Rune Factory 4 Heading To Europe

rune_factory_4A western localisation for Rune Factory 4 was announced back in January for North America, but there was no word on whether the game would be heading to Europe. For those European 3DS owners who were just clamouring to keep abreast of the town simulation game, you’ll be able to pick up the title very soon. Zen United’s studio director Geraint Evans revealed in an interview that the company would be publishing the title and an official announcement will shortly follow. The North American localisation is handled by XSEED and is looking to release some time this fall. Will you be picking this game up when it hits European shores?

You are actually the first people I’m telling. Rune Factory 4 will be brought over to Europe by us. We will be announcing it officially in the very near future.



    1. The art style, the generic nonsensical title, the hundred ways they could and probably will screw up what’s seemingly a winning formula… need I go on?


  1. A fantastic series and I’ve been waiting for this since I bought a 3ds. Harvest moon meets rpg with weapon building, medicine making, wolf riding, armor making, boy wooing awesomeness. The first rune factory to have the female character able to marry the boys as well as the male character able to marry the girls. A tiny addition that will make this gamer very happy. I hope it has the same split as before where years go by and then you are playing as your child in the same town.


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