Nintendo Wins Patent Infringement Case That Would Have Blocked Wii U From The US


A long-standing patent infringement dispute taken out against the Wii and Wii U systems and their controllers was won by Nintendo late Thursday. The case, brought against Nintendo by themed adventure park owners Creative Kingdoms, would have blocked Wii and Wii U consoles from being imported into the United States. It asserted that the motion sensor technology used in Nintendo’s Wii remotes infringed upon a similar technology employed by magic toy wands that were used for casting spells on TV screens at Creative Kingdoms attractions. According to Nintendo’s press release, the International Trade Commission found that Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U systems do not infringe Creative Kingdoms’ patents. The commission also found that Creative Kingdoms’ patents are invalid.

The Creative Kingdoms case dates back to March of 2011. After ruling in Nintendo’s favor once, the judge overseeing the dispute was asked to reevaluate his position, and has again decided in Nintendo’s favor, declaring Creative Kingdoms’s patents invalid and stating that the Wiimote is not a hollow “toy wand”. Nintendo had reportedly also argued that the Wii U should not be included in the lawsuit, as it was not released until afterwards, and therefore was never directly inspected by the judge. Richard Medway, deputy general counsel for Nintendo of America, had the following to say about the ruling:

“We are pleased with the commission’s determination. Nintendo’s track record demonstrates that we vigorously defend patent lawsuits when we believe we have not infringed another party’s patent. Nintendo continues to develop unique and innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.”


    1. Same thing follows with Apple. Anything that’s making them phenomenally successful is also targeted by smaller, money hungry jackasses.

        1. Why can’t anyone compare Apple and Nintendo? People like you are so stupid. ANYTHING can be compared with ANYTHING, get it? If I want to compare Mario and Call of Duty, I CAN! If I want to compare the 3DS and iPhones, I CAN! If I want to compare my desk lamp with my book shelf, I CAN!

          Just because two things aren’t exactly the same doesn’t mean they can’t be compared. That’s precisely what comparing is used for. To find similarities and differences between things that are seemingly not the same.

          Apple and Nintendo are EASILY compared, because both of them are very powerful electronic-based companies that sell hardware, they are BOTH frequently in the media and are considered by many as competitors. Just because you personally have a vendetta against Apple doesn’t mean the two companies can’t be “compared.”

            1. Actually, that person is right. Sorry your brain isn’t able to comprehend much. Then again you are a little drone on this site …

          1. You’re basing heavy opinion on the basis that we should compare anything with everything. I clearly stated they have different business models, so they shouldn’t be compared in a business sense. I did not attack Apple or Nintendo in any way shape or form.

            But, for your sake, I will clarify. Apple sets a high premium to their products so they create more profit off of their devices, whereas Nintendo has recently been trying to sell their devices at a loss to appeal to the wider variety of consumers.

            As an added note, the biggest legal battles of these two companies had very different stages and outcomes; Apple tried to sue their component supplier for 2.5 billion US and lost, whereas Nintendo was sued for infringement by Universal and won their case.

            Don’t accuse someone of using an opinion when you use opinions yourself, it makes you look quite silly.

  1. yes but a man who defends himself has a fool of a lawyer, and that’s exactly the thing nobody understands when it comes to Nintendo, they think they can sue them over every little thing, but Nintendo always will win because they have logic on their side, how can a theme park sue a videogame company about a device using motion controls that was released 7 years ago…

    1. That’s always the case when they hear something thats making their work successful like the 3DS’s 3D, Wii Remote, even the DS’s touchscreen when it began. I’m so fucking tired of these tight ass companies thinking they’re slick that the American Justice system is so screwed that they can blindly and wrongfully sue any company they wish even if they respect and follow the patent rules.

  2. and again it never stops HOLLOW WAND thats the move controller its also a dildo and a flash light FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST MAKE THIS ANTI NINTENDO TWILIGHT ZONE SHIT GO AWAY

    what next dualshock 4 is next gen i do wonder at times i do i do

    1. I wouldn’t even consider dual shock 4 to be next gen. All they have done is make the controller slightly wider, whacked a motion screen of some description and put dual shock 4 in.

      Looking at Nintendo it is next gen. they’ve gone from motion control with Wii Remotes to still having motion control (Wii Remote still usable) but they have also made a bigger controller that integrates a touch screen to eliminate main menus and of the sort – this makes game play experience much much richer.

      Wii U might look “under-powered” (what tosh), but in reality it is a complete power house console.

          1. Funny that you say that because I was raised in a 1st gen Playstation and Xbox, and we enjoyed our family game nights just as much as we would have if it were a Nintendo product. Sony and Microsoft do make family-oriented games as well. Actually, some games don’t even need to be family-oriented. Playing Halo on multiplayer with the family is just as fun as playing any other game. Your grammar and reasoning are both terrible.

    1. People are just sue happy these days. If they have a legitimate claim fair enough, but some of the cases are just totally horrendous, the constant smartphone lawsuits are now starting to get ridiculous.

    1. I think so too. Nintendo does have the grounds to sue Sony for copying their shit which they openly and obviously did, but I don’t know why they haven’t yet or at all.

      1. Its only useful, if the patent infringement makes the device a success.
        No use to sue for revenue that just simply is not there.

      2. Obviously they haven’t copied if they haven’t been sued yet >_> Name 5 things that infringe on Nintendo’s patents. Don’t give me the Move bullshit either, that doesn’t infringe at all.

    2. Because Sony and Microsoft ain’t Nintendo and therefore they can copy anyone and get away with it. Nintendo has more hatred than Sony and Microsoft combined. You see more Sony drones and xbotz on Nintendo channels and blogs than you see Nintendo fans on there’s.

    3. Also, Sony has been sued for all kinds of things too. From the government, to gamers, to unpaid interns, to companies disliking there picture and music service etc etc

  3. I knew those guys’ll so called patent was BS just to score quick buck out of Nintendo for nothing. Good thing the law paid attention and favored Nintendo righteously.


  4. sony should be stoned to death let alone sued for that dildo thing and expecting consumers to see dualshock 4 as lol next gen

    sony the fony

    1. It doesn’t infringe on Nintendo’s patent. By that logic, Datasoft LeStick (Whoever created it) Can sue the fuck out of Nintendo. But they can’t, BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGY.

  5. “The commission also found that Creative Kingdoms’ patents are invalid.”


  6. WOW. The comments are pathetic! So a company doesn’t have the right to try to defend their creation? Idea: Create a product and see how it feels when someone else steals it and makes millions off it. You would then be doing the EXACT SAME THING this company tried to do.

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