah! finally indeed. i love my wiiu but i play even more on the 3ds.

    next on the to do list: fix the nintendo id “issue”

      1. yeah and that’s great but i mean getting rid of connecting your id to just one console (or in that case 2, your 3ds and your wiiu).

        it has to go. i am on my second wiiu and i have lost all the digital purchases from my first one.

        it should be connected to your id, not the console.

        i am sure they’ll fix that soon as well though.

          1. bought a white one because i have an all white set up [geek]…
            day 1 black one had to go.
            wish i could’ve just reactivate my old id on the new console.
            no hate though, i know they’re working on it. they can take all the time they need but they must fix that at some point.

      2. I don’t know how Nintendo will do it by retaining, converting and re-registering 3DS’s already established Friends list into Miiverse by ID’s while finally getting rid of that damn friend code system for good.

        But hopefully they’ll pull it off.

    1. Because unlike most out there, High Command tries to minimize the amount of bugs as much as possible untill launch…

      That’s why Nintendo games always have the highest quality compared to everybody else as an example…

    2. That’s because unlike most rushing dickhead developers, Nintendo takes time to perfect their work which is why their games are virtually bug-less, hardly requires any updates and are the most highly acclaimed softwares around.

  2. I wonder what’s happening with the eShop app for Smartphones and Computers so you can download 3DS and Wii U games while away from your system, this I think was announced at the same time as MiiVerse on 3DS and Smartphones

  3. Well that october update is coming, maybe it will come to 3ds too, maybe a new interface redesign, ( Its possible, i mean look at all of the shit 360 went through) or maybe the friend codes will be dropped, and it will all be linked to one id, so that means we don’t have to buy a virtual console game on both 3ds and wii u, also i wish miverse had a section where it would should what youve played and if you finished, also nintendo, please get at twitter, facebook and a ton of other social apps on the wii u and 3ds, Gamecube games come on wii u already!!!

  4. Other than Miiverse on the 3DS, the update I’ve always wanted on WiiU and 3DS I’d the ability to see friends’ activity log. Seriously, I’m obsessed with looking at my play history on my 3DS. It’s like my own little gaming chart. Wish the WiiU one was the same as 3DS though. Annoys me that you can only list play times by day and month, rather than total.

    1. I use the 3DS personally for walking records. I wish they would do something more with the pedometer, like miles/kilometers and calories. It already tracks how much you walk in steps and breaks it down by hours, days, weeks, months and years, which is better than any other pedometer.

    1. Yeah the rumor actually a little more than reported here. The game developers conference let it slip its coming in the near future, which most of the rumors are saying by the end of October, which makes sense because there is suppose to be a major Wii U update at the beginning of fall (the one they broke up between summer and put part in fall) and a 3DS update that is big in October. This will come after Japan’s TGS (japan game show) and Pokemon and be before the holiday season.

      I have also heard this has to do with some kind of unifying the accounts or the beginning of. Or at least that is coming from all the rumors are pretty much saying something similar like that. Nintendo has publicly stated (no rumor) that Miiverse will come to 3DS by the end of 2013 and they are working on unified accounts sometime in the future. They already back up sales records of your games when you link your account from the eshop to club rewards. It doesn’t change their current policy yet, but if you bitch hard enough, they have replaced games on units.

      I think the slowness has been how to pull this all together from the two groups 3DS and Wii U, so they don’t write over peoples account and merge them together properly. Cause the worse thing they could do is have a bunch of pissed and confused customers that go their accounts erased.

      SO long story long, I think you have the right timeframe in mind.

  5. Well October is reaching its end…and we still have no word on the matter of Miiverse on 3DS. HOPEFULLY we’ll have the update in November. If not, then December at the earliest.

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