Here’s The New Mario & Sonic At The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Trailer

Are you warming up for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games this year? Mario, Sonic and co. are certainly doing that in the new trailer published today by Nintendo Wii U UK. Featuring 8 “over-the-top” Dream events, 16 Olympic events and introducing snowboard slopestyle where you can get tricky SSX style, the Winter Olympic Games will surely have you battling to be number one amongst your friends. Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is due for release November this year on the Wii U and 3DS.


    1. They’re alright…but seems to be a lost franchise tbh? My little brothers play it though, force me on occasion haha

  1. LOL @ Sonic figure skating with Peach.
    I would love to see an actual platformer collab with Sonic and Mario. I dunno how that would work effectively, but I think we have had enough mini game fests, time to get serious.

    1. They’re okay, the characters need better animations and to be slightly more animated in general though, in my opinion.

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