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New Stretch Goals Added For Mighty No.9, Handhelds A Possibility

mighty_no._9The Mighty No.9 Kickstarter campaign is really starting to rack up those stretch goals. With its current total at $1.9 million, it’s incredibly close to its $2.2 million stretch goal for Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But developers Comcept aren’t stopping there with the game as they’ve added a bunch more stretch goals to the list. You can find the Bonus: Boss Rush Mode at $2 million, challenge mode at $2.4 million, $2.55 million reveals an extra end stage and boss, and $2.75 million for Beck and Call online co-op challenge mode. Plus, $3.3 million will secure the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

After careful consideration, Comcept believed these were the best stretch goals to add at this current time, but they’ve not ruled out the possibility of handhelds. In a recent update, they made sure to tell fans that they should have, at the very least, an update on whether Mighty No.9 will sport a 3DS version, but that it shouldn’t be taken as a complete confirmation.

“Handhelds are still a possibility! Just because you don’t see them in this next set of goals doesn’t mean we aren’t working on this. :) We know many of you have been asking about the possibility of Vita and 3DS versions of Mighty No. 9, so now we know the desire is most definitely there — what’s left is to figure out if the money and production realities can make this possible. We wish we could say more at this point, but we can say this: There might be other ways to make this happen (besides stretch goals) that we are currently investigating. (Or maybe it will end up being a later stretch goal after all?)”

39 thoughts on “New Stretch Goals Added For Mighty No.9, Handhelds A Possibility”

  1. 3,3M for PS4/Xbone versions ? They may have set the bar a lil’ too high here…
    I don’t think they realized that it represents 330.000 people giving 10 dollars…

  2. 3,3 millions ?! They may have set the bar a lil’ too high here…
    I don’t think they realize that it would be 330.000 people giving 10 dollars.

    1. Them being veterans have opted to leave the PS4 and xbone for last, Neckar is for known flowers of the honey bee. Let wasps discover the new flowers, in case they new flowers are poisonous lol.

      1. A series that start off in Gameboy Color and its got popular for the Nintendo DSi. It is a platform game with some element of adventure and RPG. Some could argue it is a adventure game with some element of platform and RPG.

        Greg Wilson is worrying that people might not funded the new Shantae game since Mighty No. 9 kickstarter started. The link is below for the more information on the new Shantae game.

  3. Im definitely buying the game (im not backing it though) but if a hand held version comes out, ill pick 3DS/Vita over the home console version.

    1. Reason why they are making it timed exclusive by resources for consoles. At least they know that the PS4 and Xbone might not move software as third parties are expecting lol.

  4. But Cowen & Co. estimates that a number of other high-profile releases also sold well, including Saints Row IV (522,000 units), Disney Infinity (225,000 units), Splinter Cell: Blacklist (209,000 units) and Pikmin 3 (185,000 units).

    These are some of the games that helped the great 21 % boost of this stretch from August 2012 to August 2013. A sales growth unexpected since 21/2 year ago. Imagine how many more splintercell blacklist copies ubisoft would have sold had they given us offscreen co-op! This no9 is a no brainer for 3DS and 2DS millions if these developers can just awaken like the Gigginox X armor in monster hunter 3 Ultimate :).

    1. The Comcept Tribe missed the opportunity to develop for the 3DS to begin with…

      The 3DS sould be the most obvious choice for most of the games…

      1. Capcom will make so much money with monster hunter 4 on the 3DS that they will think they are nintendo EAD 2 lol. Indeed the Comcept tribe can make the 3DS priority Une and be money harvesting :).

        1. Indeed…

          MH4 has really caught my eyes and will be day one purchase…

          Hopefully the Dragon Empire will be fully Nintendofied in 2015 with atleast 300 million potential new recruits!

          High Command’s next handheld console will be so good it reprograms the retarded minds of today’s youngsters making them abandon the Apple Armada’s boring devices while strenghtening our own…

          It’s a Double Threat tactic!

          1. China is so nintendo, all nintendo has to do, is give them cultured games like Zelda, DK, Metroid, then an HD X. Then Pokemon X and Y,then nintendo rules china :).

      2. Makes sense. With the growing user base, strategically they shouldn’t skip the 3DS. By 2015 the 3DS, if the pace be kept, it will be massively adopted.

        1. With they way games are flying of shelves that are on the 3DS, this little marvel might hit 100 million consoles sold June of 2014 :).

            1. The Atarian System Lords have all been defeated already…

              The Ori Xbots must be defeated too…

              We have to show their mindless slaves the Ark of N-Truth…

    1. -Data receiving…-
      -Data received confirmed100% true that the 3DS is better than the PS Vita…-

  5. Is its cheaper for developers to make games for home consoles than handheld games? Or it is because they like to be more freedom with their software and hardware?

    There is a lot of people want kickstarter games to be on handheld but almost none of them guaranteed that their games will be on handheld devices. They have considered and trying to release it on handheld but no guaranteed.

  6. So lets hope it hits every thing BUT $3.3 million muuuhahahahaha!! Wii U could be the only next gen console with Mighty Number 9 on it! ;)

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