Iizuka Says They Tried To Get The Same Feel For Wii U And 3DS Versions Of Sonic Lost World

sonic lost world box art 3ds

Sonic producer Takashi Iizuka has explained that Sonic Team have tried their hardest to get the same feel for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of Sonic Lost World. Iizuka says that it wasn’t an easy task for the development team, but they kept cutting things back on the Nintendo 3DS to get that particular version looking like the Wii U. Iizuka says their main aim was to make consumers unable to tell which version is which.

 “In Colours and Generations the focus was a side-scrolling game. If you look at Lost World, the main concept is a cylindrical world, so it didn’t make sense to do a side view. The 3DS’s extra power makes it the sort of place 3D can be used really well. Even though it’s power powerful than a DS, it still has its limits. It wasn’t easy to get the same levels, but we kept cutting things back until we could get it so that if you looked at it – in a trailer, say – you couldn’t tell which was which. We tried to get the same feel for Wii U and 3DS.”


  1. Don’t worry iizuka, the way you are marketing this game seems like it’ll get 10/10, on every site, but in the end it’ll just be another w101…a dissapointment

                1. You people obviously don’t read reviews, and when te game you wanna love gets a low score, you ignore them, but when it gets a good score, good lore, you’ll talk about that shit for ages

                  1. I don’t care. I don’t need other people to tell me that I enjoyed the game. If I enjoyed the game, I enjoyed the game. And I really loved the demo and everything I’ve seen so far.

                    Plus, why do you care if I want it?

                  2. why would real gamers look at reviews? look at GTA V fantards. people should know better then to trust the game ratings.

                    1. Most Nintendo fans on here brag about reviews, and brag about the “metacritic” score.

  2. This is the Sonic game i have been waiting for after the Dreamcast days. OMG Sony and Microsoft dont get Sonic Lost World like Nintendo doesnt get GtaV OMG they are all dooomed!!!! Fuck YOU ALL FANBOYS AND PIECE OF SHIT CRYBABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This sort of gives the impression that they watered down the Wii U version so it could be put on the 3DS…

    1. The 3DS is not nearly as powerful as the Wii U. How else are they supposed to get the game to run on the handheld?

  4. Ill get this game for my nephew since he loves sonic. Im sure there will even be eshop demos to test them out

  5. After the Monster Hunter 4, three million plus sold in 3 days, Nintendo is making money without even trying. So much so that they can afford to take all their marketing resources towards the WiiU. The 3DS shall market itself, Sonic 3D world then Pokemon. It was nice of Sony to make their Vita into a home console and PS4 controller. There is no competition for the 3DS, only competition will be the 2DS. Sonic finally becomes the blur he once was :).

  6. Wow, third parties that are not lazy, EA, take note! ‘What? We have to put more than minimal effort into a quick port!?’

  7. yeah you know what, maybe call it a different name, not the same, ever thought of that?? it would sell more. if its unnoticeable it should be called something else.

  8. I won’t be touching the 3DS version, Wii U version will be superior, I’ll see if that can win me over.

  9. They should just make classic sonic games, modern sonic is so fucking annoying or just make him and his stupid friends stop talking.

    1. How are they supposed to make classic Sonic games? Time machine?

      But I agree, lately Sonic has been soooo annoying. But it looks as if they’ve changed that a bit in this one?

  10. Yet there was a whole demo video where Sonic was side-scrolling. Make up your mind!

    There should be different versions for two platforms so the weaker platform’s edition doesn’t feel like a watered down version of the stronger platform’s edition! They should each form their own unique genius, like Apartheid, in that way… and no other ways at all.


  12. OMG Iizuka! Are you ok, honey? Just take it easy, sweety, and try meditation. Nothing relaxes you like Chai Tea and meditation. Repeat after: “Mmmmmmm…honey…”

  13. I bought both console and handheld versions of Colors and Generations for the reason that they were different games. If they’re the same, then there’s no incentive to own both.

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