Miyamoto: Retro Studios Will Be Considered For Another Metroid Game


Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Retro Studios is a “very high priority” when considering who will work on the next installment of Metroid. Although it is working on its second Donkey Kong Country title – subtitled Tropical Freeze – the developer may be given the opportunity to work on another Metroid game, according to Miyamoto.

“Retro is a very capable studio and can design a lot of different types of game and I know that because I produced Metroid Prime,” Miyamoto said. “But when it did Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii, apparently it had a lot of fun making that title and from what I’ve heard it put in a request and said that it wanted to do a new Donkey Kong Country game on Wii U themselves.

“In particular the company built up quite a lot of knowhow in that specific style of gameplay and as a consequence felt that it could leverage that again in creating something new in that same style for Wii U.

“I think Retro has really come to a point at which it’s possible for it to have multiple lines running at the same time and having different projects in development. I totally think there are possibilities to see different projects from Retro in the future.”

“Certainly the Metroid franchise is one that, when you talk about really bringing the world to life, we feel that Metroid and the characters established are really important for Nintendo. So important that they were included, obviously, in Nintendo Land.

“I definitely think it’s a franchise that we value and we certainly want to see what we can do with it in the future. And, obviously, Retro is a very high priority in terms of the potential team that would be considered for working on a Metroid game.”

The last Metroid game developed by the studio is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which was released in 2007 for Wii. Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze launches on December 6th for Wii U.


    1. Is t that hard to make 2 Metriod games…a classic 2d on the 3ds…and a open world 3d on the wiiu??? Is really that hard

      1. Gamecube and GBA had it all, tons of marios,zeldas, and metriods……wii/ds had like one title per system…….why???

        1. Zelda, had TP, WW, 4Swords, Zelda collectors edition……GBA had LLTP, 4Swords, Minish cap….

          I would rather have a formula like that than face a drought over one game

          1. Games take longer (and more manpower) to develop now for HD and a handheld like the 3DS that renders 3D things instead of sprites that’s why.

      1. yeah! i hope retro will be the one making fzero since theyre really good at optimizing a nintendo console.

        1. Agreed…

          Their take on F-Zero would blow us all away…

          I only hope they keep the music style from F-Zero GX…

  1. So Nintendo seriously aren’t already working on another Metroid title? So it’s going to be another two or three years at LEAST before a new Metroid title comes out?

    I don’t understand how Nintendo can STILL be so drastically behind in populating the Wii U game library.

      1. I get that. And kudos to them for coming out and saying it. But they STILL haven’t got a handle on it and started compensating for that?

        For a multi-billion dollar company, they are acting very sluggishly in getting the required man-hours allocated to developing more titles in parallel. At this rate, if Nintendo don’t fix their first-party bottleneck then the Wii U will never be allowed to really take off.

      2. Bonerjams,They pulled all their wii u support to save the d.o.a 3ds.And it worked but at the cost of setting the wii u back a year or two from were it should be.

    1. Comments like these are why oversaturation happens. I understand the desire for new installments of a game you like, but games (good games with an extensive amount of content) take time.

      1. Actually Dengi has a point. Although they already have many exclusives already released and also six more (I believe) games up and coming, they are pressured to make more and more exclusives unlike Sony and Microsoft. Wii U is not selling well. They lack third party support hence I’m also surprised they’re not working on a new Metroid.

        1. Who knows by what the great one said Retro could already have spent the last few years working on a new Metroid on top of the new D.K.You know how Nintendo likes to keep thing’s a secret a long as they can.

    1. Same here or another ip like Star Fox, something they havent done already. I dont want Retro to be just about Metroid.

  2. Of course Ninty would consider Retro for such a game. As great as the likes of Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and so on were, it was Retro Studios that put Samus and the Metroids on the map… I still rate the three Metroid Prime titles as some of the best gaming I’ve ever experienced

  3. Who wanna bet with me? I have say this a couple times, and i say it again. Retro hired peeps from crytek,naughty dog etc, no way it was for donkey kong. So that means they work on more games at the same time, just like i say a couple months ago. Now mister myamoto confirmd it for you, who thoug they only make donkey kong.

  4. I’d like to see Retro work on Metroid Prime and FZero… or Shin’nin would be a good pick for FZero.
    And I’d like to see Platinum work on Starfox.

    But a new Metroid Prime for Wi U would be incredible right now. Other M just didn’t cut it….

    1. Other M was better than anything on Sonyan and Microsoftian kingdom…
      You are jealous Sonyan, ofcourse you say other M is bad because it wasnt on Sonyan kingdom…

      1. Oops. I meant Moleman originally.

        No, Other M wasn’t great. It was a bringing together of the past and the present and creating something not quite as good as either on it’s own.

        I’m not even opposed to making Samus speak and have a story… it just… didn’t work.

  5. So in other words, High Command is giving the Retro Studios Facilities extra resources to increase their power!

    1. Too bad none of those resources came from you, WiiU. You are like pachter talkin about something you dont know anything about.

      1. You are probably someone who started playing games since the Wii, you don’t know anything about Nintendo so keep your mouth shut…

        1. I started from Snes/N64/Dreamcast era, do you know the game from treasure B.O.B on Snes awesome it is. Anyway your lack of resources explains why you hate everything that isnt Nintendo because Nintendo is the only thing you can barely afford. Blind ass.

          1. Keep telling yourself that…

            Even when I had resources I never wanted an Xbox or Playstation because they don’t appeal to me…

            And what I hate is their fans and leaders…

              1. Yes he’s a fake Nintendo commander guys nothing new he has no certificate to show he’s any commander and doesn’t even own a Wii U smh

    2. Commander… remember the news that Retro Studios had moved to a bigger building? This could be one of the reasons former employees from Naughty Dog, Crytek, etc. have joined the Texas-based development studio for Nintendo.

      1. True…

        I’m very certain that DKCRTP is not the only Retro game under development…

        But these haters can’t think ahead more than their own nitwit noses…

    1. I would like to have Golden sun 4 on the Wii U with the collaboration of Camelot/Monolith Soft after the completion of X…

        1. I don’t think DD was a dissapointment except for the difficulty compared to TLA specially…

          Otherwise I loved the game since Golden Sun is my favorite RPG series…

          1. I could say the same.
            Dark Dawn had… too many characters… and was too easy, as you said.

            I would love to see a 3D Golden Sun… especially if they could perfect the psynergy puzzles in 3D.

  6. If true, I’m less jaded about Retro doing Donkey Kong if that’s what they wanted.

    We need another fucking Metroid. I thought Other M was better than most give it credit for. An early, vulnerable Samus before she became the ass-kicker of the universe.

    Now I want the mature, confident, kick Master Chief in the balls Samus. I don’t care who does it so long that it’s done right.

    At least toss me the Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD for $30 while I wait.

    1. The funny thing is, Samus was hardly “early and vulnerable” at that point in the story. I mean, come on, it took place after freakin Super Metroid…which took place after much of the other games. Hell, the only other Metroid game to take place after Other M was Metroid Fusion. Other M could technically be classified as a prequel, and thus have its current reputation skyrocket, but there are way too many story details in the game that prevent it from taking place before even the first Metroid game.

    2. The thing about what you said is the Samus in other m wasn’t an early Samus. The game takes place at the end of the timeline before fusion.

  7. Really would like to see 2 metroid games:

    1. Metroid Prime 4 made by Retro
    2. Metroid 5 made using Ubiart

    Rayman Legends gave me a lot of Metroid feel. It would look absolutely gorgeous!

      1. Exactly. Just because it superficially plays like the older Metroid games doesn’t mean it will feel like them.

      2. There’s something about the FPS that doesn’t make it feel as a Metroid game should be, I don’t know it’s maybe me. : /

      1. Manners, have you got of those, fool? Also, you’re sooo wrong:
        Super Metroid > Metroid Fusion > Metroid Zero Mission > Prime > Other M



  9. Things to take away from this.


    ~ Nintendo understands the urgency of a new Metroid game.
    ~ Retro Studios has a shot a making another Metroid.
    ~ Nintendo is open to other studios besides Retro to make a new Metroid.
    ~ If Nintendo is looking for a Metroid game to possibly be MADE by Metroid, that means that the other game Retro *MIGHT* be working on could either be Starfox or a new IP.


    ~ If Nintendo is looking to Retro as being a high priority for another Metroid that may be confirmation that it is not in development at all right now.
    ~ Retro choosing Donkey Kong over Metroid.
    ~ That Retro really might not have another game in development.

    1. The thing is that Retro were the ones who chose to make DKCRTP, not High Command because they were given the opportunity to choose themselves…

        1. Unless they already begun the process…

          Considering DKCRTP will be released in the near future and Retro hired people from Naughty Dog etc etc, I’m sure they could have atleast 2 games in production at the same time, meaning that a Metroid game might already be under way…

          Whatever the case might be, it’s almost guaranteed that they will make a new Metroid…

          1. You’re absolutely correct. They probably already started looking/brainstorming a new game, which might be Metroid. I’d say it has a good possibility of being Metroid, because they’re talking way too much about it. When Miyamoto talks about stuff like this, it usually ends up happening. Last time was A Link to The Past. He said “Doing a remake of that game on the 3DS would be interesting because of the sense o height” and in the end they just changed it to a sequel.

    2. I’m glad they chose to make another Donkey Kong. Returns’ platforming was blindingly brilliant in it’s execution. One or two more of those won’t make me miss their other work at all.

      1. I don’t have a problem with them doing another Donkey Kong in and of itself. Not my cup of tea but I know people like it. My problem is that they choose to go with a DKC game FIRST. Had they of announced some new IP, Metroid, or Starfox and said…

        “Oh by the way we also have DKC:TF to go along with that”

        …then I would have been all for it. Not everyone likes platform games and I think with all the other platformer out there being released at the same time people were hoping for something different. Even if it is a masterpiece, there are other appetites that need to be satisfied. As great as Mario64 was or Super Mario Galaxy, I would have gotten bored if that was all I had to play. That’s why I had Killer Instinct Gold, Wave Race, Starfox 64, etc for the N64 and why I had Wii Sports, Zelda:TP, and ExciteTruck for the Wii.

        So for me and a lot of others, Retro hasn’t done anything yet. The only way it makes sense to me is that they are doing a money-grab with DKC:TF cause they know it will sell well to help fund a larger project. You don’t hire top talent from AAA studios and expand your headquarters to upscale a Wii-engine game to 1080p and make some new levels and enemies and work on it for 3 years. I know they are working on something else. I”m sure at the right time there will be a Nintendo Direct to tell us what it is.

  10. This statement is utter crap until they actually pull some Metroid stuff out of their asses. They pulled this shit before, so I hope they’ll understand if I won’t believe it until I see it.

  11. I’ll be on fucking cloud 9 if it’s revealed that Retro has been working on both Donkey Kong and Metroid all this time. No way all those devs were hired for a sidescroller.

  12. “we feel that Metroid and the characters established are really important for Nintendo. So important that they were included, obviously, in Nintendo Land.”

    What is the meaning of all this stress placed on Nintendo Land? Is it because it was supposed to be another Wii Sports, but didn’t sell that well, or is there something unique about it? Maybe I should grab a copy if the latter is true.

    1. It was intended to be more like Wii Sports but High Command’s failed attempt at marketing the Wii U resulted in low sales…

    2. They just said Nintendo Land reunited Nintendo most famous franchises as their own theme park or something like that. But then that statement isn’t completely true since they had F-zero in that, and well…

  13. I just hope whoever is in charge of the new Metroid put at least the same effort that Retro Studio put in the making of Metroid Prime, that game is at one flaw of been a perfect game for me; at Metroid Prime 2: echoes for the make of unique an interesting bosses to fight; and at Metroid Prime 3 for a way in wich you present new characters making them interesting and for the attention to details (if they are going to make a story dreaving game with alot new character of course).

  14. When Retro Studios made the game Donkey Kong Country Returns it really showed what the name “Retro Studios” really meant. So I know there are people who there first metroid game or games were the prime series. but Metroid never used to be a first person shooter/puzzler. I think Retro Studios needs to keep attention to make this new Metriod a Retro style. I think they should use the cool gameplay and action from Metroid other M but keep Samus mute like in the old classic games and make the game better than Metroid othe m. Because aside from the story in Metroid other M, the gameplay was fun and full of action and had a retro style of gameplay. I played some of the Prime series and they were really good games, but just don’t think Metroid should be an FPS.

    1. First and above all thing, Metroid Prime was an almost perfect take of the 2D platfomr adventure explore gender, drive to the 3D world.

      And next you are contradicting yourself, because metroid never has been an action oriented games as other M was.

      And at the end of you comment, you are correct, Metroid shuld never be a FPS, luckily, Metroid Prime is a First Person Adventure game, not an FPS.

      1. Yeah I know your right man. I think I just want another Metroid other m except a mute Samus with the same action from other m because the action was kool and stuff. i think i just don’t want the metroid series to be in first person. because I am a big fan of the originals and enjoyed them. I’m actually one of the few who like Metroid other M. I just really liked the gameplay. The story was okay and I could understand that Samus is a woman with real emotions and stuff but the game does have flaws, but I did like this game a lot. That’s why I would like to see another of this. Team Ninja did the gameplay and I would like to see those cinematic boss fights again in a metroid game. Your totally right though dude.

  15. I want a game after Fusion… Think about it… The Federation is the new enemy, Samus knows about this from her experiences in Other M / Fusion, she turns against them, they put a stellar bounty on her head and multiple bounty hunters are hunting her as well.

    That would fit in with the kind of “expansion” they talked about before. They did mention they were looking into something similar to what Hunters did.

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