Nintendo Composer Remixes Metroid And Mario In Honor Of Hiroshi Yamauchi


Hirokazu Tanaka, also known as Hip (or Chip) Tanaka, has remixed the theme music for both Metroid and Super Mario Land as tributes to Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo’s long-time President who passed away this week. Tanaka worked at Nintendo as a composer and audio producer for 19 years, from 1980 to 1999, producing the original soundtracks for both of the titles he remixed. He now works as a chiptune artist.

Yamauchi served as Nintendo’s President from 1949 to 2002, ushering in the video game era for the company in the 80’s, and thus remained President throughout the duration of Tanaka’s tenure at the company. On Thursday, Yamauchi died of pneumonia at a hospital in central Japan.


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                1. I think you guys are misunderstanding something. I am Adriras, and I’m here in the comment section to pray for Nintendo and Yamauchi…. Even though this is just a post about some songs on the internet, it is also a post dedicated in showing honor to one of the greatest men for the video game industry. I feel like you guys should try an honor the dead a little too ^^ Arguing like this is fine. As long as it isn’t here…

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  1. WOW MAN I LOVED THAT GAME BOY MARIO LAND TUNES, wow its amazing how music can take you right back to your child hood, and make you feel those emotions all over again, wow simply wow, I LOVE OLD SCHOOL VIDEO GAME COMPOSITIONS!

    Why cant they make music and melodies like this in video games today? we have so much better equipment dolby 7.1 etc yet i still find myself humming melodies from the gone great era of videogames, WHY cant they make tunes like this, i get goosebumps hearing melodies like this!! HIROSHI YAMAUCHI R.I.P WE LOVE YOU!!
    without him giving miyamoto and gunpie yokoi a chance gaming would not be what it is today!!

  2. Metroid’s theme is always awesome. And we all know just how catchy Mario music is. On a side note, anyway else like the music from the Other M commercial? Pretty emotional tbh. Hugs! Shoutout to my bro Quartz!

  3. Oh man… I really cried with the Mario Land ending theme…. I imaginated Mr. Yamauchi in the plane… While the credits roll….

  4. the remix of Super Mario Land is really good, it does feel like it’s saying Thanks for playing & Goodbye :)

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