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New Bracelet Item Integral To Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Says Aonuma



In a recent interview with IGN, Eiji Aonuma revealed that the bracelet worn by Link in the above picture will have a very important role to play in the game. He stated that the item “…ties into Link’s ability to become a picture.” Presumably, the bracelet is the artifact that gives him this special power, but Aonuma goes on to say that the bracelet continues to have an active role in the story throughout the game. Is it possible Link may lose it at some point, depriving him of the ability to walk on walls as a painting?

The game’s attractive box art was recently revealed, focusing on the Master Sword standing among ruins as Link’s picture-self looks on. A Link Between Worlds will launch on November 22nd with a retail price of 39.99. Text of Aonuma’s comments appears below.

“The bracelet is a very important item that he gets at the beginning of the adventure, and it’s something that’s really important throughout the course of the adventure. I don’t want to give away too much, because it will spoil a lot of the fun, but let’s just say that it ties into Link’s ability to become a picture.”


    1. WiiU will get support in 2014.
      2013 was just to get the early-adopters money to fund Nintendo Dev’s HD Education.

      2014 we get the actual games for it.

      (Hey, that wasn’t too negative, was it? :)

      1. Lol, With “X” and Mario Kart 8, I certainly will do what I can to purchase whatever Nintendo offers next year.

        Good clip. ;D

    2. @New big N!,
      I was just going to post that same comment. Games just aren’t as fun on handhelds. Nothing can compare to seeing the games on your tv.

  1. Can’t wait. I’ve gone from disappointed in the game design to anticipation over the last few months.

    1. I was only skeptical the very first time I saw it! But once I downloaded the 60FPS video from the 3DS eshop and watched it on my 3DS, I fell in love with it.

      It looks incredibly awesome!

      1. Mmmmmm. Yeh there is :S

        For example all youtube videos are encoded to run a 25/30FPS. So you can’t see the true framerate of a 60FPS game on YT. Lots of other video formats support 60FPS+ video uncompressed. Just like those found on the Nintendo Eshop.

      2. Yeah, I’m totally dying to play it now. I watch the Video on my 3DS a few times a week. :p

  2. don’t give a fuck about the item as long as the game is fun from start to finish. I want replayability of some sort too.

    1. Atleast it’s game “gimmick” unlike the other 2 that only makes media gimmicks totally unrelated to games…

  3. So it’s not like the power-bracelet in link’s awakening or the goron bracelet that lets you pick up bombs in ocarina of time…hmm! I’ve seen the advertisment on YT and it looks pretty cool-definitely wanna buy it. Does anyone think that link becoming a picture is reminiscent of paper mario?

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