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Bayonetta To Be Made Into An Anime Movie By Sega, Called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Sega has been making waves this week. After a large-scale purchase of Atlus parent company Index Corporation, they have now announced an official, Sega and Gonzo-produced anime movie version of Bayonetta, called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. Although the announcement has been rumored for some time and was only officially made late yesterday, the movie already has a fully dedicated Japanese website, as well as its own trailer. The movie will be directed by Fuminori Kizaki and is set for release on November 23rd.

The sequel to Bayonetta was shown at this year’s E3 and will be released as a Wii U exclusive. In addition to the new installment of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya, designer at Platinum Games, the company that develops Bayonetta, has said he would like to see the first game released on Wii U as well. No official release date has been set for Bayonetta 2, but fans of the series can expect the game on Wii U in 2014.

44 thoughts on “Bayonetta To Be Made Into An Anime Movie By Sega, Called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate”

      1. I meant in the future for sequels.
        Even if Platinum games would want it to stay at Nintendo,
        if it even receives a moderate success, Sega will enforce Bayonetta 3 or what ever Bayonetta games to be multiplatform, and that could hurt the series, as Platinum does not have the man power to to develop one game for 3 systems and make all the versions epic.
        And in worst case, leave Wii U out of the next sequel.
        Platinum wasn’t happy when Sega enforced PS3 version, as it was meant to be Xbox exclusive.

  1. God damn, so fucking cool. It’s a shame nothing else new came from TGS.
    Although the new Dark Souls 2 trailer is awesome but this?! Fuuuuuuck

  2. Why aren’t they using the new style?
    Is this just a monetization of the franchise by Sega, or was Platinum games consulted at all?

  3. I hated how developers are slaves to the publisher, and IP’s are for the publisher to do as they please with them.

    Though it seems I have start watching anime again, I do not want to miss this.

    1. Rights to an IP depends on the agreements between parties involved. A developer can retain ownership of their IP. Or an outside party can licence an IP to a publisher(movie/book to game deals). Or the publisher owns an IP and the developer just develops the game for the publisher. Etc.

        1. They may or may not, it depends on the control and decisions Sega makes, as well as how good the developers are.
          Ex: Metal gear rising developed by Platinum for Konami, I’m pretty sure many were satisfied. Bayonetta was published by Sega and it turned out well.
          I try to think positive, lol.

  4. I hope Bayonetta 2 sells well, so that Sega considers doing a Bayonetta port to WiiU.
    And I hope this movie is good (creates more hype for the game). I’m liking the art style and animation. Reminds me of Karas and a bit of Vampire hunter D.

    1. I hope they port first game before seconds release, even if just as eshop download.
      That would boost the sales for second one.

      And I hope 2 sells good enough for them to make 3.

    1. Sega didnt want to fund it, Platinum wanted to make it, so they had to find someone else to fund it, and the end we know.

      1. so that could only mean that
        1. Sega wholly owns bayonetta and all of its assets and
        2. Bayonetta 2 is not a sequel but in fact a remake

        1. 1. I dont know how IP ownership goes
          2. It is not a remake. Seen any trailers?
          They are making it in mind that you can play it without ever having played the first one, but it is still a sequel.

          1. SegaNintendofan1991

            1.Sega owns the IP unless Sega decides to give some rights of bayonetta to plantuim games.

  5. Well that’s…surprising, and kinda cool.
    Though Gonzo is infamous for their bad animation so I’m not expecting much greatness lol

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  7. WTF How Sega affords all this shit? I remember reading a year ago an article about how deep Sega was on financial problems lol.

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