Pokemon Surprise Is A Treasure Hunt


The announcement that the Pokemon Company made last week is related to a Pokemon themed treasure hunt. Collect codes for a chance to win exciting Pokemon prizes.
From now until October 12, we’ll be hiding secret codes all over the web. When you find one, enter it below to unlock a Poké Ball. Inside every Poké Ball is a Pokemon, a digital gift, and a chance to win. Keep checking back or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for tips on how to find the latest hidden codes. Here’s the code you need to enter on the site, XY1012.


  1. disappointing announcement, but october 12th isn’t far off, so it doesn’t matter! :)

    what do they mean by “all over the web” ? Oo

    1. It means different video game sites will get exclusive codes to post, and you need to find out which sites have codes. They did this with Mario Tennis Open with the QR codes.

  2. i guess this is the time when you say Trolololololol, disappointing :/ after all the big nintendo news sites hyping this up, its like a slap to the face

  3. I knew it was going to be something stupid like this. That’s why I never pay attention to their stupid “huge announcements” anymore. Idiots.

  4. i don’t see why people are so but hurt that its a US event when the US are the ones who posted the tweet in the first place.. you would think the people who annouced the tweet would say it was from wich twitter account.

  5. and here I thought it was something worthwhile. instead it’s a fucking stupid treasure hunt. who the fuck besides kids will participate in this shit.

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