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New Pokemon Snap Would Need An Original Idea To Make It Interesting, Says Masuda


In a new interview, Pokemon X and Y director Junichi Masuda was asked about the possibility of a new Pokemon Snap game. While expressing a keen fondness for Pokemon Snap, Masuda was reluctant to give a definitive answer about whether a new installment in the series will see the light of day. But he said that he would not rehash the same material, and that “a new idea” would have to be developed to make the game more interesting.

Pokemon X and Y launches worldwide on October 12th. Masuda’s full comments about Pokemon Snap appear below.

“Personally, I really love the Pokemon Snap game, but it wouldn’t be interesting if we just released the same game, how it was before, for the Wii U or 3DS,” Masuda said. “So we have to come up with a new idea or something that will make it more appealing to players. Sometime down the road, we may have something.”

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71 thoughts on “New Pokemon Snap Would Need An Original Idea To Make It Interesting, Says Masuda”

      1. Well besides the controller being the obvious camera…

        Having all 649 Pokemon to take pictures from is a start, having violent Pokemon trying to attack you on the Gamepad forcing you to shake them off you otherwise they steal the camera…

        And so on…

          1. What about besides trying to take pictures of the Pokemon, you have to obtain different tools to let’s say climb a mountain or cross a river to get to another place that rare Pokemon exists?…

          2. I don’t like quick time events either. I can’t believe people like that in Resident Evil 4. -_-

            But to his defence, there isn’t a Pokemon Snap for over ten years. Maybe, people might want it due to the fact they miss Pokemon Snap, want better graphic, want to use motion sensor controller, gamepad, new Pokemon, share photo through miiverse, and maybe they want it ’cause’ its Pokemon.

            Those are ideas but not an original though.

            1. The problem is that people focus too much on their nostalgia to see when they might be missing out on a much better opportunity.

              Rather than the simple rehash people are clamouring for, I’d rather just have the camera concept applied to the 3rd person stealth gameplay similar to that of MGS3: Snake Eater, only going into 1st person for camera and whatnot.

          3. I don’t get it I mean they’re re-releasing a zelda game and correct me if I’m wrong but it’s only differences are the facts that it has HD, hero mode, first person mode, and maybe gamepad support. That’s it so if HD graphics, gamepad support, every pokemon up to X & Y, and the fact that younger players won’t remember the original pokemon snap shouldn’t that be enough?

          4. I really don’t think so. I think the whole gamepad being the camera thing would be really cool. Like REALLY, it would be one of the first Wii U games to actually really profit from a second screen, apart from being a handy map.

            Combine that with 1080p and all Pokémon, and I think you’ve got a pretty damn sick upgrade, fully justifying the sequel.

            Apart from that, for new ideas, they could do underwater levels, for the water Pokémon, with you sitting in a submarine like vehicle.

            Seriously, there’s a super large amount of new ideas that could be implemented, especially with this game, and even if it didn’t, I think chances are big that it would still be interesting enough.

        1. I think it must be done kinda like monster hunter. Instead of armor to use camouflage suits, instead of weapons addons to the camera and usage of stealth, like if you make a sound the pokemon run or attack you and you’d need to hide behind bushes or up in trees to take the pics, stuff like that.

      2. Give the player a Poke of their own and put some battle mechanics in it. Before you start a level, you pick a Poke (from a small collection but can transfer Pokes from X/Y to have a better choice) and bring it with you n your expedition. Then you can deploy it mid level and use it to interact with Pokes in the level, like making them attack, evolve, etc etc.

    1. Ideas for new pokemon snap

      -Gyro scope controls
      -Mii verse integration , competitions etc
      – Amazing HD on rails graphics
      – There is going on a thousand pokemon today as oposed to like 150-250 when snap came out…

      A snap would be amazing for Wiiu.

      1. Have it be set at a Pokemon zoo where you can wander the plaza and certain environments in real time with other online players, posing with them or for their photos, but also clicking pics of smaller, common Pokemon. You can also get on a cart with your friends or complete strangers (say each cart carries five) or alone if attendance that day is low and travel the on-rails environments in search of more elusive, showcased specimens. Some of the rails lead to other open areas with different Pokemon which also branch off into more tracks through increasingly diverse environments.

        Welcome to Pokemon Park (we spared no expense!)

            1. And depending on how ambitious the developers were, you could accumulate fame with pictures of special Pokemon–more if gamers on MiiVerse rate them highly–and eventually get offered a job as the Park Photographer, who has access to a Jeep for traveling the terrain under the rails, making the entire map fully explorabal (and allowing you to seek out the final species).


    2. I cannot agree with you. Even though PS would be an awesome game, I can’t agree that It should be just snaping pictures of pokemon. Something new has to be included into the game. I have been saying this to people awhile now, but for them to realize, the games director had to actually say it to them.

  1. Pokemon snap wasnt even as good as people make it seem. It was way too short, not many pokemon, looked bad, a good rental but it hasnt aged well at all. I think people really love it because it was the first 3d pokemon game in the west and are blinded by that

    1. It was short but it was an interesting concept that many people enjoyed. Also Some people dig the low poly N64 stuff so yeah its not HD but its very good for the amount of time/money/tech they had back then.

  2. How about an option that lets you actually go up to the Pokemon, interact with them hands-on, play games with them, etc? Like an advanced version of Pokemon-Aime.

  3. A pokemon snap where you could freely move around a 3d enviroment would be good and alot longer/harder to complete.

    And good use of the gamepad that ‘nintendo commander’ mentioned.

  4. Make the game like a stealth game! Nit just wild Pokemon but also pokemons from the cartoon world celebrity. You get missions like finding information that some trainers or the public will want to know.
    For example their is a mission that you need to find evidence of why Misty to find out if misty have togepi and how team rocket steal pokemons and thing like that. So essentially you are a paparatzi detective.

    1. Find out who is Brock cheating on! Also the mystery of Nurse’s sister? Are they sisters or clones? Does the officer Jenny have a boyfriend from Team Rocket?Find out in the next issue of Pokemon People available in your closest convenience store.

  5. how about an open world ;like monter hunter where catch pokemon. with ensanely strong rare pokemon and you can trade it. or a level up game so you built your own gym and be a pokemon gym leader that can be challenge on line.

  6. Well then, lets go:
    -motion controls
    -WiiU-Gamepad and Sharing your pictures via Miiverse
    -3D+3D pictures
    -new pokemon, new items, new world
    -open world without a set path?
    -New vehicles like a helicopter for your ‘hunt’ in the sky, Underwater sections, Space, ancient ruins, desert etc.

    I mean, come on, these are only the obvious ones.

  7. I think pokemon snap only came out to promote that episode in the anime called “Pokemon Paparazzi” since the main character of the game is in the episode.

  8. Here is how you make it interesting… You incorporate those 3d cards that have images in them into the real world. You pay companies to put them up and you send people off into the world to snap photos using those 3d cards. So in theory you could do a big card as a wall sticker on a skyscraper in NY that when you bust out your 3ds and take a photo you get a 3D Charizard mid flight up the side of the building.

  9. Fine how about a remake for the Wii-U then since every developer is so tapped out of ideas… no wonder they are shit canned!
    If the fans have to come up with the idea then what is the point of having game developers?!

  10. I think it would be a good idea to have it be an open world game. West if you wanna see certain Pokemon you gotta go to certain areas like a Forrest and than in order to get a good score on your photos you have to not disturb the Pokemon in its natural habitat.
    There fore making it much more technical via hiding in bushes climbing trees. Using zoom so you don’t get to close. And there could be different objectives like. Prof oak saying hey I wanna see this Pokemon aggravated and I want video proof. It does have to be pictures. So you could go to a mountain side and spray water at say….a graveler and see him/her get aggravated and charge you. You would than have to run and try to video tape it at the same time.
    And I shouldn’t have to try to explain my idea for co-op

  11. I have Pokémon Snap. I only played it for a few minutes and it seemed SO boring! I can’t believe there’s people who love it. Then again, the smaller kids probably WOULD love it.

  12. You could always record some ‘vines’ to capture Pokémon executing some moves, like when Gyarados used Hydro Pump or like when Charizard used Flamethrower in Pokémon Snap.

  13. God damnit we are telling you what we want. Quit making it so damn complicated. And quit giving excuses! Make a damn Snap game for us.

  14. Mr, Masuda,

    Keep the island and its pokemon undisturbed by humans. Add features like trainers can manage their photos and use them to make their very own magazine or slideshows. You can also add museums for exhibits or facilitate a competition like a pokemon contest of the sort to motivate players to take excellent pictures.

    Hope this helps. More power Nintendo! More power Pokemon!

  15. Easy. Animate pokemon into Videos ala Wii U panoramic view. Or even more simple, take it off the rails. Or like walking your dog on Nintendos, have a huge map and let players plan their own limited route. Or design levels around epic pokemon battles with dozen of Pokemon and make it more intense, rather than the slow casual one at a time vibe of the original.

  16. that would be pretty cool :) picking ur path more and a more open world a ton of easter eggs more events picture contests on mii verse being more interactive with the pokemon make money buying better supplies and better cameras customize ur character just a few ideas i loved the first one i bet they could pull it off its nintendo for petes sake :)

  17. If anyone cares, there’s more X and Y news. The fossil pokemon evolutions. Tyrantrum and Aumura, or something like that.

  18. I am tired of their BS! There are plenty of great ideas that could make it fresh! Some of the ideas in this comment section are a wonderful start! They are getting extremly lazy or are just dont care or have lost their creative mindframe. Im trying to support Nintendo the best I can. bought a wiiu, bought lots of games, I play them all I talk nintendo up because the system really excites me with all the potential it has but they are doing anything about it!!!

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