Preorder Zelda Link Between Worlds At GameStop And Get Code For Zelda Oracle Of Seasons


Neogaf user Blitzwolf215 is reporting that if you pre-order the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds from GameStop then you’re entitled to get a free download code for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Season from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. GameStop is also reportedly offering 30% trade in value when you trade in a game toward The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It seems as though you will get the code for Oracle of Seasons when the game comes out.

Thanks, King Bill


      1. That’s actually smart, might do it if I buy it retail. Propably going to buy it online, though, as it’s much cheaper.

  1. Don’t these codes give you a refund if you already bought the game or is that something else i’m thinking of?

  2. Why can’t we get stuff like this in Ireland?!? The last meaningful pre order bonus on a Nintendo game was a poster with OoT 3D

    1. High Command doesn’t like the colour of evil, Green…

      Maybe that’s why…

      Green = *Cybernetic Cough* Xbots *Cybernetic Cough*

  3. Nice, I have been meaning to trade in Tekken Tag 2 and I want this new Zelda game AND I haven’t gotten either Oracle of Season OR Ages! ;) Lucky me!

  4. Anyone think there is any chance of a special edition 3DS XL for this game like the pokemon ones about to come out?

  5. I pre-ordered the game in June, would I still receive a code? and when/how do they give you the code? Hope anyone knows.

  6. I have nothing against other people buying games from wherever they want of course, but for me personally, fuck gamestop. I’d rather pay full price for oracles than give that fucked up company my money.

    Selling Open and used games as new? Display models as new?
    doing what they can to undermine developers.

    It’s not just their business model, it’s their lack of respect for the consumer.

        1. Personally, the Gamestop where I go to is actually amazing at service. Even while I’m checking out, me and the clerk talk gaming, like the news and upcoming releases. Doesn’t force me to go through any bullshit offers and whatnot. Bought 10+ games from that place this year.

    1. I agree. A few days ago my mom, brother, and I went into Gamestop so my brother and I could get the Shiny Palkia. My mom complained that it smelled like the nail salon next door. She told the guys that worked there who they could call to get that taken care of because she works at a salon. She was essentially a customer complaining and the guy said “Nah, we’re probably not gonna do that.”

      1. Funny the same thing happens at one of the gamestops near me in saline, ,Michigan.There rely is nothing they can do about it.And even if there is it would cost a lot of $ .I’m sure they don’t want to smell it ether.Tell your mom need’s to chill out man.You can order anything they have online and pick just pick it up spending very little time in the store.Plus if she is so bothered by the smell of nail polish WHY IS THE B WORKING IN A SALON IN THE FIRST PLACE!LOL!!!!!!!

  7. For those that already own the oracle games that are still pre-ordering through Gamestop you can always gift it to a friend. Selling on eBay is an option too. I’ve never played them so if you would like I wouldn’t mind playing.

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